Single-player campaign for GZDOOM and Brutal Doom. The point of the project: creation of Next-Gen level design for the best realization of GZDOOM vizual potential and Brutal Doom gameplay. Port: GZdoom 3.0 or higher only Brutal_Doom_v20b_Black_Edition.36 or higher required

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Epic scale, great map design

Very awesome level design.


So beautiful


Really good stuff here. It's a shame map2 crashes so much but the visual experience is still well worth it, especially on map3.


LoLed says

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Nice Paced maps, well balanced in terms of length, number of enemies and ammo. Would give a 10 if it were not for map 3 which is too large and could be more enjoyable if it were more compact and fluid.


The visuals are too extreme to not give a 10/10. Only complaint is that you have to walk on a damaging floor in the first map, wich is instant kill on the Brutal Doom Realism difficulty.


**** stupid and boring modern games! I play this for the rest of my life!

It's better than "Hell On Earth Starter Pack", in my opinion. I hope for a tough final boss (Icon Of Sin) for the final part of this mod.

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