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Programmers (724 votes)


Modelers/Animators (3D artists) (345 votes)


Texture/GUI/2D artists (100 votes)


Team leaders (58 votes)


Composers (87 votes)


Writers (71 votes)


Web developers (9 votes)


Level designers (30 votes)


Beta testers (QA testers) (45 votes)


Entire dev team (371 votes)


Other(s)... (146 votes)

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TheNodCommander Sep 19 2011, 7:20am says:

Entire teams really, but 3D modelers and animators that can do the job? Ugh, a pain to find!

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[$#!T-Happens] Sep 19 2011, 8:45am replied:

when i was doing some work i found that 3d modellers were the second easiest to find out of them all... the easiest is writers, cause all it really takes is an imagination, although to be really good you need more but to be at least "talented" it doesn't take much
and to all trolls... yes I do both writing and 3d modelling

and I would say that the hardest would be Programmers and Level Designers, since (to me) coding is a head f***... and to be a talented level designer you need good Modellers, a unique vision of things and the ability to transfer that to the game... and all of which are pretty rare to find in one person

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Radu_IceMan Sep 19 2011, 2:15pm replied:

More or less, but without a programmer you're pretty screwed.

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MADNESS153 Sep 23 2011, 11:44am replied:

agreed but i would think Beta testers would be hard cuz all alot of them really wanna do is just play a new game they dont want to give feedback other than "its laggin like hell wtf?"

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Garyn Dakari
Garyn Dakari Sep 19 2011, 3:33pm replied:

Well, it depends on what engine/game you're working on.

For instance, even after a year of development on this mod:
We STILL don't have a modeler who can do characters. I assume it'd be easier to find willing modelers on things like UDK, but I don't really know.

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Maxen1416 Sep 19 2011, 7:28am says:

i would say other(game designers), because its quite hard to find a good game designer, who has rare and unique ideas for a unique game;

besides that, an Entire team :p

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masternerdguy Sep 19 2011, 7:54am replied:

I've met plenty of people full of unique ideas who are unable to implement them. It's really easy to sit down and make a list of really cool things your game will do, but its more important to be able to actually implement them in game.

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Slevo Sep 20 2011, 5:18am replied:

yeah pretty easy to find people with ideas or anything to do with games its hardest to find animators overall.. easy to find modellers.

but im a coder so i know allot of coding friends so its super easy for me to find other coders, but super hard for me to find modellers or animators. if your making a game the guy making it really should be the programmer becuase programmers kind of are the key factor in a games development and if u change coders most cases the code the other programmer did would be useless and unreadable to the new coder so you would need to start from scratch again.

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CaptainLagfail Sep 20 2011, 12:01pm replied:

Commenting and standards, anyone?

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Slevo Sep 21 2011, 1:22am replied:

you forgot to include documentation..

xD but none of us like to do it especially in a free project that u never will make money from.

I know most coders just go crazy with new ways of doing things or get lazy and use crap variable names like a1 or v2.

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masternerdguy Sep 19 2011, 7:52am says:

How can it be hard to find programmers?

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SinKing Sep 19 2011, 8:02am says:

It's hard to find programmers, because they can afford to get paid for the job. Also, UDK for example is constantly updated, so you need someone experienced to decide which core version to use and when to upgrade.

However, animators are really difficult to find, too. Because their work is quite intensive they tend to leave everything unfinished. It's always easy to find beginners of either discipline, but to find people who are experienced, can take constructive criticism and are reliable - that's a hard thing.

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Pyroinflames Sep 25 2011, 2:33pm replied:

got the same expirience over and over again =\

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Kamikazi[Uk] Sep 19 2011, 8:10am says:

Programmers is definitively the hardest people to find. I always made mods/games myself by programming as i couldn't ever find programmers so i just thought i may aswell learn it and when you learn programming you seem to find loads of programmers :D

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Dr.Worm Sep 19 2011, 12:51pm replied:

As Programmer, It's hard to find a team to work with or willing to work with me, I know Java, C#, and C++ but have no experience in making any game(big games, because I have made tic-tac-toe and pong and a ****** Java side-scroller) :(

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Dan911 Sep 19 2011, 2:44pm replied:

Make more, show work.

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SabreXT Sep 20 2011, 1:51pm replied:

This. Everyone wants 'experienced' programmers, but no one is willing to give you that experience. Making your own stuff isn't considered enough to be experienced.

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Dr.Worm Sep 20 2011, 3:38pm replied:

Yeah, it really sucks :(

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cheesemoo0 Sep 21 2011, 11:33pm replied:

It is if it is good.

Edit: @SabreXT

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Tanshaydar Sep 19 2011, 8:19am says:

Easiest to find => People with lots of ideas
Hardest to find => People that will do their job

I'm a programmer and level designer; however I have no modeling skills and I was in search for modelers; and usually they are just beginners that cannot handle the things I needed.
Programmers usually can find a paid job and don't spend time on free projects. I'm a student, so I can find some spare time for my projects.
But personally, I think it's hardest part for a team to find a decent modeler/animator.

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romanius24 Sep 19 2011, 8:27am says:

programers aka coders

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ModMage Sep 19 2011, 8:39am says:

I wouldn't be surprised if there were far less programmers then say level designers or modelers. Compared to designing and writing, programming doesn't give you much of a chance to express your creative side, which Is why I believe less people choose the path of learning how to script and program.

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SteveUK Sep 21 2011, 3:42pm replied:

Not true in the slightest. While the creation of code is not always that "creative", the way you can envision your own game design and make it a reality definitely is.

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StoneCrowUK Sep 22 2011, 12:15pm replied:

i personally as a lua coder have found that its the best way to express it (in both the game design, and the way everything cooperates within your code), haha but maybe thats because my creative side has always loved code generated fractals and vectors.

i think alot of people are put of learning because its like learning a new language but being unable to do anything worthwile with it until you are fluent

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AJ_Quick Sep 19 2011, 8:58am says:

I wouldn't group 3D modelers / animators together. In my experience it's alot harder to find skilled animators than say, environment artists

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Szczekus Sep 19 2011, 9:08am says:

The entire dev team...
In our team I`m a team leader, modeler/animator, coder, 2D Artist, level designer, writer and only God knows who else.

The most annoying thing is when you`re trying to find people for your team and 99,9% don`t even give a sh*t about answering at all. And when you do find someone they won`t care anymore after you give them something to do.

Moral: It`s hard to find members for a team. Finding reliable team members is even harder. Personal experience...

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parhana Sep 19 2011, 9:13am says:

i think level designers are hard to find. not every one has the patience to sit down and create a great looking map. unless that's just me xD ?

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Spiteful_Crow Sep 19 2011, 9:20am says:

"The entire dev team" option kinda defeats the point of the poll, does it not?

I always thought programmers would be the hardest to find.

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Jokerme Sep 19 2011, 9:26am says:

Team leaders, of course. You can find someone for any job, but making them actually work is something else. Why do you think most mods don't get completed?

Leaders organize everything and they are responsible for every aspect of games/mods. If they work well, games get completed. Good or bad.

Also considering it's a really time consuming and boring job, it's understandable that actually nobody really can do it well.

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DuckSauce Sep 19 2011, 9:49am says:

I'd say Animators, from what I've been able to tell, it's a skill scarcely mastered, as opposed to others. But I could be wrong, but from my experience, not many people are good animators and the ones that are good are employed somewhere.

There are plenty of programmers to find, good ones that you can actually lure into joining you are perhaps also scarce, but there are at least more programmers, so I'd put that second.

Team Leaders... I never liked the idea of someone else but the person who started the project lead the project, but yes it's also a hard position to fill if it needs to be filled, because anyone can bark orders, but not everyone can motivate a team the right way.

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JoshZemlinsky Sep 19 2011, 10:19am says:

I'd say modeler and animators. I mean, anyone with a little understanding for words can do this. Modeling on the other hand is FAR more difficult. I dont see why the "Programmer" has the most votes.
Oh well, imo Modelers are the most hardest to find.

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Arcones Sep 19 2011, 10:25am says:

Where's the multiple choice option? (besides "The entire dev team")

Anyway... I'd say level designers (at least for the engine I'm using) are really hard to find. I'm the programmer as well so that's not a biggie, but animators and 3D modelers rank just as high, if not higher than level designers for me.

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x3nu Sep 19 2011, 11:17am says:

From what I've noticed in my two years on the site, everyone seems to be looking for programers. Everyone.

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*Don* Sep 19 2011, 11:26am says:

Programmers are the easiest to find if you know where to look (, it just depends if you want to pay them or not.

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l0p Sep 19 2011, 11:30am says:

No programmers anywhere

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Dragonlord Sep 19 2011, 11:38am says:

Artists in general. Just disappear without a trace or have other problems, not getting the job done or slaking otherwise. Getting one which can do good stuff and "sticks" to the project is a pain to find.

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SabreXT Sep 20 2011, 1:57pm replied:

This this this!

Artists are easy to find. Finding one who will actually do anything, impossible. Even the promise of money isn't enough.

In one case, I kept getting hit with excuse after excuse. Eventually he starting posting webcomics on his DA page, claimed he had made progress on the game, but when I asked to see it, he never replied to my messages. When I met him again in RL, he acted like I had never mentioned a game project to him ever.

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Brca95 Sep 19 2011, 11:55am says:

I think programmers are the hardest to find because you can't make your ideas come to life like let's say 3D artist and many people find it difficult to learn or boring or both.

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CaptainLagfail Sep 20 2011, 12:07pm replied:

I think programmers simply come in with different kinds of ideas. I'd be more a programmer than anything else (still noob, though) and when I think of game ideas it's more the mechanics I focus on. AI, etc.

I figure a game most of all has to be fun to play, and after that you can decide art direction, animation, storyline, etc.

Not saying the rest are unnecessary, they're essential, but you do get more lee-way with the art side of things than you do with coding, mainly due to the plethora of programming languages out there to master.

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awesomepossum Sep 19 2011, 12:10pm says:

Gotta love people who can only make gray models without textures or UV maps!

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Flash112 Sep 19 2011, 12:33pm says:

because its a pain in the *** to texture xD Yeah, i myself am fighting with texturing my models lol

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_Jinz_ Sep 19 2011, 1:45pm says:

The mod I'm with (2142NE) has got hundreds of models, but hardly any textures. It's a pain in the arse to find experienced texture artists willing to texture the stuff we've got to an average kind of quality.

Sometimes we do get a guy to do a job, but then they don't sign in for 4 months. It's really annoying.

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7game Sep 19 2011, 3:54pm says:

It's pain in the *** to find a good animator and texture artist...

Voted for Modelers/Animators (3D artists)

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Kaplan.994 Sep 19 2011, 5:45pm says:

I'm an animator,and besides me i know maybe 4 other STALKER COP animators.
So it's hard to find them if you want any help.Most of us have their own mods,or is helping someone on their mods.
As for the hardest member to find,that would be a scripter.
It is really hard to find a good scripter,almost impossible.
Thanks God i know a few and they are willing to help when i need something.
But it is different from game to game.
STALKER has 10 animators and modelers,and CSS has 100 of each,so it depends what game are you working on.
But still scripters are hard to find.

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unclekulikov Sep 19 2011, 7:44pm says:

Programming is a skull *%&@ to me, and i'm a reliable 2d artist, so of course programmers are the hardest to find ;)

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PurpleGaga27 Sep 19 2011, 8:08pm says:

Programmers are often hard to find as well as modelers and animators.

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wazanator Sep 19 2011, 11:27pm says:

I think the main thing that holds back game/mod development these days would have to be programmers and 3D artists. Many times you see mods on this site die simply because they could not find a programmer.

3D art is one of the most complex things I have ever seen. Not only do you have to learn how to make good looking models but you also need to know how to animate, texture, make collision models then on top of all that export it so that it works in whatever engine your working in.

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GHOST04111 Sep 20 2011, 12:44am says:

coding is a bitch i ******* hate it but i voted on programers becouse of past experince

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GHOST04111 Sep 20 2011, 12:45am says:

aanimating and 3d modeling i find quit easy but thats just me

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c4ble Sep 20 2011, 2:45am says:

Definately programmers because without a programmer most projects are pretty much screwed...although good animators and character artists are also hard to find!

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