Firearms: Source is a team based first person shooter, rooted in the traditions of the Firearms mod for Half-Life. Firearms: Source brings the best aspects of Firearms to the Source engine, and then takes them a step further. You'll see a host of familiar weapons and maps, but you'll find the streamlined game play to be faster, focusing on aggressive, skilled play. From nearly the moment you spawn you can expect to be engaged in furious action.

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Awesome Mod!


It just seems like a lot of guns. No big whoop.

i love it

aweosme game


Well it's fun, awesome, and OVER 9000

A nice mod full of potential. Currently the balance is not the best and the maps are not so detailed and are confusing at somespots, because many places looks to similiar to others, but after some playtime you start to get it. Very fun to play and I am looking forward for the future updates of this nice mod-project.

Good mod. Lauch of the first public version was awesome. Some bugs and some one map was poorly balanced. Most of these issues has been already fixed as of now. An old school Firearms player should like this mod. The only downside is that nowadays the player count has dropped a bit drastically.

I've gone threw and checked out every option in this mod. I am an original player of the ORIGINAL Firearms mod for HL1 and it was the greatest mod I ever played multiplayer wise. Firearms: Source barely lives up to the original. Lack of Iron Sights!!!!! If you're going to make or even think about making a mod/game revolving around weaponry you have to give the player the ability to aim down his weapons sights!!!! And I dont jsut mean the Scopes on his Sniper Rifle either. Come on add it in the next update and This Mod will be #1 hands down!!! Other than that everything else is great

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