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Don't play with Hell: Part 1

Mod review

Really good stuff here. It's a shame map2 crashes so much but the visual experience is still well worth it, especially on map3.


The Gate 2

Mod review - 20 agree - 6 disagree

It's the first time I've been absolutely infuriated this quickly by a mod. Honestly I've played a lot of mods that were disappointing but this one takes the crown.

The things that bothered me the most:

- The cinematics you have implemented are extremely bare, way too long and tasteless. I don't even know what I was seeing there's absolutely no context given at all.

- The first map has a delay on the beginning of the intro cinematic. I was free roaming in a room with skewered ragdolls and an extremely conspiracy inspired alien.

- The whole intro with the jeep is just OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP. It's like you playtested it on easy skill with godmode turned on. There's displacements sticking out to the road (specifically the one before you get to the city near the moving truck) that end up causing the jeep to be stuck. You also randomly die at the broken bridge to a trigger_hurt for absolutely no reason. wtf m8?

- Extremely AWFUL retextures. What did you even try to do with the ammo crate ? It's like you asked a five years old child to mess around with paint and decided to go with that.

- Dead naked FEAR Alma model on a table with no real context. ALIEN movie facehuggers and so on. Wtf? Is this a contest of how many imports you can shove into a mod?

- Making squad NPCs with low health a game end condition if they die. A few rooms later one of the first NPC you encounter is an automatic turret. Obviously a genius idea here.

- I have to destroy supply crates with an SMG because you decided not to provide a melee weapon. Why not.

I do NOT recommend this mod at all. It's been a painful experience and it doesn't even come close to the first HL1 mod. Official seal of sadness.


Black Mesa: Uplink

Mod review


Mod review


Mod review

Firearms: Source

Mod review

Black Operations Redux

Mod review

Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition

Mod review


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