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Furrywolfie1 May 9 2014, 7:10pm says:

I can't play more than 2 minutes in without the came crashing.

+1 vote   mod: CNC Fallout
Furrywolfie1 May 9 2014, 4:27pm says:

What's the name of the music in the menu, in game, and victory screen?

+2 votes   mod: CNC Fallout
Furrywolfie1 May 9 2014, 3:12pm says:

Will this patch conflict with other mods or prevent me from playing online?

+2 votes   download: 4 GB Patch
Furrywolfie1 Mar 16 2013, 1:00am says:

I stopped getting C&C games for the C&C experience. I really only get them now for sake of another RTS to play.

+1 vote   article: Moving on to SAGE
Furrywolfie1 Feb 25 2013, 6:31pm says:

What are the system requirements for this mod at it's current stage?

My computer is fairly old and is about good enough to play Generals ZH without graphics mods. The last time I tried this mod it lagged considerably.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Furrywolfie1 Feb 18 2013, 6:49pm says:

Doesn't look like you'll have to replace the laser.

And it's German so it fits perfectly with the Leopard.

+1 vote   media: Leopard 2A7+
Furrywolfie1 Oct 17 2012, 10:00pm says:

For the most part I'm gaming on a rather dated machine, would it be possible to release an alternative for older comps? She plays Generals smoothly and most mods for it, and it can also handle C&C 3 on lower detail levels.

+1 vote   article: VRM 0.4 update 5/10/12
Furrywolfie1 Sep 22 2012, 2:05am says:

Is that a Delta wing F-22?

+1 vote   media: 壁纸2
Furrywolfie1 Aug 18 2012, 9:40pm says:

I am the Dolphin, koo koo kachoo

+3 votes   media: Allied Dolphin
Furrywolfie1 Jun 19 2012, 7:43pm replied:

The original TE mod worked fine.
I'm currently running 1.5b.
Don't know the name of the map, I'm testing it with the tutorial since that's quick to get going.

+2 votes   download: C&C3 NE Add-On For Tiberium Essence
Furrywolfie1 Jun 19 2012, 4:24pm says:

Ok, I got it to run, but it doesn't zoom out as far as it's supposed to.

+3 votes   download: C&C3 NE Add-On For Tiberium Essence
Furrywolfie1 Jun 19 2012, 3:14pm says:

I'm having trouble with the New Experience add on. I need more detailed instruction than what's included in the download.

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
Furrywolfie1 Jun 14 2012, 2:20pm says:

i got version 0.3 and the mines need to be manually detonated but they are called proximity mines. shouldn't they self detonate?

+1 vote   media: UEF Minefield
Furrywolfie1 Jun 14 2012, 9:55am says:

I'm having a lot of trouble with this mod.
First it slows my computer to a crawl and I can't play it like that.
I tried to put it on another computer on First decade and I got that Technical Difficulties error and have to reinstall the game.
I really liked this mod up until the 0.3 version... either I need help or this mod needs work to make it work.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Furrywolfie1 Jun 6 2012, 8:34pm says:

I drew a tiberium wasteland

+1 vote   media: Vlado32 - Total Wasteland
Furrywolfie1 Jun 3 2012, 3:39pm says:

Will the SU-25 be included?

+1 vote   article: Report 018: Rockets
Furrywolfie1 May 2 2012, 5:47pm says:

Will there be AAA? and things like the Shilka and Tunguska?

+1 vote   article: Report 016: Cosmetic improvements
Furrywolfie1 Apr 30 2012, 12:25am says:

While it would be a cool animation, wouldn't it be more practical to not eject such big casings? That's a lot of brass (or what ever material is being used to throw away. Modern gattling cannons keep the shells.

+2 votes   media: WIP: Titan updates #3 - Final model, No texture
Furrywolfie1 Apr 11 2012, 2:08am says:

Will the game include SAM tactics like they turn their radar on and off (making it hard to get a HARM shot)? Or where one SAM will relay data to another so that the pilot sees that one is tracking him but another SAM launches from a different direction? Or SAMs won't turn on until the enemy A/C is well within their territory and fire in an ambush? Will the aircraft have Radar Warning Receivers? And will pilots get a warning if an IR missile is fired at them?

+2 votes   article: Report 015: SAM units
Furrywolfie1 Apr 3 2012, 12:54am replied:

Avionics are the electronic systems in an aircraft. Things like Inertial Navigation System (INS), GPS, Radar, Fire control systems, radar warning receiver, and many other systems that one may find in an aircraft. Naturally newer fighters will have better avionics.

+1 vote   article: Report 014: MiG-29
Furrywolfie1 Apr 3 2012, 12:51am says:

Maybe I'm too used to more realistic things like LockOn and FreeFalcon, but will the MiG-29 (and other Russian fighters which feature it) have the IRST functionality?

Also will the weapons be realistic, like with a Dynamic launch zone, and off bore sight targeting for certain IR guided missiles?

+1 vote   article: Report 014: MiG-29
Furrywolfie1 Jan 30 2012, 10:28pm replied:

just get a keygen. That's what my brother and I did. Just make sure it's all the same version. (I didn't want to have to go out and buy another copy/order online and wait)

+1 vote   download: COOP Evacuation - Co-Operative mission
Furrywolfie1 Dec 31 2011, 2:19pm replied:

Like in Tiberium Essence?

+1 vote   media: GDI Starport Render
Furrywolfie1 Dec 28 2011, 12:31pm replied:

Perhaps if there are any riflemen in the buss the turret can take their place. Just a thought, though it's probably hard to get that to work.

PS: I've been getting some serious lag with the .3 release. Are there ways to fix that or can it be fixed?

+1 vote   media: BTR-60 "Battle Bus"
Furrywolfie1 Dec 24 2011, 9:41pm says:

Ok, it's zoomed out too far and I'm getting serious lag on my machine.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Furrywolfie1 Dec 21 2011, 2:26am replied:

Hey thanks! Wow I wasn't expecting the easy AI to be this tough.

+2 votes   mod: MidEast Crisis
Furrywolfie1 Dec 21 2011, 12:43am replied:

The AFG Combat chinook is replaced with Blackhawk

+2 votes   article: v0.3 Release
Furrywolfie1 Dec 20 2011, 1:45am replied:

I think there's also a glitch with the UN Airfield. The hangars don't open and close quite right.

+2 votes   mod: MidEast Crisis 2
Furrywolfie1 Dec 20 2011, 1:28am says:

I'm wondering about the money thing by the UN Peacekeeper's Command Center. Is that a passive steady income that just happens or does there have to be a unit on it like an occupation point?

edit never mind i figured it out

+2 votes   mod: MidEast Crisis 2
Furrywolfie1 Dec 19 2011, 12:11am says:

Wow. it's done. What's the next big project? I really liked this and I'll probably enjoy it for a while.

+2 votes   article: Final Version Released
Furrywolfie1 Oct 25 2011, 12:39pm says:

Will orcas and the like all have to be built on individual helipads as in TibSun or will there be more than one craft per building as in TibWars

+1 vote   media: More to Carry-All
Furrywolfie1 Sep 1 2011, 2:02pm says:

Is she a naga?

+4 votes   media: Asen Engineer - The Technican
Furrywolfie1 Aug 27 2011, 3:26pm says:

Will the scout units (like wolverines and attack bikes) be able to detect stealth? or will you need a MSA?

+1 vote   media: Ambush
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