I love to mod games, I'm also learning to develope games as well. Thanks and look foward to any mods that come from me ;)

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MOAVGproductions Jun 23 2015 replied:

Thanks for your interest!
Yes, I still am working on it, rest assure! Though, it has become a bit difficult to work on it while also balancing college work. But, I still manage to find time here and there!

+1 vote   mod: Exotica
MOAVGproductions Nov 18 2013 says:

I'm sure Mac OS has its purpose, but for some reason, it's always on the back burner when it comes to new game releases. Most people go with Windows or even linux, me being the Windows. I won't discredit Mac users, because Mac is perfect for photo-editing/ video-editing. As for gaming, Mac isn't there... *yet
that's my 2 cents.

+5 votes   poll: What version of Mac OS X do you use?
MOAVGproductions Aug 28 2013 says:

very nice LOD, I love the Island and how you re-sized a coupled of vanilla trees to make something really unique!

+1 vote   media: The Falls
MOAVGproductions May 16 2013 replied:

Thank you very much for the link!
(watching your mod by the way :)

+1 vote   media: Tropical Forest WIP
MOAVGproductions May 10 2013 says:

did you make the palm trees? If so, what program did you use?

+1 vote   media: Tropical Forest WIP
MOAVGproductions Oct 12 2012 says:

thanks, these are still very early design, but I'll take all the advice I can take, I'll definitely consider adding some trees or "something" on the mountain side.
Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

+2 votes   media: Ba Roga demi Ruins wallpaper
MOAVGproductions Aug 27 2012 says:

Thank you,
Yes, There are going to be "Epic" cliffs, waterfalls, dungeons, locations, ect., on the Island. I always say "Aim high, no regrets" :)

+1 vote   media: Promotional images
MOAVGproductions Jun 11 2012 says:

did you use a texture pack or the regular textures that came with the game?

+1 vote   media: Enderal Screenshot
MOAVGproductions May 24 2012 replied:

Yes, it is floating! :)
Once I work out all the bugs in this dungeon in the mod, I'll post some screen shots of this! :)
Looking really Nice I gotta say!
A dungeon in a dungeon... dunception? :)

+1 vote   media: Ruins of Strav'a Desa
MOAVGproductions May 3 2012 replied:

of course you did :)

+6 votes   mod: Exotica
MOAVGproductions Feb 24 2012 says:

concept art I made of this Dungeon hidden in the mountains :)

+1 vote   media: Ruins of Strav'a Desa
MOAVGproductions Feb 24 2012 says:

the red circle represents the size of a person.... this is a pretty big Dungeon, and right now I am fine-tuning it... trying to work out a few bugs in it... I might release this and tell you how to get to the dungeon when it is complete :)

+3 votes   media: Ruins of Strav'a Desa
MOAVGproductions Jul 7 2011 says:

well, there is still going to be mods for this, whether they want to accept it or not. Though, it will be made by "third-party" programs. I think Dice is making a mistake here, they are missing an opportunity.
Some people buy games just for the modding... Remember that game companies.

0 votes   news: No mod support for Battlefield 3
MOAVGproductions Jul 7 2011 says:

anyone remember vexx?
Man I loved that game for the ps2! :)
And just about a month ago, I found it for the gamecube for 2.99 at gamestop! Woohoo! :)
That game was awesome... I also remember when I was young, thinking that this had the best graphics... boy... we sure are spoiled now-a-days with high-end-photo-realistic-graphics-dash. :P
It's good once in a while to take a trip down memory lane and play a good ol game from the early 2000's and late 90's... those were the times...
Memories! :)

+2 votes   group: 6TH Generation Gamers
MOAVGproductions Jul 7 2011 replied:

lol, I actually came to the realization of that today, but... Oh well, I named it exotica because, it is "exotic" and adding the "a" at the end of it seemed pretty cool to do lol.
So, here I am, and I am proud of it lol :P

+10 votes   mod: Exotica
MOAVGproductions Apr 24 2011 replied:

though... not all 150 are shown... >.>
but it does look interesting, looks expensive lol

+3 votes   engine: Vision 8
MOAVGproductions Apr 24 2011 says:

This will come out in America in the summer 2012...
until then, just play A.V.A. or Arma 2 lol

+1 vote   game: Warface
MOAVGproductions Mar 7 2011 says:

is this suppossed to be for fallout 3 or oblivion?
Because this mod is located inside fallout 3 category; just thought I should bring that to your alls attention.
nice mod and keep up the work!

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
MOAVGproductions Jan 28 2011 says:

I think around 100-400 lol...
I mostly buy off of ebay... though only if it's new...
'cause I had a bad experience in the past buying a used game and the key code has already been used...
so... I got a $35 shirt... out of a half-life collection... >.>

+1 vote   poll: As a modder how much do you roughly spend in a year on games?
MOAVGproductions Dec 14 2010 says:

isn't Alien Swarm a stand-alone game now? that's free? :3

+1 vote   mod: Alien Swarm: The Telic Campaign
MOAVGproductions Nov 13 2010 says:

And chris!!!! :D
hahah my two favorite characters... they should totally do a game together lol :P

+1 vote   mod: GTA Resident evil: X-virus
MOAVGproductions Oct 5 2010 says:

can't wait lol... already downloaded this and just need to patch it up :)

+1 vote   news: Vindictus Open Beta
MOAVGproductions Sep 24 2010 says:

I do it all by myself...
though I do have God's help... so... that's
*counting the Trinity*
4 people including myself :)
I'm being serious folks.

+3 votes   poll: How many people do you want in your team?
MOAVGproductions Sep 18 2010 replied:

I don't work on this project, but they have merged with MERP, Moddb.com
Check it out man, I know you won't be dissapointed ;)

+2 votes   mod: Oblivion- World Of Arda
MOAVGproductions Sep 18 2010 replied:

so would the requirements be like crisis at the highest setting lol... hahahahah that'd be cool! ^_^
lol, me and my computer sure like to brag hahah! ^_^
but yeah... this is gonna be awesome lol

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
MOAVGproductions Sep 10 2010 says:

so, this may be too much to ask, but... when do you guess that this'll be released... or how long do you think it'll take to get everything done on this mod? :)
Thanks! ^_^

+2 votes   mod: RED AMERICA
MOAVGproductions Sep 10 2010 says:

is that actually in-game or is that some kind of concept art? looks like a painting to be... cool :)

0 votes   media: Balmora
MOAVGproductions Aug 2 2010 says:

has anyone checked out this new anime called Amagami SS? I can't wait for episode...6... -I think- this Friday for it to be subbed an all! :)
it's an awesome anime! :)

+1 vote   group: Anime Fans of modDB
MOAVGproductions Jul 25 2010 says:

Beautiful Artwork! This is a very great game! Especially since it is in english, you put a lot of time into this, and I believe that it has paid off! :)
This is awesome!
Thank you so much!

+1 vote   game: RE: Alistair++
MOAVGproductions Jun 30 2010 says:

nice sketch! :D

+1 vote   media: Sauron
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