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enkas Aug 16 2014, 10:56am says:

So basicly, it's With Fire and Sword on steroids? And I mean LOTS of steroids?

Anyways, keep up the good work, I am waiting for this.

+1 vote     mod: The Deluge
enkas Aug 16 2014, 1:07am says:

This looks amazing. But I have a thing to tell about the vehicles.

First of all, to make it more realistic and immersive, you should have to collect or buy fuel to keep your cars running. I suggest they would spend in a similar way as food is and perhaps being more rare and more expensive. And when the fuel is out, the cars should be left behind, or pulled (which would slow the walking people even more or even lower their morale)

As for helicopters, I'd say they should be ridiculously rare. Like one or two for a whole faction and for a player to get a one it would require a some sort of long chain quest. And as obvious as it may be, they'd need fuel as well.

+1 vote     media: The Reckoning: Official Trailer II
enkas Aug 10 2014, 6:36pm says:

Weird dancing skeletons? :D

Anyways, a lot of the outcomes were hilarious, while some of the later others were not as funny. I especially loved the blue knight's poking to Mario bros or his pondering about exsistance.. I also was laughing my arse off at the yellow knight's canibalism. However, the two last knigh-- Okay, red was slightly amusing, but the last (Black?) one was really pale (Oh the irony) comparing to the rest of them.

Anyways, I liked it for a few hours, was amusing, but unfortunately it doesn't have any replay value.

+1 vote     article: Don't Be Dinner Released for Windows 8.1
enkas Aug 2 2014, 12:40am says:

If possible, I'd like this custom variation of Warrior Priest's armor

+1 vote     media: Ulf Knight-Bane
enkas Jun 26 2014, 3:24am replied:

Yes, thank you very much C:

+1 vote     mod: Gekokujo
enkas Jun 22 2014, 2:29am says:

This mod is awesome... But one weird thing, one of the tavern tracks reminds me very much of an old pop song (forgot the artist and the name of the song) and I can't pay any attention to dialogue text while listening to that :D

+1 vote     mod: Gekokujo
enkas Jun 15 2014, 8:29pm says:

Not sure how it is in 1.3, but in the previous version, you were usually played as a man, while playing a female character. I mean, sure the people call you lady, but all the random things involving sex treats you as a man. For example, in the quest where I looked for wildligs, a farmgirl asked to sleep with her. After that, I got a text "You are wondering if you got her pregnant"or something like that.

+5 votes     mod: A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
enkas Jun 13 2014, 8:40pm says:

Any possibility to make him.. Well bigger?

But besides that, the armour looks amazingly realistic.

+1 vote     media: The Mountain that Rides
enkas May 15 2014, 6:25am says:

It is a really cool mod. Though it had some hilarious moments. For instance, I went to a Tomb Lord town, and since it was rich, a quote included that "The people are well fed", however, after I walked in and seen all those bony people, I wasn't convinced :D

+4 votes     mod: Warsword Conquest
enkas Apr 22 2014, 7:28am says:

Damn it... My wooden PC will catch on fire. Hopefully I will have a new one when this is released.

+1 vote     media: Destruction Prototype Test
enkas Apr 15 2014, 4:38am replied:

I am being nice. Just complimenting how sexy it was, while quoting Homer Simpson :D

+1 vote     media: Flanders
enkas Apr 11 2014, 8:31pm says:

Stupid sexy Flanders...

+2 votes     media: Flanders
enkas Feb 5 2014, 4:12pm says:

This does look cool, however, do try to get simplier gear from vanilla/tbc instead of flashy "epic" armors that don't make much sense.

Simply take inspiration from Warcraft 3 unit armors, instead of giving every footman a one-handed sword that is pretty much size of their own. If you wish, I can consult what units would certainly look good in what armor.

+2 votes     mod: Warcraft: Alliance and Horde
enkas Aug 18 2013, 8:35am says:

This pic somewhat reminds me of Venice.

+2 votes     media: Valeria Canal
enkas Aug 15 2013, 11:35am says:

Holy poop... That is simply awesome

+1 vote     media: Picture of the Week. August 11 2013
enkas Aug 10 2013, 2:45am replied:

North, not South. And no kingdom is attacked yet. They're just flocking behind the wall, where we can't go.

-1 votes     mod: A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
enkas Mar 17 2012, 6:46am says:

In fact, I was expecting something to jump out in the begining. I mean, you go across the super long and dark corridor in a horror game? So no, I was not scared at that. Though there were a lot of other things that scared me.

+3 votes     media: Cry of Fear - Scare Trailer
enkas Mar 7 2012, 12:40pm says:

Hmm. I have a bit of a problem. After I ran through that awfully long coridor, while hearing Simon's memories of his psychologist's words (?), and enter to a room with giant creepy head, and kill the zombies who bash the heads at you, and then the gate opens, corpses behind the gate rises and the game crashes for me. Any tips on that?

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
enkas Feb 25 2012, 6:17am says:

How do I get past that giant tree/hand monster in the middle of the street? O.o

+2 votes     game: Cry of Fear
enkas Jun 17 2011, 9:42am says:

Errr... Kuejin are chinese, and naginatas and kendo are japanese. Of course, in the game itself they did use katanas but still..

+1 vote     media: Kuejin - Kendoka - Naginata
enkas Apr 12 2011, 7:23am says:

Hmm... Will it also be in 1939? If yes, will you also get new clothes into this mod?

+1 vote     mod: GTA Lost Heaven
enkas Aug 8 2010, 1:00pm says:

actually... it looks like a meadow with lots of stumps >.>

+2 votes     media: Huge Forest
enkas Aug 8 2010, 6:39am says:

The player models are absolutely awesome... though they need to fit the zombie-apocalypse thing... So I suggest, that you would make their clothes a bit dirty, mabye even torn, and their skin bruised. Also, on that fireman dude, you should totally remove the helmet, because it limits both hearing, and vision, so in real you won't even realize, when a zombie is munching on your arm D:

+1 vote     media: Emily
enkas Feb 5 2010, 6:53am says:

seems this will be a paradise for roleplayers ^^

+1 vote     game: MyWorld: Cerria
enkas Jun 15 2009, 4:53am says:

wait, georgians didn't attacked russia

+2 votes     mod: Georgian Conflict
enkas Apr 23 2009, 10:58am says:

oh and i also love the ceiling

0 votes     media: Changing Rooms
enkas Apr 23 2009, 10:57am says:

WOW, everything looks so realistic, expecialy the lighting

0 votes     media: Changing Rooms
enkas Apr 17 2009, 11:15am says:

WOW!!, so detailed, i cant wait to play this

+1 vote     media: Grayscale TEST
enkas Apr 7 2009, 1:38pm says:

oh finaly some news

+1 vote     media: Land of Legends New NPCs
enkas Apr 1 2009, 9:50am says:

hmmm, seems like a nise rpg mod, tracking

+3 votes     mod: Dark Age
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