Freeworlds: Tides of War is a fan built Star Wars total conversion mod for Digital Anvil's Freelancer game that was released several years ago. When fans began to make mods for Freelancer, one of the many things people were keen on seeing was a Freelancer mod based on the Star Wars universe developed by George Lucas. Freeworlds and Tides of War were the answer to this outcry. The development team of both mods have now joined forces to create an epic new Star Wars TC, Freeworlds: Tides of War.

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Here's a small look at the newest hyperspace sequence.
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$leeper Dec 31 2010 says:

a tie fighter with hyperdrive... impressive.. :D

but, it look's nice.. ;)

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BlueSunsleader Dec 31 2010 replied:

lol i was thinking the same thing , not to sound picky but the standard tie fighter doesn't have a drive, but for play ability sake i understand bending the rules a bit in this regard

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Darklord42 Dec 31 2010 replied:

Looks really neat. But the starwars fan boy inside me is definitely calling foul despite the freelancer gameplay mechanic. :\

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Rampsquatch Feb 26 2011 replied:

except that tie fighters can be modded, and if a freelancer has a fighter that is restricted to one system, well then hes not a very bright freelancer

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FW:ToW_Rogue Apr 30 2011 replied:

You also seem to forget, that the game is still being developed. While we do care about being as close to canon as we want, we also don't give much of a toss about it when we're trying to nail out the other things.

Do you know how PAINFUL it is to travel 900k across Dathomir in a freaking TIE Fighter at 90k? :/

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BluePotato Dec 31 2010 says:

Awesome! Good job :-D

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Juffe Dec 31 2010 says:

Nice. :D

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Meatloaf231 Dec 31 2010 says:

Looks good, but I think it could use a few more starlines, or they should be a bit wider and bloomier. It looks a bit strange because they aren't consistent with the number or location of stars in the skybox. Spacebox. Whatever. But yeah, there's a bit too much empty space early on, and then the hyper-tube-blue-glow effect takes up the whole background. So the contrast is a bit strange.

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ADTeam™ Dec 31 2010 says:

looks great

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Hendar23 Dec 31 2010 says:

Must....suppress....inner.....Star Wars.....geek....


Phew, I feel much better now.

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bucky699 Dec 31 2010 replied:

Ya but how else would people in Ties get from one system to another in a Freelancer game. Its a gameplay thing, live with it :P

Good work guys looks nice

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TSP-FriendlyFire Author
TSP-FriendlyFire Jan 1 2011 replied:

Just to get it out for all those people bugging off on that little thing: I don't give a damn TIEs don't have a hyperdrive; this is a *testing* build where such restrictions are obviously disabled to things up.

If all you see in the vid is that the TIE has a bloody hyperdrive, re-read the name of the video.

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Mreaper Jan 1 2011 replied:

You never had hyperdrives on ships in Freelancer to begin with :/
But since Star Wars doesn't use Warp Gates...

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Babeuf97 Jan 1 2011 says:

Really nice visual and sound effect!

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Serazahr Jan 1 2011 says:

Just an idea, but how about having pseudo-warp gates: Basically a TIE-Fighter can dock into a larger Imperial Ship (warp gate) and then have the ship drop it of at the target system.

Basically you'd have the same ship sitting in the systems at special locations and docking into one triggers a warp sequence, causing you to dock out of the other one lick leaving a warp gate.

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Pennypacker Jan 2 2011 says:

I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet, but TIE's don't have-- Jk jk ^^

Very nice, I like version the best out of all the ones you've showed :)

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Trantor Mar 24 2011 says:

I dont really like it.

If you watch the hyperspace sequence of the Battle of Endor, you can see a few things:
1 - many more star lines, and they are shaded blue (because crafts approach lightspeed and thus everything in front should be bluish and in the back should be reddish)
2 - when the stars turn into lines, that means you are ALREADY close to lightspeed (300.000 km per second). That means any static object should be long gone from the screen, and nearby planets should zip past too
3 - same thing when you return from hyperspace. All those crafts appear and slow down (relative to you) while the stars are still lines!! Thats wrong! The stars should return to their normal appearance and ONLY THEN should you fastly approach objects in the area.

4 - the hyperspace itself (the nebula like tunnel) is AWESOME. Nothing to say about it but praise the effect.

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InterAirplay Oct 2 2011 replied:

I believe it took 12 horus of development just to get it like this.

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Cornflakes_91 Apr 2 2011 says:

Did you create an new engine for this?
I cant believe that that should be FL engine....

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jabelcher23 Jun 1 2011 says:

O.O beautiful

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Here's a small look at the newest hyperspace sequence.

Dec 31st, 2010
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