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InterAirplay Apr 16 2012, 8:02am replied:

Aaaah, got it installed but there are problems. Firt off, I HAVE to run it in safe mode because the mod itself won't recognise my Graphics card, a problem that Freelancer also has. Freelancer still allowed me to play with decent graphics, however (wierd, but true) while this mod simply refuses to start up on that basis. Is there anyway around this?

Also, I can't connect to the server. No idea why, it just says I can't, that it may be down to internet connection problems or the server going offline as I connect, but I've tried multiple times now to no avail.

Oh, and if it helps my basic specs are, I think.... an intel i7 Quad-core 2.93Ghz processor, 6GB of RAM, and a 4GB AMD Radeon HD6990 graphics card.

+1 vote   download: Freeworlds: Tides of War - Demo
InterAirplay Apr 16 2012, 6:26am says:

This probably sounds like a moronic bloody question and Yeah, I am genuinely this thick, but... to install this, do I just need to install Freelancer and then run the tow_demo.exe?

Furthermore, is there a free-play mode in the Demo that lets players just pick any ship they wanna try and muck about with it?

+1 vote   download: Freeworlds: Tides of War - Demo
InterAirplay Feb 21 2012, 7:32am says:

I have a question about the ships: will ships all be balanced out so that, for example, X-wings are directly inferior to, say, E-wings? or will TIE fighters just be inferior to TIE Defenders? Or will the faction ships be balanced out so that every ship has various strengths, letting basic fighters remain useful alongside advanced ones?

And will Faction ships all have direct counterparts in other factions? or will the "equivalent" ship types of two opposing factions be very different in terms of strengths and weaknesses?

+2 votes   feature: Freeworld: Tides of War Shiplist
InterAirplay Feb 20 2012, 6:58pm says:

I've been thinking about this and I've come up against a bit of a problem: what about people who suffer from issues with literacy, but would still like to roleplay? wouldn't a simpler, more concise RP guide be a godsend for them?

Furthermore, what compromise will be made with people who simply don't have a mind for roleplaying? I've known people to claim that anyone who can't read a dense rulebook or do immersive, imaginative RP is in some way inferior, but I seriously doubt that the talented people behind this mod will exhibit that kind of stupid attitude.

Will it be possible for players to dive in to the game and be accomodated with a bare minimum of RP? Or will there be strict requirements on how much a player should do? I'd hate to see people get excluded from playing this mod.

0 votes   download: Official Roleplay Guide
InterAirplay Oct 19 2011, 6:35am replied:

Thanks, I got past it using an earlier help comment someone left. But no, I tried rotating the phonograph handle in ev ery direction possible and it was totally stuck fast. A bug, perhaps? anyway, this Mod was excellent. I wrote a review for it and all. Cheers for putting so much time and effort into this.

+1 vote   mod: White Night
InterAirplay Oct 18 2011, 3:40pm replied:

Pick up ALL the notes lying around. They tell you how to figure out the second number. Another note tells you the 3rd number, and the 4th number is equal to half of the second number.

If you get all the notes, then the only number you have to guess is the 1st number of the combination, which means you only have to try 6 different combinations.

+1 vote   mod: White Night
InterAirplay Oct 18 2011, 3:35pm says:

This mod is fantastic, and yeah, the advice I got earlier worked out and I got through the level. Cheers. I'd say this mod is scarier than the main game, because at least this mod keeps you guessing.

But once again, I'm stuck. I entered the reception area of the hospital and collected up notes. After exploring the area and the upstairs rooms, I found a wax cylinder and used it with the phonograph to play a song.

BUT after that, I didn't know where to go, so I kept looking around. After a while I realised the piano in the room with the phonograph was playable, so I started trying it out. I assume I have to recreate the song that the phonograph played.

But I can't fully remember the song, and I can't restart the phonograph to listen to it again! the sound clips played by the piano are so erratically cut up that figuring out which part leads to another is damn near impossible without being able to hear the tune again on the phonograph. To put it bluntly, I haven't got a clue what sequence to use on the piano because I can't remember the song or listen to it a second time. Little help?

+2 votes   mod: White Night
InterAirplay Oct 17 2011, 4:00pm says:

Ok, I'm stuck. I just managed to escape one part of the hospital and emerged in a rainy, soaking wet alleyway soundtracked by soothing music. It was a nice break from the scarier parts of the mod. I pressed ahead, and came to a corner in the alleyway with some trashbags and garbage cans in it. I checked behind them and found a small stash of batteries and stuff, and then I moved on again. I came to a small set of metal stairs leading up to a small platform. Part of the railings on the platform look like they've fallen off, and there's a door there.

Here's the problem: the door won't open for me. I assumed this was a puzzle so I spent the next two hours wandering around looking for some kind of solution, but I found nothing. All I could see was a barred dark window, way up high on the building near the corner, which didn't look like a background texture.

I'm completely stumped. Can anyone help me?

Also, is there any chance of the devs making a guide for players who get stuck?

0 votes   mod: White Night
InterAirplay Oct 2 2011, 1:19pm says:

Hey guys? I loved the old version of your mod. When I was playing, I would spend time thinking about how a modding team could make it even more faithful to the feel of Star Wars.

And, true to form, you guys began the development of Tides of War, which already looks like it will help create one of the most comprehensive Star Wars experiences in gaming history - and I mean that sincerely. Even Lucasarts haven't created a game that allows a player the freedom to build their own story within an online Star Wars universe.

But then I saw that you guys had also decided to go above and beyond all reasonable expectations, implementing things I never thought possible and making the game look so visually stunning and technically impressive that I can hardly believe this is the Freelancer engine.

I'd like to thank you guys for all the time and effort you put into this mod just so you could watch us have fun. Most development teams would charge full price for this kind of work. I really hope that it all stays on track and that you get more players than you ever anticipated, because you guys deserve it. So far I've seen more dedication from this modding team alone than I've seen from almost any other.

I'm being 100% honest when I say I'm looking forward to this game more than Skyrim.


+6 votes   mod: Freeworlds: Tides of War
InterAirplay Oct 2 2011, 1:14pm says:

The sheer quality and quantity of detail in this mod never ceases to amaze me.

+1 vote   media: Our new XQ-4 Platform
InterAirplay Oct 2 2011, 1:12pm says:


+1 vote   media: Epic Space Battle
InterAirplay Oct 2 2011, 1:08pm replied:

If those were supposed to be stars, then the universe would have collapsed.

+1 vote   media: Freeworlds: Tides of War - Development Video #11
InterAirplay Oct 2 2011, 12:50pm replied:

I believe it took 12 horus of development just to get it like this.

+1 vote   media: New Hyperspace Sequence
InterAirplay Oct 1 2011, 8:23am says:

Dat ***

+2 votes   media: Imperial Star Destroyer Normal Map
InterAirplay Oct 1 2011, 8:16am says:

Good Grief. After seeing the bombing system demonstration video, I can't wait to go ship-hunting. Imagine being the commander of an Imperial Frigate, floating around like a boss, when suddenly a group of fighters and K-wings comes screaming out of hyperspace and starts tearing you to pieces with heavy rockets...

Oh, and one more thing: any chance of seeing the topside turret added?

+1 vote   media: Our new K-Wing
InterAirplay Oct 1 2011, 8:06am says:

There are no words to describe how glad I am that this mod has a release date, and I can't thank you guys enough for putting in so much time and effort, simply for the sake of our fun.

+1 vote   news: Star Wars Space Simulator Mod - September Update
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 12:09pm says:

I have concerns about the amount of lag in this video.

+1 vote   media: Epic Star Wars Space Battle
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:51am says:

And so we edge ever closer to the day I scuttle one of these enormous pointy sods.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Star Destroyer Death Sequence
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:48am replied:

If you forsee issues, then upgrade your pC or turn down the settings when the mod is released. problem solved.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Star Destroyer Normal Map
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:45am says:

My baby! It looks awesome!

+1 vote   media: A-Wing - New specular/normal map
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:45am says:

I love that the game rigidly fits with Star Wars canon.

But I don't consider "the barely-noticable painted rings on the guns" to be an important issue.

At all.

+1 vote   media: X-Wing - New Normal and Specular Mapping
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:37am says:

I'm curious - this isn't the highest-damage ship in the Alliance fleet, is it? that's the MC90?

I'm just wondering how battles will pan out. Do the Alliance stick with their old staple of balanced fighters and fast ships for lightning assaults while the IMPs focus on heavy damage-dealing? or have the two sides simply been given equal equivalent ships?

+1 vote   media: MC80 Liberty Cruiser
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:33am says:

Ah, the old YT-2400. I remember RP-ing as a civillian spice smuggler flying one of these on an old version of the mod before joining the Alliance.

Something about the ship makes it look cool, but also utilitarian. Glad to see it's making the final cut.

+1 vote   media: YT-2400 - Normal and Specular Mapping
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:28am replied:

I think this is a fair criticism. If the mod is very successful, expect to see a lot of people who just want to play out some space battles and so jump right in without taking the time to read the guide.

A few automated server messages reminding people of RP guidelines as well as game rules, or some kind of quick-start guide that players have to read through to get into the game would be a great idea.

Since players will be looking to join factions, they need the approval of a high-ranking faction member. So maybe a simpler way of doing it would be for the faction member to quickly test them in a scenario to make sure they know what's what.

But then, I'm not talented enough to make a mod like this, so feel free to ignore me. XD

+2 votes   download: Official Roleplay Guide
InterAirplay Sep 30 2011, 11:24am says:

It's great to see that in-game roleplaying will be important enough to have t's own damned guide. I was a big fan of the RP in the older versions of the mod, but it didn't seem to catch on. I'm glad that it's now getting a greater focus.

+1 vote   download: Official Roleplay Guide
InterAirplay May 20 2009, 3:13pm says:

I install this mod, and it doesn't activate properly.
I re-activate. Nothing.
I re-install the mod. Nothing.
I re-install freelancer and FLMM. Still nothing.
I re-install FL and FLMM and Crossfire WITHOUT the 1.7a patch and it ACTUALLY ACTIVATES PROPERLY!
I did a little dance, then clicked on the "Launch Single Player" button in the Crossfire Launcher. Once again... Nothing.

I looked at all the solutions provided for people who have also had this problem with the launcher, and none of them work for me...

Can anyone help me? sorry for hassling. =]

+1 vote   download: Crossfire Mod 1.7a patch
InterAirplay May 20 2009, 9:09am replied:

I click on "launch Singleplayer"... After 3 fesh installs I finally get it launched... then the button does nothing.

I've tried Alt-Tab - no "minimised EULA window\" - just nothing happens. The launcher closes, nothing whatsoever.

:(:(:( PLease help me, kind sir.

ooh, also, in my task manager the launcher appears to still be running, but I can't see it anywhere. And no matter how hard I try, I simply can't make it visible. All I get is a little bar with "CF launcher" on it...

+1 vote   download: Crossfire Mod 1.7a patch
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