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Gregord Feb 25 2015, 10:02pm says:

sooo.... Remastered? ^_^

+2 votes   download: Gundam Mod 3.1 *FINAL*
Gregord Jun 10 2014, 2:35am says:

I bet you don't know how much i want to play complex right now... But you also don't know that i'm holding myself back form playing HW2 untill i see what gearbox has done... if all is good.. then here's hoping to seeing complex in home world 2 remastered's top mod list

+2 votes   mod: Homeworld 2 Complex
Gregord Nov 28 2013, 1:29am says:

Anyplans to make sure this mod stays compatible with the future Gearbox release?

+1 vote   mod: Gundam Mod
Gregord Oct 3 2013, 6:25pm says:

is there anyway to downgrade my steam version of CK2 so i can actually run this mod?

+1 vote   download: Elder Kings 0.1.3a - Self Installer
Gregord Oct 3 2013, 5:09am says:

you guys getting excited about gearbox buying the rights to homeworld? I would be. IF they do their jobs right we could not only see an HD remake (quality not assured) but an entire new spark for the homeworld universe! I'd also love to see where the mods for the HD version will go. Hopefully they'll provide full support and maybe steam workshop for ease of use.

+1 vote   mod: Babylon 5: War Without End
Gregord Oct 3 2013, 5:03am says:

i had almost forgotten about homeworld 2 mods...

+1 vote   mod: Classic - Stargate Space Conflict
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 9:20pm says:

first of all... YAY moddb finaly has it's videos working on my system!.. and second of all that's all nice for hardcore modders <i'm a softcore modder myself> but it would be possibly a good selling point if you made it easy for average/noob players to be able to edit their decals in game

+1 vote   media: HP Editor - Adding Decals
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 9:13pm says:

I'm not sure where the new orleans class comes from but it looks like a take on the galaxy style superstructure, engines, saucer, and deflector dish. Which is totally fine with me

+1 vote   media: New Orleans Class - Excalibur
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 8:37pm says:

Get out of there voyager! it's the THOLIAN web!

+1 vote   media: 23/10/11 - Of God Rays and Procedural Geometry
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 8:35pm replied:

one of the ones after most people stoped watching i'd imagine

+1 vote   media: NX Class
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 8:34pm says:

cricket... cricket...


+1 vote   media: NX Class
Gregord Oct 4 2012, 8:12pm says:

I WANTED TO RAGE SO HARD WHEN I SAW THE VIPER... that having been said it looks impressive from the youtube video. and after reading again i noticed that it wasnt explicitly a stargate mod and now i've calmed down a bit... BUT DID YOU REALLY NEED KAMI'S LOOKOUT! damn now i may have to get crysis just for that map >.>

+1 vote   news: Release of StarCry, a sci-fi mod for Crysis !
Gregord Aug 20 2012, 8:15am says:

Now... if only someone could get the rights to the homeworld franchise and could do an update at least half as nice as this

+1 vote   media: Complex 9
Gregord Aug 1 2012, 6:21pm says:

not sure if this was the one i've been following for a while or not, but i'm glad to see this one has little to nothing for me to complain about. apart from still not yet being able to saucer sep in the galaxy class ^_^

well that and i'm still not even sure there's a capture frigate class, If you've hit a wall there then there's always starfleet command 2 you can draw on for capture ship classes

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Continuum
Gregord May 29 2012, 7:37pm says:

This really makes me hope that when you transport over to a ship like that... that you'll have to do some kind of puzzles to repair the ship or find bits of intel like a jemhadar warning

+1 vote   media: Excalibur | Dead in Space
Gregord May 29 2012, 7:32pm says:

Please dont die fun mod!

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Multiplayer Mod For JA
Gregord Apr 3 2012, 10:35pm says:

Oh my god I lOVE!

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Gregord Apr 3 2012, 10:15pm says:

They all have the same mouth lol..

+1 vote   media: Turks
Gregord Apr 3 2012, 10:13pm says:

oh...oh please please... pleaaase.. fix scarlet lol... things that make you go buurr.. right there. Still the rest are pretty good. yay for placeholders

+1 vote   media: Place Holder Shinra Executives
Gregord Mar 20 2012, 12:55pm says:

Wow Man! i didn't think my request for a low angle shot would actualy get one! Yes this makes the shinra building look much more sleek and sexy *nod* Thumbs up for that

+2 votes   media: Shinra Building From Below
Gregord Mar 19 2012, 2:31pm says:

Oh what's the point anymore! Ever since I finished ME3 i've been full of heartache knowing the cold hard facts as only i can. No matter what end you lose because the battle at the *SPOILER* with the *SPOILER* and final trip to *SPOILER* Just makes the end hit home so hard. And then when the *SPOILER* get's destroyed by the *SPOILER* it makes the universe feel as though the *SPOILER* has come to a *SPOILER*! Oh the humanity of it all

-1 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Gregord Mar 15 2012, 1:29pm says:

something about this high angle makes the shinra building look stubby and fat.. not in a bad way would just love to see a low angle shot from the rim of the city if possible

+1 vote   media: The back of Shinra HQ!
Gregord Mar 3 2012, 8:46pm says:

Unlike for another SG mod for a game that will remain nameless *COUGHsins of a solar empireCOUGH* this one is actually quite well and is endlessly more fun

+2 votes   mod: Classic - Stargate Space Conflict
Gregord Feb 16 2012, 7:59pm says:

I don't know bout the rest of you but it runs fine for me. since it's alpha it's still kinda funny to see all the placeholders. For example the Atlantean shipyard has a horribly funny glitch where it spawns with a hiigarran shipyard over top of it!... But the Ancient mothership is op.. perhaps the strength should be reduced without a special subsystem.. Also could you pretty pretty please move the build subsystems into the arms of the city instead of dead center? it'd make things more interesting

+1 vote   download: Stargate Space Conflict - Pre-Alpha 1.4 (English)
Gregord Feb 16 2012, 6:19pm says:

It's Atlantean Bentus! Now if only the banana ship could dock with it

+1 vote   media: Ancient shipyard
Gregord Jan 13 2012, 10:27pm says:

I have a basic understanding of french when i read it, but when is the english version coming out!?

+2 votes   download: SGmod V.1.3.6 [VERSION FRANÇAISE]
Gregord Nov 27 2011, 6:27pm says:

could you make this available for download? any time i stream from this site it gets extremely choppy and doesn't buffer

+1 vote   media: New Polished Warp FX Demo
Gregord Nov 7 2011, 1:37pm says:

My question is, are the galaxy class capable of saucer seperation? IE, did you take the time to draw two modles, one for the primary and one for the secondary hull?

+1 vote   media: Images for news dated 30-07-11
Gregord Nov 7 2011, 1:44am says:

is nice.. not bad at all, i still say you should make elcor bomber wings though! MUHAHAHAAH

+7 votes   media: Citadel Council Turret v2
Gregord Oct 31 2011, 5:52pm says:

I don't like the one on the left..but the one on the right looks epic

+1 vote   media: Prototypes - Orban civilian vehicles
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