This mod originally started out as a model pack, and eventually turned into a revamp of an half-life old mod, black operations, using sysops hl rebirth code as base. This mod is nearing completion. our mod will contain 3 new weapons...

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A great Redux of an already great mod!


very good MOD...

I played black ops (old version) and loved it, but this one is just great...

It looks like that it was built in a completely diferent engine, something between hl1 engine and source, with the best of those...

Just great...



awsome awsome awsome aesome lollolololololololololol so coool


Complete garbage. 50% of the time, it takes over 5 minutes just to load a quicksave, the other 50% of the time the game just sits there and the hl.exe stops responding forcing user to terminate the game process.


Nice redux.




To say it was a great mod a revamp like it says. people may be mad of the way u move but to say it is like in cod u do that and in real-life. But to say i love the crossbow into sniper rife. i would love to see ur team make an remake an other mod!

Aieeeyehhhhhhhh....too much MOTION SICKNESS


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