Uru project is back and believe me, we have some great new ideas. In an attempt to close the project, I discovered I could not let it go, so here I am reopening it for your enjoyment! The Uru project takes place in the world of Morrowind. In this, you play the role of you... Meaning YOU ARE YOU (U.R.U)! Upon playing, you will find yourself involved in a series of people starting new lives on Vvardenfell. You are then part of a project Haeven, which was designed by the Empire as a form of population control. Amongst other players, you will start your new life in Vvardenfell, and will soon find yourself as part of a great journey to a new life. Welcome to Uru, Haeven, and Morrowind Online! While I hope to get this project off the ground, expect that it will take a lot of time. Because of this we are in search of developers. Contact if you are interested. Enjoy your stay on Vvardernfell! -HotFuzz

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