Exterminatus : Destruction of all life on a world by the Imperium of man.

This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe, as seen in Dawn of War and our previous mod WH40K : Rival Species.

The 40k universe is set in the year 40,000 by which time mankind has colonized millions of worlds thought the galaxy by interstellar warp travel. Humanity is ruled by a vast, uncaring, priesthood/bureaucracy on Earth in the name of an all powerful God/Emperor. A galaxy of insidious alien races have threatened and fought the Imperium since its earliest days in innumerable wars and battles.

Developers of this mod have deliberately chosen to include only the Imperium and Tyranid races out of the many that exist in the 40k universe in order to focus on the quality and polished that the mod would not have otherwise. Please do not ask about the other 40k races.

Exterminatus is feature complete and the game is fully playable. A public Beta is available for anyone that wants to try it. New Beta versions will be announced here, but there are also fortnightly public Alpha builds which being incomplete, unbalanced and often unstable aren't really worthy of news on ModDB, but are detailed at 40ksource.com.

Each map sees teams of Marine and Tyranid players competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. This mod is purely multi-player, there is no co-op mode or player bots available.

Players that do well for their team are rewarded with the option to use more powerful player classes including special and heavy weapons marines, terminators, the tank like Carnifex and terrifying Lictor.


  • Two teams, with their own distinct appearance and game play styles
  • Three tiers of player classes, achieve success to unlock superior classes
  • Twelve playable classes, each with their own unique sounds, weapons and abilities
  • Mission and Objective based game play, with progressive spawn waves

Getting Together
Regular scheduled games are being hosted on a number of dedicated servers several times each week usually mid-week and weekends at between 7 and 8PM GMT. Please check our steam community page for upcoming scheduled games and servers addresses.

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After the release of the last Exterminatus Beta version in February I launched a plan aiming to get EX on to Steam through the Greenlight system. A week later Valve released an update, making the February's beta unplayable without all players and servers downgrading to the "previous version" and breaking the server browser. Alpha 8.40, released that same week making EX compatible with the latest Source 2013 version once more.

Since then I have been working on the plan, thinking that 10 Alphas would be enough to get EX into a state ready to Beta and proposed to GW for Greenlighting. I don't think we're quite there yet, but I need to roll up all the changes over the last 10 releases (the patches are getting crazy large). So there is no patch file this week, but a full install 7zip package (EX is now too massive to ZIP).

Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 Installer
Installer Alpha 8.50 ( 976.32mb )

Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 (7zip)
7 Zip File Alpha 8.50 ( 839.29mb )

Install the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer

  • Navigate to the "Tools" section on your Steam games "Library"
  • Install the "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer"
  • Run the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer at least once.
  • You can exit once the menu has finished loading.

Install the latest Exterminatus Alpha

  • If you already have a copy of the EX beta, delete it.
  • Run the alpha installer and follow it's instructions.
  • Restart Steam. You should now see both the Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 listed in your library.

Progress on the Greenlight plan

  • Port the EX code to the latest Source 2013 Beta_test code base in readiness of it's eventual public release. - DONE
  • Create a new Offline Tutorial map to introduce new players to EX. 75%
  • Continue to improve the lighting and detailing of the maps, to make them bolder and more polished. 75%
  • Create a Venom Cannon war-gear set for the tyranid warrior priced in the 75pt category. - DONE
  • Create a Dual-wielded Devourers war-gear set for the Carnifex to be priced the same as the Screamer Killer. DONE (needs testing)
  • Give marines points for killing barbed strangler projectiles.- DONE
  • Create a Vox menu that doesn't block gameplay. - DONE
  • Seek GW's permission to put EX on Steam Greenlight as a free mod. (waiting for all of the above)

As you can see by the goals I set out back in May we're looking pretty good. However i am very uncomfortable with the idea of presenting EX to GW with a broken server browser and Steam Overlay not working, both of which cropped up since the plan was decided on and both of which seem to be out of my control. Undecided

Here is a detailed round up of all the changes since Beta 8.38:


  • Compatibility with the latest version of Source 2013 Multiplayer.
  • New Vox menu (bound to the X key by default) that allows aiming and shooting while it's open.
  • New akimbo devourers wargear for the Carnifex called the "Devourer Host".
  • New venom cannon wargear for the warrior class, priced at 75 points. It has 40% less range, splash size and damage than the carnifex version, but fires 40% faster too. This involves new weapon models and new warrior animations. CC requested.
  • New map ex_fortress by DontAsk4470. It's his first map, so expect some rough edges. Alpha 8.50 features version 5 of this new map.
  • New skybox added to ex_city_conflict thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • ex_valley also has a new skybox thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • DontAsk4470 has contributed 4 other custom skyboxes that are included in thus alpha but not used by any maps yet.
  • New ruined wall prop for ex_valley.
  • New 40k themed textures added to ex_orbital.
  • New skybox for ex_orbital by DontAsk4470.
  • ex_valley has some new props in tomb objective.
  • New stain glass window texture, based on Saint Sisters by Khantain (with permission)
  • Team HUD colours can now be configured via scripts, to allow chapter packs to change the HUD colours to match the skins.
  • Objective captures are now reported with the death notices.

Reactor Room No-Man's Land


  • Cloaking shader has been tweaked to prevent popping at the end of a transition.
  • Fixed alignment of hint text.
  • Alternative Chainsword sound effects from DontAsk4470.
  • Alternative Powersword sound effects from DontAsk4470.
  • Alternative Tarantula sound effects from DontAsk4470.
  • A smaller version of Cyberman's flying buttress prop for use on ex_valley, with 4 texture variations.
  • More imperial versions of the deafult Source props used in ex_orbital.
  • Moved the vent that connects the cargo objective in ex_orbital, changed the long corridor and many pieces of lighting.
  • ex_valley has had it's fog tweaked to match it's new skybox.
  • ex_city_conflict has been reverted back to it's old skybox and had chnages to the breakable wall at the tower objective.
  • New sound and visual effects for the venom cannon thanks to DontAsk4470.
  • Thanks to DontAsk4470 for new reload sound effects for the bolter and melta.
  • Added a tracer effect to the venom cannons, thanks to DontAsk4470 for the particle effect.
  • Added an ambient idle sound to turrets, so you can tell when one is near and "alive".
  • Polishing some of the old 40k computer props to use double the texture resolution.
  • Replaced the portcullis door prop , you can see this in the ex_orbital cargo bay.
  • Aesthetic tweaks to ex_hive. Replacing a dev texture and some HL2 props, added some details to the lift room.
  • Tweaked plasma weapon particles, thanks to DontAsk4470 for the particle effects.
  • Tweaked the ambient idle sound to turrets, so louder and more continuous.
  • Polishing some more of the old 40k computer props to use double the texture resolution.
  • Aesthetic tweaks to ex_ichar_IV. Replacing a some HL2 props and textures with 40k versions.
  • New Carnifex talon sounds by Bulwark
  • New Devourer firing sounds by Bulwark
  • New marine battle cries and deaths recorded by Bulwark. Alpha 8.50 features more heavily edited versions of these.
  • Marine classes now have their own unique battle cry along with the generic ones.
  • New imperial decals, door and crate textures to replace the old Source textures
  • Updated version of ex_forge, ex_valley and ex_orbital using the new textures and decals.
  • Started on the single player tutorial map ex_tutoiral_2016.
  • Added a new objective, shorted several routes and removed some intermediate areas in ex_lycantium. Alpha 8.50 features yet more improvements and connections to this map.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Tarsis Ultra, overview map for the loading screen.
  • Lictor cloak nerfed, can now be configured via the server console.
  • Attempted to fix the HUD occasionally not highlighting the correct target objective. I don't know how to reproduce the old bug, but we should know soon enough if this fix has made it any worse.
  • Fixed the Carnifexes twin devourers in 8.50, so they do damage properly.


  • Marine players now score points for killing off Barbed Stranger projectiles. This is to discourage prolonged BS ambushes, where the marines cannot counter attack their ambusher.
  • Nerfed the meltagun by increasing it's reload time.
  • Nerfed meltagun rate of fire from 0.18 to 0.2 seconds.
  • Nerfed meltagun max range from 800 to 700.
  • Nerfed the boltgun slightly, by increasing it's reload time.
  • Buffed the spore mines rate of fire from 1.2 seconds per shot to 0.8.
  • Nerfed the spore mine's damage from 50 to 40.
  • Buffed warrior health from 170 to 205 (equal to 1 more bolt hit).
  • Reduced the cost of the warriors venom cannon from 75pts to 50pts.
  • Nerfed the warriors venom cannon from 60% to 50% of the carnifex venom cannon.
  • Tweaked the biovore weapon so it can fire a (inaccurate) barrage of up tp 5 spores in rapid succession, but then require a long period to regenerate new spores.
  • Buffed the rate at which devourers regenerate ammo from 1 second to 0.75 seconds (new console variable ex_warrior_dv_regen).

I will be carrying on with the map improvements and extending the tutorial level. I might have to look at more actively hounding Valve for a fix to the server browser and overlay problems as they really worry me. Does anyone know if GW has an active Twitter account or Facebook page? Would that even be a good approach to seek permission?

Exterminatus the Next Phase

Exterminatus the Next Phase

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Dreadnaught! - New Beta Released

Dreadnaught! - New Beta Released

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Exterminatus Beta 8.38 adds a new Dreadnaught player class to the stable Beta version. 8.38 also adds two completely new weapons to the Tyranid arsenal...

Exterminatus Beta 8.38 - Coming Soon!

Exterminatus Beta 8.38 - Coming Soon!

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40k Source Beta 8.21 Released

40k Source Beta 8.21 Released

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Exterminatus Beta 8.21 massively improves on the Lictor cloaking effect used in the version we released in January, adds a whole new map and inclues a...

RSS feed Files
Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 (7zip)

Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 (7zip)

Full Version 0 comments

This download is a self extracting installer including all you need to host and play Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Two Species: Humans and Tyranids...

Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 Installer

Exterminatus Alpha 8.50 Installer

Full Version 0 comments

This download is a self extracting installer including all you need to host and play Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Two Species: Humans and Tyranids...

Exterminatus Beta 8.21 (Zip)

Exterminatus Beta 8.21 (Zip)

Full Version 0 comments

This zip archive includes all you need to host and play Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Two Species: Humans and Tyranids. Twelve distinct classes, each...

Exterminatus Alpha 8.49 Installer

Exterminatus Alpha 8.49 Installer

Full Version 0 comments

This download is a self extracting installer including all you need to host and play Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Two Species: Humans and Tyranids...

Exterminatus Alpha Patch 8.49 (Zip)

Exterminatus Alpha Patch 8.49 (Zip)

Patch 0 comments

This patch contains all the changes from Exterminatus alpha 8.48 to alpha 8.48 , featuring a new version of ex_lycantium and bug fixes to ex_fortress...

Exterminatus Alpha Patch 8.48 (Zip)

Exterminatus Alpha Patch 8.48 (Zip)

Patch 0 comments

This patch contains all the changes from Exterminatus alpha 8.47 to alpha 8.48 , introducing the last of the planned new features for the next Beta, dual...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,292)

Do you intend on putting other teams if possible? Like orcs, eldar or sisters of battle?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChromeAngel Creator

I would love to add more species to EX, but I just don't have the manpower. My best estimate says it would take 3 years to get a new species up to the level of content we've got for marines and tyranids.

With the contributors EX has at the moment it's not practical to add a new species. If we get more contributors after getting on Steam it would certainly be worth re-visiting those estimates.

Reply Good karma+1 vote


And I got to play it a little yesterday, such fine work and well designed, I loved it

As the mainmenu look a little off, it's expected as this mod is an alpha/beta

Oh, and another question, can u guys make the feet appear? It would be a fine touch :p

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChromeAngel Creator

Thanks for the compliment. Would mind writing a short review mod ModDB?

What was up with the menu? Too much vanilla HL2DM?

I looked into that for another mod I was tinkering with a few years back. I needed a much higher level of detail in the model than I have available for any of the player classes in EX.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

1st - Sure I will
2nd - Exactly, it gave me the feel of a mod instead of a new game get what I mean?

and 3rd - I get you well XD

Keep up the great work ChromeAngel! For The Emperor!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh yeah, just to be sure, I don't know how the source engine work hahaha, but got thinkin' about an tyranid vs tyranid or marine vs marine, what about it?

And the implementation of bots?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So, honest question regarding Exterminatus if it happens to get Greenlit onto Steam: Would it be possible for you and your team to attempt to try and make a potential singleplayer campaign mode once you have all the multiplayer maps set up and all the lighting and detailing finished, or will you continue approaching this as a multiplayer-only mod?

Beyond that question I just want to congratulate you for taking the next step and with the success with this mod, it's come a long way since I first gave it a look a few years ago. With the way that Games Workshop is approaching their new licensing this is probably the best time in the world to approach making an indie Warhammer themed game, so hopefully there's a good chance that you'll be successful. Regardless I wish you luck, here's hoping it gets greenlit!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChromeAngel Creator

For any single player or co-operative gameplay EX would need custom AI coding. I have not had much success at coding or modding AI for the Source engine, so sticking with PvP is the most productive and fun way for me to develop EX.

We'll see how things go after the next Beta. Never say never!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey i downloaded it yet it doesn't load for me i click it and get a
"Can't find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChromeAngel Creator

Have you played any Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer mods previously?

Try running the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer from the tools menu, that might resolve your problem.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Incredible mod I havent played it yet but im sure its good nice and warmy for the winter nights of 2010/2011

Nov 29 2010 by MatejFilaković

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Decent mod, but an unhelpful community who only open their mouths to troll and talk shit like it's a competitive shooter. Makes MOBAs and Youtube comment sections look civil. Avoid. I simply asked how to get ammo for the Termies stormbolter and was told "to quit acting like it's CoD", whatever that was supposed to mean. I proceeded to ask again whether I was supposed to just let myself die or if there was an ammo point or something, and didn't get an answer. Then a match later, as I was lost on…

Nov 24 2013 by SnakeTheFox

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