Hi! Yes, it's news and it's as much an surprise to us as to you ;) No not really but we actually did not plan on posting anything from the game two weeks ago but things took an turn for the better in a short time and so now we are here.

Posted by jurassiclifeteam on Jul 11th, 2011

Hi! Yes, it's news and it's as much an surprise to us as to you ;). No not really but we actually did not plan on posting anything from the game two weeks ago but things took an turn for the better in a short time and so now we are here.

So what do we have to share? We can say that we are very thankful for Thibaults aka CameleonTH work and he recently enabling lights for our Jeep so we now can see where we are heading. Off a cliff or still on the road? Those questions are history! ;). We do however not have any screens of that but it will come in time to illustrate this. He also continues to work with various user interface elements.

Our new members Chris "Nexus" Choi, and Christopher "ChrisTanky" Chai have collaborated on the SPAS12 model to get it rigged and ready for animation. Animation was handled by ChrisTanky and he really does an impressive job we think. Nicolas Kirsch aka RedEyes did the first compile recently, prepared the weapon entity code and we finally have custom arms and a custom weapon ingame! That's a milestone we are glad we have reached :).



RedEyes has been making some really nice progress on is human NPC model and some animal NPCs, those we also will tell you more about some other time though.

Robert aka Taurus has been mapping a lot the last year between modeling and he now has some screenshots to show. Over time people have been wondering if there will be any daylight maps and we have planned this yes. These screens show how Roberts day map will look. There is various new vegetation in the map which also has been made by Robert. One thing that used to be vegetation is Roberts East Docks sign that is seen at the bottom of this post and is the last thing we show this time. Hope you liked the news and see you some time again in the future :)




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ChuckNrs Jul 12 2011 says:

Good update.

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leon.ladisic Jul 12 2011 replied:

Holy mother of god those screenshots look BETTER than crysis.

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taurusaurus Jul 12 2011 replied:

Very glad you think so. It's flattering to hear this but I'm not sure it's an fair comparison. Crysis is like... Crysis... hehe ;)
I know though that many, including me, can't help comparing various games to Crysis and therefore I work hard to make something that uses Source the best way I know possible and does not give an totally outdated look.

Thanks again! :)

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Icedecknight Jul 12 2011 says:

No way this is in HL2? The pictures look fantastic :D

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lptomtom Jul 12 2011 says:

Amazing, great job guys!

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Cyberpresident_CORE Jul 12 2011 says:


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CuervoSp Jul 12 2011 says:

Amazing job!

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MorshuLoL Jul 12 2011 says:


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--JoKeR-- Jul 12 2011 says:

the lightning reminds me of some maps from cod waw
hope that the maps are also big

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taurusaurus Jul 12 2011 replied:

Thank you :)

I don't want to give the impression we are going to succeed in making huge maps. Source does not allow us to do that due to limitations in amount of models with collision that we can use. It's been my biggest struggle to figure out why my map has been crashing before but now I understand better how the limits work and can share this later (not sure it's even news to anyone...but me ;) ) together with several other bugs that have been stealing my time. And even if I would succeed to fill the entire map grid, at around 60% of the total areal of Hammer the detail sprites complain about reaching a limit, this despite us using them sparingly. I'm locked by two things here. It's not that horribly bad though. I think our maps are fairly large, especially when player is on foot.

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SabreXT Jul 13 2011 replied:

I can't say for Source, but Sven Co-op got round some of those limits by some kind of command when launching iirc. I'm not sure.

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Greg-Anims Jul 12 2011 says:

woahh! I played the visitor center demo the other day and was really impressed, this mod looks amazing. Will it be linear like HL2? or open world?

Id kill to play a game as open as STALKER, but with your beautiful setting and dinosaurs!

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-muffin- Jul 12 2011 says:

:O nice!

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xXMaNiAcXx Jul 12 2011 says:

I think it is the right time to ask the stupid "Is it really Source?" question. Amazing work, waiting for more.

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SkuDG Jul 12 2011 says:

It looks too good! my computer might **** itself if i play the mod! :0

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stranger4224 Jul 12 2011 says:

now, you might have Dinosaurs or a New demo on this, on this dinosaur mod? yes? *taps on screen* *breathes on screen* Hello?

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jimmynunchucks Jul 12 2011 says:


Well you can't have it so it's like GTA in other words. You must have loading screens. Hope this answers the question.

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taurusaurus Jul 14 2011 replied:

That is correct jimmynunchucks. At least for our mod who has not access to any modificated code that would allow such things as seamless open worlds.

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ZitaX Jul 12 2011 says:


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EliteAssassin Jul 12 2011 says:

Woah! I din't even know source could look this good!

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spaqin Jul 13 2011 says:

Lowres ground textures. *pukes*

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taurusaurus Jul 13 2011 replied:

@spaqin: What you refer to as low res texture is actually HL2 default 512x512. We got larger ones too but in special cases. 512 isn't really that low-res btw, but when you start using it for displacements that get stretched horizontally or vertically then they appear to be more low-res than they actually are. Also I can use overlays to cover up some areas to add more detail while letting vegetation covered areas be at the default resolution.
I of-course also prefer high resolution in the end but how it impacts performance I don't know (I think large normalmapped surfaces could steal quite a lot performance). I'll see if we can update those too later.

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NocturnalNorwegian Jul 13 2011 says:

This looks brilliant, best of luck with your mod. Certainly a game I'd play. Might even donate if there is such an option after it's released :]

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Croco15 Jul 16 2011 replied:

I agree, I love this mod so much.

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Ennui Jul 13 2011 says:

Some of the best outdoor mapping I've ever seen with Source! I have to wonder how it runs though :P I'm guessing you had to optimize the crap out of it.

Great custom content though. Good news post, lots of progress in every area!

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jerry111 Jul 14 2011 says:


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morganio Jul 14 2011 says:

and me who thought the source engine sucked xD

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thecuteturtle Jul 14 2011 says:

Quality haxorz!

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Tempest_Wales Jul 15 2011 says:

Is this a Crysis mod or a Half Life 2? I just can't tell! Good job!

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WStudios Jul 18 2011 says:

Holy ****! This is Crysis xD

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FPSNation Oct 8 2011 says:

Good god... this is beautiful. You guys are artists. Congratulate yourselves because this mod is a work of art. I can't wait for this mod. I've played Trespasser... Trespasser is **** compared to this! And so is that new Telltale Jurassic Park game coming out... which is just an ******* quick-time event. But THIS? This is beautiful... You guys have taken my breath away and... I think I'm going to **** myself when I encounter the T-Rex in first-person! XD

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Croco15 Jan 2 2013 says:

Man, I want this mod. Awesome environments.

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