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Play your favorite game from alpha to completion and support game developers with Desura's new alphafunding initative.

Posted by Greg on Sep 14th, 2011

The idea behind alphafunding is simple, fans get instant access to their favorite games with the understanding that the game might be buggy and isn't complete - but frequent updates will add polish over time. The developers can then fund the games continued creation, giving supporters early access to the latest and greatest content.

It's win-win

It is essentially crowdfunding (like Kickstarter, Indie Go Go, GamesPlant or 8 bit funding) only with instant rewards for players and developers filling the void between the idea and the pre-order / release phase. Digital distribution is an amazing medium for getting access to content early, so while alphafunding isn't for every game, why wait till release to fund your game, when you have fans wanting to support you every step of the way? It is a model which has worked extremely well for Minecraft, Overgrowth, Natural Selection 2 and others, who have benefited from their fans support from the very beginning.

Launch Titles

Today on Desura we aim to make alphafunding easy and launch with 5 excellent titles, each for different tastes. We've got Project Zomboid a zombie survival game like no other, Survivors of Ragnarok a city crafting game inspired by Dwarf Fortress, King Arthur's Gold a 64 person multiplayer pixel battle royale, Wyv and Keep a puzzle solving classic and Rotion a challenging ambient indie puzzler.


There are a lot of risks involved with alphafunding so not every game is eligible... but if you are open about your development, want to give and get support from your fans then get in contact and let us know about your project.

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Theon Sep 14 2011 says:

I have supported Minecraft, Overgrowth, Caster, Silas, Survivors of Ragnarok and Crystal Catacombs, and NO REGRETS so far :D

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Hayst Sep 14 2011 replied:

and project zomboid?

+5 votes     reply to comment
Theon Sep 14 2011 replied:

Nope. For some reason, that game never caught my interest.
Try and convince me, though, and I might give it a chance :]

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pogswarts Sep 15 2011 replied:

Look at the clock, get the demo, look at the clock again.

Did you see how long you played?

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hero1900 Dec 25 2011 replied:

hehehe sometimes its hard to play game in alpha stage me for instance support it and got it but cant play it since it hangs

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Waddlesticks Sep 17 2011 replied:

Project Zombiod is quite creative and is an enjoyable zombie game. It is pretty unique!

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Icetea117 May 14 2012 replied:

Mate its like the best Zombie survival ever made. You can make fotress, barricade windows, find cool wepons and kill zombies, craft stuff and use tons of supplies to survie. The latest update will involve a bigger map, skills and let u team up with NPC to Defend, Help and Trade. But wait u cant forget the brand new Graphics which will also come out soon in 2.0 :)

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Jamiix03 Aug 9 2012 replied:

If I were you I would download the demo It's a great game once you play it at first you see it and think it doesn't look that great seems okay... but believe me I played it and I find it a great game it's a bit like DayZ just the graphics are different by alot!

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None540 Aug 24 2012 replied:

Dayz is a bit like it, PZ came out WAY before dayz :)

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Jpmerida Sep 25 2011 replied:

Count us too. =)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Memorix101 Nov 10 2012 replied:

I supported Minecraft and Overgrowth :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BrainCandy Sep 14 2011 says:

Very interesting ! I will send you a mail then !

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Chriz_86 Sep 14 2011 says:

Great initiative and good use of Desura. I will surely support some games this way over time.

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Tastyrice Sep 14 2011 says:

Damn that is a sexy cast of flagship titles if I do say so myself ;)

+5 votes     reply to comment
Slevo Sep 14 2011 says:

always about the money, what about the dedication and love for doing something? my motivation is people liking and playing my games and returning very nice comments :D

+6 votes     reply to comment
Theon Sep 14 2011 replied:

Yes, and this is how we as gamers may return the favour. Yes, Notch has been a lazy pig, and a real moneygrubber, but some people actually need funding to be able to focus on making the game glorious, rather than wasting time in some burger joint :)

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Skylar15 Sep 14 2011 replied:

Yes, but if they had no money they cannot develop the game.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Theon Sep 14 2011 replied:

Well, that's not necessarily true.
But I still like to show support to my favourite form of entertainment, when people really put effort into making something for us to enjoy :]

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Slevo Sep 15 2011 replied:

u can develop the game without money.

So your game is taking too long to develop this makes you get mad because people aren't giving you money yet so you stop developing your game which just justify's the fact your just in it for the money.

programming is something that just requires time (it has nothing to do with money, same with modeling ,animation and art these all don't require money to work on just your own dedication and love)

We are Indie developers for a reason, what we create is better because we do it in our own times with allot more dedication then just a price tag. But that's just me.

Ill never be asking for any money in any projects i work on because the making of the game is as much a reward as the happy people that play it and return good comments (I'm sure allot of indie developers are the same)

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Gibberstein Sep 15 2011 replied:

You won't get far developing a game without food.

You won't get far developing a game without electricity.

If you're working full-time to pay for the above you don't have much free time - sure it might get finished eventually, but if your players want to see it finished this decade you need a way to pay for food and electricity while also spending lots of time on development. Alpha funding allows this to happen, and I'm proud to be supporting it :)

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ethankaminski Sep 16 2011 replied:

Yep, it's all about the food, electricity, rent and such. If all these things were free, I'd make games and put 'em up for free - relying solely on things like Flattr for teh monies. However, food and especially rent are *not* free, so if it's a choice between charging for what I create, or being unable to devote enough time to the project, then I'm charging :P.

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iggynore Sep 21 2011 replied:

In resume - not all of us live with our parents anymore.

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Washeek Oct 6 2011 replied:

You know, stop solving what does not need to be solved. What is so bad on being paid for your hobby? Does not the prospect of recieving money for what you do for fun in your spare time intrigue you? Is it that bad?

And you have to look on a complete different aspect of paying indie devs. It is a means of protest against the big companies and a lot of "not nearly as good and fun to play games as were made before" they produce and demand being paid for.

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CrazyWolfGaming Feb 28 2013 replied:

a lot of people do this full time... how do they pay for rent or food? just give them the 1-5$ (average indie game price)

Besides, what would make you entertained longer, a movie for 5$, or a game for 5$?

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Kamikazi[Uk] Sep 14 2011 says:

Great idea :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Desiderium Sep 14 2011 says:

This comes up when we are about to release. :P Oh well, let's hope people will still enjoy our game. =)

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 14 2011 says:

Sounds good -- I just hope no devs take this to mean that it's better to allow for a cheaper pre-order alpha version than releasing a demo.

+1 vote     reply to comment
novemberdobby Sep 14 2011 replied:

Why not both? That's what I did.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Halfgrin Sep 14 2011 says:

Awesome, looking forward to see what games will be using alphafunding as the desura platform keeps maturing.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Kaira- Sep 14 2011 says:

Great news :P

+4 votes     reply to comment
MrMattWebb Sep 14 2011 says:

YES. This is what indie really needs that Steam cannot and will not offer those developers. I like this idea a lot. I hope it picks up and gives Desura the niche market it needs to stand out.

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Tristanjmnz Sep 14 2011 says:

:C my game was almost on this list.

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Jpmerida Sep 15 2011 replied:

Well, Maybe next time though.

+3 votes     reply to comment
thedarkwolf333 Sep 14 2011 says:

Are there any limitations to this in terms of the technology being used to develop the games? For instance, we are using the UDK. Will that pose a problem?

+2 votes     reply to comment
novemberdobby Sep 14 2011 replied:

I don't think the tech matters at all - anything is deliverable by Desura.

+3 votes     reply to comment
BlueWolf72 Sep 14 2011 says:

if i ever find a coder and a team i can trust to not jump ship I will be in contact. :(

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formerlyknownasMrCP Sep 15 2011 says:

Thankyou Scott and the ModDB team for finally implementing this. Its so awesome to see this, and hopefully it'll cut down on people using Kickstarter ect on this site because it impacts negatively on the community with them doing this. If its through desura then the entire community benefits from it and everyone is protected from potential scams that do very much exist on services such as Kickstarter.

I'm expecting good things from this. Best of luck guys.

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BitPuffin Sep 15 2011 says:

Well what if you are making games full time and want to be able to eat food?

Think about it.

+4 votes     reply to comment
xXMaNiAcXx Sep 15 2011 says:

Project Zomboid: Amazing game you got there.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Ennui Sep 15 2011 says:


+4 votes     reply to comment
Calbino Sep 16 2011 buried:


Forget Desura, a-holes had the gall to launch a video advertisement when I launched an indie game demo. That advertising money better be going to the developers.

-5 votes     reply to comment
Henley Staff
Henley Sep 16 2011 replied:

That would be a add for new content on Desura. We make no money from that. There are no add on Desura.

+3 votes   reply to comment
ArcadeFiction Sep 16 2011 says:

Great idea. Desura is on the ball. Keep up the good work.

+4 votes     reply to comment
SolidFake Sep 18 2011 says:

survivors of ragnarok, king arthur's gold and Rotion really deserve alpha funding...
that's why I instabought them

+5 votes     reply to comment
TheJP3372 Sep 27 2011 says:

So far, indies are pwning other major Companies with awsome games like Minecraft and Project Zomboid :3

+5 votes     reply to comment
Toa Sep 30 2011 says:

Ive bought the Project Zomboid game and im loving it. i like seing how it`s gradually changing with every patch

+4 votes     reply to comment
franx12 Jan 8 2012 says:

Project Zomboid and Towns are two games that are on my list. I'm getting both soon enough (tried and loved both the demos), and will continue supporting devs through Alphafunding both as a gamer and a future wannabe Indie developer, as it opens up great opportunities for most developers. That's why I love Desura :D

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Ysa Jan 28 2012 says:

Great selection of games! I hope the Alphafunding catalog keeps growing.

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Mikael1987 Feb 23 2012 says:

Don't mean to sound stupid,but I haven't actually read it anywhere,when you alpha-found a game,are you actually "Buying" the game,or will you have to pay more once it gets oficially released?. Thanks in advanced.

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GrandBureaucrat Feb 29 2012 replied:

You're going to receive a copy of the finished game AND get access to the pre-released versions.

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