Some noise. Bryan, young cleaner, wakes up thinking "Again those old bastards..." When he comes out of his room something falls on his head and he blacks out... So that's how our mod is started. Our mod will tell how a simple human can survive in all this mess, not Freeman, not Shephard, and even not Calhoun... It's Bryan Anderson! Are you surprised? Here's nothing unusual. You will feel how it is, to be a simple cleaner, not some scientist or soldier, to be a simple human, who hadn't been before in extreme situations, who haven't known where he must go... But, as usual he becames an experience during all this time and so he is looking for way out. Monsters, soldiers and even his friends will try to stop him. But he won't stop, because his aim is freedom. Would he find this fredom or not? It's up to you. This is Half-Life: Cleaner's Adventures...

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This was the mod that changed my view of Gold-source forever.

This mod was my first glimpse of Romka's models, which were higher def then any ragdoll I saw on the base Half-life 2 Release!

The Fantastic details, awesome action sequences and new additions to Black Mesa wowed me then, and still do now :D

A bit short but still a great mod, I like the idea of playing as an average worker. The mod has pretty nice level design, good atmosphere, and an interesting soundtrack. I also like the inclusion of some opposing force content, not much op4 stuff is used however, just a few weapons and npc's but its still nice to see them since very few mods incorporate such content. The only other criticism I have other than its short length is that the intro could have been a bit more creative than it was. I do like the sudden occurrence of the resonance cascade but it felt kind of rushed. It would have been neat if it occurred while performing some maintenance.

You won't regret downloading this mod. Its short but fun and also quite challenging.

This mod has it all, good level design that gives you the motivation to press on, long length, some custom content like models (a bloody headrcrab and dirty looking weapons), custom voice acting (although I didn't understand any of it, its not English), and some tough difficulty curve that has scarce health (and with only one body armour that I could find)...
The thing I liked best is the trip to "old black mesa", which featured osme very nice run down interiors, cob webs and cracks in walls and floor panels missing. Its great and wish I could see more of that.
You also get to see Xen and surface levels, pretty dam good I can't wait for more.


It had good moments, like the gun fights near the end. had some challenge there. The amount of AI on the field at once, the arenas and maps. It was not a bad mod at all.
It looks really nice, the models are really good looking, the soldiers in particular are the best.
Only Complaint I have is that I do not know more then the basic Latin dialects.
I knew "privet" at least.

I Like the mod,you play as a normal everyday worker when you're involved in something bigger! also the language (My english is not my first Langauge) I do not understand it.

Not in English, so I couldn't understand anything. The layout didn't feel great to me, and I couldn't finish the mod because an elevator glitched and I couldn't get it to descend to the next level in order to continue. All-in-all, not super great for me.


Cool but in Russian language.


Good mod though sucks that it's in russian though i wanna see a translation to english it's a fun mod the only downside is that it's in russian lol but it's ok



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I know of Half-Life players all around the world, Even in the Middle East. And some mods I've respected come from Russia, This is one of several that I find myself playing again and again (Like paranoia)

You play as a Janitor who is caught up in the Black Mesa Incident and must escape. Though it does not include any new weapons this is the first mod where I saw Romka's legendary modeling skills.

Even today, I think Cleaner's Adventures is a mod that should serve as a guide to future modders.


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This mod provides a nice temporary comeback to Black Mesa and the events related to the catastrophe. This time we play as a maintenance worker, yet not looking exactly as other maintenance workers you meet in your adventures. This fact was a bit confusing, but not that much.

Several op4 models brought much warm reminiscence. The mapping was done fairly well, although I sometimes had a deja vu feeling while meeting some locations. The mod also proven to be quite challenging due to the certain lack of medications available, and a very limited amount of armor points collectable over the game. The big plus was a "new" Black Mesa area representing the old facilities of the scientific complex. It was amazing to meet an alive HEV scientist which was a part of the mod storyline and see HECU marines, Black Ops and Xen forces shooting at each other simultaneously, with all three factions being hostile to you. I was also amazed to see some "cutscenes" where I could see my character from the third person view.

The only disadvantage of this mod is definitely the voice acting which was done really poor. Although I'm Russian and I was able to understand clearly what the characters said, I am not very satisfied with the artistism and overall quality of the new recordings. Moreover, the mod was using old pirate localisation of Half-Life for some reason. Also, the intro stage and training were created considerably weak, not very dynamic and not giving a clear idea what's going on. The outro, however, was done pretty well and kept the atmosphere of the original game and addons.

In short, the mod is definitely worth its time. Thanks a real lot dudes! Спасибо!

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This was the mod that changed my view of Gold-source forever.

This mod was my first glimpse of Romka's models, which were higher def then any ragdoll I saw on the base Half-life 2 Release!

The Fantastic details, awesome action sequences and new additions to Black Mesa wowed me then, and still do now :D

Jun 12 2011 by flippedoutkyrii