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geostigma Feb 9 2010, 1:46pm replied:

Same with a lot of mod's. Considering that none of them are professional and released something with custom content is enough to trump your statement. Not to mention there is a lot of good in the mod.

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geostigma Feb 3 2010, 10:11pm replied:


because you know how the edge flow of a dinosaur is going to look like since its commonly done.

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geostigma Jan 28 2010, 3:50pm says:

I want to see how this distribution platform will be any different then steam, and not fail like vapor did. Taking on steam is a big project and very daunting. If this is a strict mod delivery system that could work with steam, then you have a very solid application

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geostigma Jan 28 2010, 2:09pm says:

The possible modding opportunities is why I like Overgrowth. Look at the source engine or UDK , people like the game because of the things that can be changed and added to the game. hl2 is getting close to 6 years old and is still the most modded. Best upcoming Indie game doesn't mean "Will it bomb on release" but what has the best potential to the community who support them.

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geostigma Jan 28 2010, 1:37pm says:

Overgrowth is getting such a bad rep from the community because a lot of people are looking into what is polished, versus what is being developed.

People are attracted to flare and hype. E.Y.E and NS2 have a lot of screen shots that display and show off the "look" of the game versus the functionality and playability of the game. Overgrowth has been keeping a lot of it's assets hidden to the community and are probably more interested in the quality of their work then showing off a random compilation of content that will never be seen in the game.

What probably pushed Overgrowth to win was the engine and tools the team has been developing. Overgrowth doesn't have any in game playable mechanics or fancy environments and models to show , but the foundation on what the game is being built on is very, very important. Even if some of those things don't seem all that great to some people, the amount of insight the team has been giving to the community is amazing. I think its very interesting for a developer to almost "give out" a in depth behind the scenes development diary that other mod teams can freely follow or ignore in order to make there game successful. Its almost like being in school for free versus spending $7000 dollars on a game development stream.

I'm personally not interested in the game at all, but more interested on the information given out by the team its self. I learn something from them, I can apply it to genera of games I like to play or something I may want to work on in the future.

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geostigma Dec 17 2009, 12:36am says:

Does anyone remember vapor? Oh wait...

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geostigma Dec 16 2009, 9:24pm says:

Steam is far superior and I'm pretty sure they are going to be supporting mods in the near future..

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geostigma Dec 16 2009, 6:47am says:

you do know you completely ruined dynamics of star craft by removing those units right? The mod looks great but I don't suggest you should remove units especially the vulture. Then again, Star Craft in 3D might just work differently period? I'm only mentioning this to you because there are a lot of Hard core SC players

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geostigma Dec 8 2009, 12:47pm replied:

Yes you can have a different scale, rotation and lighting. Think of it like inheritance, you can have the same method called once but all the objects are scattered in an array list and individually being instanced with certain data such as position

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geostigma Jul 7 2009, 10:39pm says:

its a concept.... complain about detail later comment on whats going on. I really like the concept and the fact it was applied to source. However.. size issues and limitations of maps right..

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geostigma Jul 7 2009, 10:21pm says:

The beta content for hl2 is cool I have to admit.. but these mods.. :/ Really I don't see anything impressive... Missing information has a **** ton done. Maybe join them instead.

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geostigma Jun 26 2009, 3:01pm says:

"1. Chet's claim that the content for L4D2 cannot be applied to the current game without breaking it... It is absolutely a lie, especially if they're planning to offer the original campaigns for L4D2. Because they're using the same game engine, there is nothing that *cannot* be imported directly. On the other hand, that didn't seem to stop them from updating TF2."

Take half life 2 , and episode 1 & 2. Try to apply in decending order all of the content from ep2 all the way to HL2 its self. It cant be done. Apply the content in order from hl2 up until ep2. It can be done. They are not using the same game engine but are using a new illiteration of game engine similar to the the advancements of ep1 and ep2. Its still running of the source engine however, but its an updated. version of. The TF2 engine as far as imconcerned didn't receive and engine update because it wasn't required due to the graphical direction the game took.

The cost of development for AI is very expensive and requires a level of programming far greater then what most mod programmers are even capible of. Not to mention that the entire AI controler has not only been improved but its entirely dynamic which is semi impressive. Considering Left 4 dead 2 has 4x the content that Left 4 dead 1 had, im not suprised that they want to charge for a sequal.

Yes its sad that they failed to deliver a promise about giving out free content and updating the game in a progressive fashion like tf2 but the truth is that all game developers are moving towards micro transactions in order to make more money. I haven't seen people ******** bricks about the lack of a SIM'S 3 SDK or how you need to actually buy things using SIM points or the countless dollars spent on XBL DL content. L4D 2 is probabally going to be recieving all the free updates promised for l4d 1 and instead of paying micro transactions, its one large lump sum.

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geostigma Jun 25 2007, 10:14pm says:

Uh, why is everyone trying to be the next steam?

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geostigma Jun 17 2007, 5:42pm says:

why the hell does he need a holo sight or w/e for a drill :|

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geostigma Jun 13 2007, 6:35pm says:

I'm in. I have already done a **** load of mesh work. Haven't even started the skin yet

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geostigma May 21 2007, 9:56pm says:

C4D is a useless program for making models in. The only good thing that its good for animating and even then its still probably better to use maya. C4D is spline oriented.

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geostigma Feb 15 2007, 9:57pm says:

Those models need a lot of work. The only one that looked like it was spent time on is the trike. Take your time and don't rush your assets

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geostigma Dec 6 2006, 10:57pm says:

tis all good :D

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geostigma Dec 5 2006, 7:13pm says:

You might want to drop all unoriginal content off that. Unless its place holders. COOUGH

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geostigma Nov 19 2006, 10:21am says:

So glad you can rip off some of our work. :|

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geostigma Oct 29 2006, 4:34pm says:

Why are you using the V_ models for the W_ models? Its not going to work and its going to lag like ****. I also suggest you get new animations instead of using the defaults because everything is streaching and bending in all the wrong places. Skins are fine.. could be better though

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geostigma Oct 22 2006, 10:49pm says:

So many Warhammer mods with little progress.. Whats with the hold backs mangs!?

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geostigma Oct 3 2006, 9:15pm says:

Showing renders of the ORIGINAL RENEGADE MODELS is not progress. Do some real work KTHX

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geostigma Sep 9 2006, 7:49pm says:

Hey did you guys miss what starsberry said

Quote:Ignore this letter, you are protected under the same law they are claming you have broken, the truth is interletual property is only protected if you are making a profit of it, since this is a modfication and you have not used any microsoft models, skins or even artwork (at least i hope not) in the project they are in the wrong, there hoping to sucsefully scare you into submission, do you think the C&C generals mechwarrior mod didnt receive a smimilair letter from microsoft? probebly not becouse microsoft dont really care about mechwarrior the franchise is dead and they know they prob wont make much money of it anymore, but halo heck they prob just want to make there own RTS Halo game and are making sure they have no rivals, carry on and ignore them if they send anouther letter exsplain to them that they know the laws and they should also know they do not applie to free fan based mods

If this in fact is true then Mircosoft is a jokeshow. actualy I just read this

You can create this mod. DO NOT READ ONLY ONE SECTION

By creating this mod for recreation and not for the purpose of taking over microsofts property AND funds you can continue to work on this mod

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geostigma Sep 9 2006, 12:54pm says:

Why are you guys bitching at bungie? Its MS fault as they are the publishers

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geostigma Sep 8 2006, 10:17pm says:

Then why do you care so much to deteer people? I was looking forward to this mod, dissapointed but like everyone else I just stated its a let down. Its fact that microsoft and EA are the most anal companies when it comes to copy rights.

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geostigma Sep 8 2006, 10:03pm says:

Wingman, anisispation of things or what ever nature they are are not upto you. If someone is mad because something was cancled they have every right to express them selves. You on the other hand are acting like you don't antisipate anything wich is not right. Who are you to care what other people feel about this mod. How ever, when you post 3 comments telling people not to care seems odd to me.

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geostigma Sep 8 2006, 9:50pm says:

How is this a huge problem when...

1. Your not making profit for this game
2. Its fan baised.

You could bring a valid argument about these 2 issues.

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geostigma Jul 17 2006, 11:23pm says:

physic cards or processers will be worth it. Physics are EXTREAMLY TAXING to render/calculate

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geostigma Jul 17 2006, 12:38pm says:

Just tells me that they are alive.

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