Half-Life 2: Wars developer. Past modding projects include World War I: Source and Ballmen. Also founded CounterStrikeGO.com and Battlefieldo.com.

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Ennui Nov 11 2014 says:

Mod news because this is ModDB.

Feature articles are few and far between and often rather boring to anyone already invested / familiar with their favorite modding scenes (note I don't include the MOTY stuff in that, which I love!). Tutorials are better found elsewhere in more specific / niche communities for the various engines and if I wanted indie news I'd go to IndieDB!

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Ennui Feb 9 2014 says:

Sad this is dead :(

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Ennui Feb 6 2014 replied:

Yeah, it can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to get a game going - you just have to make a public game and be patient! Hopefully once we are on Steam later this year the player base will be a bit more substantial :)

You could always organize a game through our community forums on the website!

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Ennui Jan 28 2014 replied:

"Fauna" race (zombies, antlions, etc) is something we've talked about, but not realistic in a gameplay sense. If you wanna make some great OP4 or HL1 HECU models and animations we'll talk about it ;)

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Ennui Dec 21 2013 replied:

Next time you can try our mirror - its in the news post, or just go to lambdawars.com/getlatest.php - we prefer people use ModDB mirror because we don't have unlimited bandwidth, but our mirror tends to be faster.

This is a large part of the reason we're hoping for Greenlight - auto updates and Steam content servers and all that.

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Ennui Dec 12 2013 says:

Well-deserved congrats to everyone in the Top 100!

Those of us on the Lambda Wars (formerly called Half-Life 2: Wars) dev team appreciate your votes and support!

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Ennui Nov 26 2013 replied:

We are gearing up to put the mod on Greenlight for free and the name change is in hopes of avoiding any IP conflict with Valve (for instance you'll remember they asked Black Mesa to remove "Source" from their name).

+11 votes   news: Lambda Wars Beta 2.3 Released
Ennui Nov 25 2013 replied:

It was done in hopes of avoiding any conflict with Valve's IP as we are going to be up on Greenlight very soon. Hopefully you get used to it!

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Ennui Dec 3 2012 replied:

If you use Desura you can patch the normal way.

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Ennui Dec 3 2012 replied:

It's just beta testing gameplay. ModDB generally won't publish news posts to the front page unless they have some sort of media. This release was pretty much all gameplay / code stuff, so we don't have specific visual features to show off, but we include screenshots all the same to show the state of things and because we want people to see the updates :)

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Ennui Nov 18 2012 replied:

We have plans to submit the mod to Greenlight a little bit down the road. We need to tidy up some things first and get ourselves situated so that we can ensure our Greenlight bid is as polished as possible! Definitely something to look for in 2013 though :)

+7 votes   news: Half-Life 2: Wars Beta 2.0.3 Released
Ennui Nov 18 2012 says:

I'm not sure if I'll ever get to a point where making games is a profession and not a hobby, but it sure would be nice!

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Ennui Jan 31 2012 replied:

Good job sailing right past the whole point and content of the interview there champ! So what if Team Meat ****** up on some network security issues - what in the hell does that have to do with game design?

Ennui Jan 24 2012 replied:

That's the plan eventually but for now we only have the Resistance one finished.

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Ennui Jan 24 2012 replied:

The lambdas are intentionally large because they change color based on what team color the owner has, so you can tell buildings apart in team games :)

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Ennui Jan 8 2012 replied:

Why can't you get on the forum? If you are stumped by the anti-spam registration question (what genre is HL2: Wars?) the answer is RTS.

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Ennui Jan 3 2012 says:

Glad to see you guys are still active! Best of luck!

+1 vote   news: Happy New Year everyone!
Ennui Nov 19 2011 says:

Glad that Potteh didn't manage to murder this mod completely. I used to work on WWI:S back in 2009, mostly just doing news posts and testing... glad to see you guys are still kickin' some *** and I can't wait to play with the new bullet modeling.

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Ennui Sep 22 2011 says:

3d modelers. Especially good 3d modelers. Even more especially 3d modelers who can texture, and even MORE especially 3d modelers who can animate... and the rarest of all are those who can do all three... with character models.

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Ennui Sep 15 2011 says:


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Ennui Sep 15 2011 says:

Looks fantastic. I've been following you guys since you first launched your website many years ago, cannot WAIT to finally get my hands on this mod!

I might get in touch with you guys and interview you for Halflife2.net - what's an email address I can contact you with?

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Ennui Sep 8 2011 says:

Soldat is AWESOME. We used to play this on LAN back in computer classes in high school. Fantastic for LAN play or even just online multiplayer if 2d shooters are your thing. Great deathmatch.

+1 vote   news: Soldat OUT NOW on Desura!
Ennui Aug 17 2011 says:

Now that the Source SDK is free to anybody due to TF2 going F2P, we've discussed making Half-Life 2: Wars essentially a standalone game, since you would be able to play it for free without owning anything, just downloading Source SDK Base and installing the mod.

However, we would need to eliminate some EP2 dependencies we have (environment textures, some static props, and most importantly stuff like the Combine Hunter, etc), so we're not sure whether we will or not yet. I voted "planning to" anyway because in an ideal world we would do that so that anybody can play our mod for completely free.

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Ennui Jul 13 2011 says:

Some of the best outdoor mapping I've ever seen with Source! I have to wonder how it runs though :P I'm guessing you had to optimize the crap out of it.

Great custom content though. Good news post, lots of progress in every area!

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Ennui Jul 5 2011 says:

Woohoo! I want to thank you for crediting BATTLEFIELDO.com as your source. In addition to being a Source modder I am also a founder and admin of that site, and although we broke the news about this yesterday very few of the sites who have clearly reposted the news based on ours (quoting our transcript of the interview etc) bothered to source us... hooray for journalistic integrity!

+13 votes   news: No mod support for Battlefield 3
Ennui Jul 4 2011 says:

Finally! So many years of waiting are now over. Congrats and all the best!

+1 vote   news: Off Limits beta released!
Ennui Jul 2 2011 replied:

Just buy Episode 2. Or don't buy anything. We are thinking about removing EP2 dependency.

And yeah, in his opinion I should hope the mod is worth it. He's the coder :)

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Ennui Jun 25 2011 replied:

What an egomaniacal, self-absorbed fuckbag. Luckily people with that massive of a chip on their shoulder tend not to get far in life.

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Ennui Jun 25 2011 says:

Potteh causing more drama?

Wow, that's a ******* surprise.

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Ennui Jun 23 2011 says:

Take as much time as you guys need. I've been waiting for this mod for five years now, I can stand to wait a couple of weeks or months longer. Can't wait to play it!

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