Warsword Conquest Beta

Link to mod download and bug fix

This mod has been a labour of love with most of the work only done by two people me and my co modder and good friend Nameless Warrior,we have shead blood, sweat and tears on this mod with thousands of hours going into it, lots and lots of late nights and lots of coffee.

I would specially like to thank mine and Nameless Warriors families for their patience, understanding and giving us the time to do the mod.

We being a small team have not had a lot of testing opportunity and this is just a beta so there may be bugs and issues within the modif you find any either pm Me or Nameless warrior on moddb or taleworlds forum and we will make a big fix as soon as we can.

I hope you enjoy playing our mod.

Warsword Conquest is a total conversion of warbands mount and blade 1.153 based on the warhammer fantasy world by Games workshop.

The main features of the mod are as follows. 13 factions to join or fight these are :-
Empire, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Badlands Goblins, Pirates, Orc, Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Chaos,
Dark Elves, High Elves, Araby and Skaven.
Every faction has tons of new armours, items, mounts which you can buy from merchants.
Each faction has its own troop types and lords which are close to their warhammer armies.

Big monsters to hire or fight including Trolls, Ratogres, Ogres, kroxigors and Ushabti. The ability to become a player character of every faction race in the game.
All new character creation system, bring a warhammer background to your character.
Item Race Restrictions, Player can only wear items which relate to their race.
The player has the chance to obtain magical weapons and armour for themselves.

New map of the old world.
Start on map straight away no starting fight or mission.
Visit, destroy or take over a total of 33 Towns, 58 castles, 138 villages.
All new bandits including Beastmen, Night Goblins and Undead.
Large bandit armies of renegade mercenaries and night goblins on the map.

More than twice the number of bandit parties. Factionalized merchants now sell race related items.
Factionalized mercenaries, each faction will have a pool of different mercenaries to hire.
All new mercenaries including Ogre Leadbelcher, Alcatani Fellowship, Braganzas Besieger, Tichi Huichi Raiders, Mengils Manflayer, Night Goblins, Witch Elves and many more.
28 new companions to hire.
Sell prisoners to tavernkeeper.

Revamped tournaments with special tournament characters and teams. Faction patrols around their lands.
Each town and village has correct walkers for faction.
Factionalized Farmers and village defenders, now correct for faction
Villages now produce recruits of owner faction and changes recruit type when taken over.
All new scenes to bring the warhammer world alive.
Ablity to change player kingdom troop race when you own a kingdom. Join any battle and choose what side to fight on.

Freelancer mod, join a lords army.
Death cam and battle continues.
Sea Battles and Sea Bandits.
Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment.
Troop Formations.

And much more.

A very BIG thank you to Games Workshop for making such a great Fantasy setting.

Warhammer online and Mark of Chaos PC games for model ideas etc and hours of fun playing time.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporter Forum for all the great Warhammer Army Books (fan made & unofficial).

Featuring Music by nox arcana


Thank you to all if I have missed someone I am very sorry please pm me and I will add you to the credits.
Warsword Conquest Team
Nameless Warrior
Count of Flanders

Contributors and all those who have worked with me on Warsword or Warsword Conquest in the past or helped us out.
Captain Melon
Draegor Redfields
Emperor Milton
Berserker Pride
Crossbow Joe

Thank you to all of the modders of Taleworlds and mount & blade for models, osp packs and coding etc,
Big thanks to the TLD team for making their mod OSP it has been very helpful to us.
Caba'drin Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment
Motomataru Formation coding
Ruthven, Caba'drin and Duh for Sea Battles
Trade Goods Mod by Lav
Freelancer Mod by taragoth, Caba'drin, Duh, Sunhawken, Monnikje, Sayd Ûthman and Swordyke
MadVader, Caba'drin and kt0 for after death cam and battle continues
Delzaros for UI Pack
Veleran for troll
Bloc for Northerner Horses
TES4-OSP-Weapons by Nexxon
items and armour from Age of False Innocence by Shredzorz
Wheene and Nema for original base orc models from the daydream mod.
Nema and team for daydream weapons pack
Highlander for boar mount
Barfs Skeletons and Skeleton mount
Spak OSP_Items pack and rigging some models for us.
zombies heads,Ogre body,skull masks,skin shields by -IYI-O-R-T-
lots of banners from Requests for custom banners and The Hall of Heraldry topics thanks all of the banner makers there.
Narf's Plate Armour Pack
Narf's Men at arms pack
Flintlock Firearms OSP by Llew
CounterPoint391 for the shurikens and Coloured Lances
Faradons item pack
All from the communityhelms team.
Runico for special weapons models etc
Lui for Swords osp
Ficus's Roman Pack osp
some coding for hand cannon, camel and textures etc from Blood_and_Steel by xenoargh
Some orc banner art by Sumicus
Sonyer's item pack thanks to Sonyer, Narf , rgcotl , sumskilz , Sarrie
Njunja osp pack
Goat from Brytenwalda mod
dog model from 3dmodelfree.com
Count of Flanders added credits
CD Projekt's and LordOfWar for empire helmets
Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets
Mr. Dave empire hats

Horla added credits
- Emanuel Palalic for his Tomb Kings props
- Piotr Stepnicki for his High Elves props
- ThaneWulfgharn for his Empire buildings and Dark Elves buildings meshes
- AlMansur for his french buildings for the Empire and some medieval props
- 15th_century_weapons by Shredzorz
- ado's fantasy_scene_props
- the TLD team for their props, amazing coding and inspiration
- the 16th Century mod team for their Aztec props and scenes
- Galloper on the TWC forums for his ready-to-use pack of voices from Mark of Chaos
- James Dillon for his incredible work on the Skaven scenes, Mousillon and some others
- Gorgutz for his dedicated work on the Orc scenes
- Kazzan for his Empire scenes and Orc camp

Our thread for this mod with more info can be found here

Warsword Disclaimer
This mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.The Chaos devices, the Chaos logo, Citadel, Citadel Device, the Double-Headed/Imperial Eagle device, 'Eavy Metal, Forge World, Games Workshop, Games Workshop logo, Golden Demon, Great Unclean One, the Hammer of Sigmar logo, Horned Rat logo, Keeper of Secrets, Khemri, Khorne, Lord of Change, Nurgle, Skaven, the Skaven symbol devices, Slaanesh, Tomb Kings, Trio of Warriors, Twin Tailed Comet Logo, Tzeentch, Warhammer, Warhammer Online, Warhammer World logo, White Dwarf, the White Dwarf logo, and all associated marks, names, races, race insignia, characters, vehicles, locations, units, illustrations and images from the Warhammer world are either ®, TM and/or © Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2010, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Sub mods
Rebalance submod by Shishman

Sub mod rules

You must contact either Me or Nameless Warrior for permission to release a sub mod and send a list of the changes you have made in your sub mod.

All of the Warsword Conquest resources including models, textures, scenes and anything else the team has made for the mod can only be used for a sub mod of Warsword Conquest and any sub mods must be connected to the warhammer world.

You must have a link to Warsword conquest on your opening page and state that it is a sub mod for Warsword conquest.

Please do not ask for the module system as we will not be releasing it.

Remember to always give appropriate credit to all those who made Warsword Conquest and any OSP we have used as well as any OSP you have added yourself.

Any models or changes made in a sub mod can be put into the main Warsword Conquest mod by us, we will contact you and give you credit of course.

Please note: We are unable to help with the creation of sub mods as we have limited time to mod ourselves.

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Greetings warsword fans


As of now I have received one of the two remaining model packages which has fixed all the armours which have been giving us trouble for so long. As well as the last remaining new model pack a few small model issues are appearing here and there in testing but fixes are on the way, many thanks to Del for finding the time to help out.

Testing continues but nothing of real consequence found so far. I will post another update once the remaining issues are dealt with.


So far the new combat skills have been well received although some players have expressed uncertainty about the dodge skill and why it is in. First of all it allows us to make more lore friendly troops. In the past I have had no choice but to give high level troops an unrealistic amount of armour or give a piece of armour an unrealistically high armour value just so high level troops are tough enough in the battle to justify their cost. This allows us to create an assassin with really light armour value as they should but also have the right level of survivability. Now it will take roughly 3 hits to kill a black orc boss with a quality weapon through the armour, health and ignore pain, and similarly it will roughly take 3 hits to kill the dark elf assassin; the first two will be dodged and the last will kill it in one. When you read the first announcement of the changelog you will further see why this aspect was very important.

Another reason it is in is that it is a big help to the ai. The player can move out of the way at times but the warband ai is almost programmed to chest bump the opponent and they will try and get in close and sometimes just walk into blows. This dodge simulates the more nimble troops moving away even if they actually cannot. Dodge has only been given to those troops who you would expect to be able to dodge and even if the lack of a dodging animation is not entirely realistic it will not be unrealistic to think ‘that ninja dodged my attack’. Once you know who dodges and how likely they are to dodge you can account for that in your decision making as a commander and a fighter. Like I have said before the troops with an excellent chance of dodge are few and far between.

It also helps the player when being rushed down in certain situations and cannot move well and if you want to be a naked barbarian with a massive 2 handed sword then dodge will allow you to do that and not die so quickly.

Give it a go, if you don’t like it then you can toggle off the combat skills in the camp menu although doing so will nerf the strength of some factions, especially the one I am about to mention.

A late arrival

I am happy to announce that the Wood Elves are in the next release and are fighting to preserve the sanctity of the Forest of Loren against the hordes of skaven and beastmen who long to raise it to the ground through plague and destruction.

An experienced modeller called articcactus has been working for the team and he has created enough models for us to have a fully working faction. Not every model has been completed, a few armours are still from the old warsword, a mount needs to be made and the Treemen will have to come later but the vast majority of the models are new and the remaining ones will appear in later patches/updates.

The faction itself is armoured a bit more lightly than the other elven factions and their dodge chance is higher. The importance of dodge for them comes from the fact that their best troops are the wardancer, blade singer, wild rider and wild hunter. These troops have no body armour value whatsoever (head armour on the wild riders and wild hunters and slight leg armour on each is all they have) but their dodge value and 6+ ward save each means they can survive to cause the same amount of damage as you could expect troops of their level to cause in other factions.

Switching off the combat skills will destroy the ability of wood elves to fight effectively on the battlefield. This is pretty much exclusive to the wood elves; other factions would suffer a bit with them turned off of but not to any real extent.

Note: Just in case anyone wonders if adding the wood elves is what the delay was actually all about that was not the case. The wood elves were ready 6 weeks ago, it is other models which have been the problem. The delay has allowed us to add them in though which is a very good consequence.

Faction by Faction Focus


Completely new models from Furok and the Grim age team. There is a new rifle troop after the sharpshooter, the ever dependable Ferlangen Fireloque which is a vital new tool in the war against Chaos. The new armours have led to an increase in the armour value of mid level troops and the warrior priests get a ward save and a chance to heal from Sigmar’s blessing making them without a doubt one of the best troops in the mod.

Explore some new towns as well.


Those who have played before know the power of the dwarves and it will be no surprise that they have been nerfed although they are still a top tier faction without a doubt. The Slayers have a reducution in armour but they get ignore pain, mighty blow and unbreakable. Many other troops in the army have the unbreakable skill as well so you will not see many dwarves fleeing the battlefield. A master thunderer has been added which has an exceptional shot.

In terms of the nerfs the 8 barrel rifle is gone and is now a special weapon you can buy from the wizards. The tunnel fighter has been demoted and given a pistol and pickaxe. The ironbreakers have had their 2 handed axe removed and they now only spawn with a one handed weapon and a shield.

Some new armours and firearms are now included for the dwarf faction.

New scenes included.

High Elves:

All elves get dodge so they will instantly benefit from this but High Elves generally wear a good amount of armour so the average dodge chance within the faction is quite low. There is a new high tier troop called the dragon guard which is an excellent new defensive troop for the armies of Ulthuan. Phoenix guards also get a ward save.

There are many new armours and new scenes for the high elves as well.


All new models from Furok and the Grim age team. High tier chaos troops come with the mighty blow skill and there are new nurgle troops on the tree including the nurgle crusher which is often a decisive troop on the battlefield. The amount of cavalry has been reduced and there are new infantry troops with higher armour ratings in the lower levels of the tree. Armies of demons now patrol the chaos lands and support the mighty horde in battle.

Chaos have some new scenes to explore as well.


All the same but the higher level pirates such as the swashbuckler and the duellist have dodge.

Tomb Kings:

They have many new weapons which increase the offensive effectiveness of their troops. The new Liche Priest and High Liche Priest throw balls of black death which weaken and kill all those who get caught up in the darkness. A new crossbow troop has also been added at the end of the ranged line. They are now a trickier foe than they were previously. Mummies have a regeneration chance. All undead is unbreakable.

Khemri has been turned into an original scene by Jargon Darot.


Lizardmen Saurus have new models but in terms of the troops nothing has changed apart from a swap in position on the tree for some troops. The removal of the mercenary bandits means that lizardman lords are not caught in an attrition battle in their own lands and with new neighbours as well you will now see some real campaigns if you want to play as them. Saurus troops are unbreakable.

More new scenes have been added for the lizardmen.

Night Goblins:

The night goblins have been moved from bandits and mercenaries and are now represent the main goblin faction on the map. They have new models, armours and new tree of diverse troops including squig, wolf and spider cavalry. They have great shock troops that can be extremely effective under a good commander and their trolls have been given the chance to regenerate in battle.

New goblin scenes to discover as well, including a large and exciting tournament arena.


Araby have lots of new armours and weapons which give some of their lower tier troops a nice armour boost. Assassin, hashassins and the corsair troops get dodge which makes them tricky opposition and they have a new shock troop, the Naffatun, which throws deadly nath grenades at the enemy lines to cause chaos before the main infantry hits.


Orcs have new armours, new weapons and some new troops which make the orc infantry a match for anyone in the mod. The black orc and berserker line get the ignore pain skill and the black orc boss gets mighty blow as well. There are more 2 handed weapons in the orc tree now and the savage orcs have been moved from the main tree into their own separate tree and are now mercenaries and patrol the orc lands supporting the main armies. Savage orcs get a ward save from their magical tattoos. Orc trolls have a regeneration chance.


Bretonnian knights are now unbreakable, have a ward save and the paladin (who is now mounted) and grail knight get a regeneration chance from the blessing of the lady. The battle pilgrim now upgrades into the pilgrim knight who fights with the infantry to replace the paladin who used to be on foot.

Dark Elves:

There are new armours for the dark elves and a few new weapons as well. They all have dodge but like the high elves most of the troops wear too much armour so their dodge chance is low. The shades, bloodshades and assassins however have an excellent dodge chance and are a very daunting prospect for any opposition commander (they go down very easily when hit). The power of the repeater crossbow has been diminished but they get an extra repeater troop in a higher tier.

Dark elves have some new scenes to explore.


Skaven have had a significant power increase for this update. Clan moulder troops get ignore pain which increases their survivability and poison wind globadiers have gone from being useless to throwing aoe poison globes which cause significant damage to those who get caught up in the toxic green smoke. Clan eshin also get dodge and with it some of the highest dodge chances in the mod. They go down in one hit but with their throwing stars and potent weapons they are bound to cause damage before they go down. Before when fighting skaven it was a case of defeating clan Skyre and then everything else is a foregone conclusion, not any more.

Skaven Jezzails jump up a couple of tiers so they are now a high level troop and some new Skyre gunner troops have been put in.

The new factions


Kislev are a combination of lightning fast lance cavalry and hard hitting infantry, supported by lots of archers and one rifle unit. Their finest weapons are the bear cavalry, the best of which are the sons of Ursun which ride heavily armoured bears and have incredible staying power.

They don’t quite have the versatility and the tools that the Empire has but if you like the commander side of mount and blade they are an excellent choice as the Kislevite war against chaos is a challenging but rewarding one.


The mighty beastmen are here and they have completely destroyed Estalia and have claimed the lands for themselves. Their armies consist of two types of troop, ungors and gors. Ungors are relatively weak and make up the lower level and archer troops. The gors are larger and tougher and they all have ignore pain which means the majority of the beastmen army has the ability to shrug off some of the damage done to them.

Beastmen cavalry consists of tuskgor riders and the highest tier troop rides the mighty razorgor. Both of these mounts are incredibly powerful and bully all the infantry they plow through; only the kislev bears, triceratops and white lions can match their sheer brutality.

The beastmen infantry is some the best in the mod. A blood curdling mix of 2 handed axes and hard hitting maces and swords. The beastmen are one of the last factions you want your armies to be in a big scrum with.

All new scenes to discover as well.


Nippon make a welcome return from the preview and have a whole new armour and weapon set courtesy of Phlpp and the Gekokujo team. They are positioned north of the lizardmen and bring some much needed conflict to that area.

Their armies suffer from the fact they have no shields but their troops are full of 2 handed weapons and are highly skilled and fast when using them. Their lower ranks are ashigaru and gunso troops and the mid to high tiers are all samurai class. The samurai class troops have dodge and unbreakable and as well as excelling with melee weapons they are also some of the best archers in the mod.

They are also supported by a firearm troop as well although it is not as reliable as the ones in other factions.

The scenes from Gekokujo have not been added at this point but we hope to do so in the future.

Vampire Counts:

This very popular faction was put in to balance the wars in the north and you will see a great mix of undead creatures on the troop tree. Zombies, ghouls, skeletons, ghosts, wraiths and wights are all present. Ghosts and banshees have dodge to simulate their ethereal presence.

The army itself is very well balanced with very competent lines of cavalry, infantry and crossbow troops. The vampire troops in the faction are quite rare but very powerful and their special troop the blood knight is one of the best, if not the best troop in the game. All vampires have dodge and all undead are unbreakable.

There is a new scene to discover as well.

Wood elves:

The wood elves have returned and now populate the forest of loren like they did in the very first warsword. They are lighter armoured than the other elf factions and have a better dodge chance (apart from a few troops) and their higher level troops (wild hunter, wild rider, wardancer and blade singer) all have no armour at all but have the best dodge chance in the mod and a ward save to balance their survivability.

Their archers are the best in the mod and their cavalry some of the fastest in the game. They rely on dodge a bit more than any other faction which makes them a bit susceptible to ranged attacks but they can hold their own and have strengths of their own they can utilise. Turning off combat skills will completely destroy their chances of being competitive on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading

Nameless Warrior

Update and new features/changelog part one

Update and new features/changelog part one

News 40 comments

Latest news concerning the new update and some of the new features of the next version.

A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

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We'd like to know the opinion of the ModDB community of the mod about an important decision we have to take.

Warsword Conquest Update January 2016

Warsword Conquest Update January 2016

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Latest update on the upcoming release and concerning some changes to the warsword team.

Warsword Conquest nominated for ModDB MOTY Award 2015

Warsword Conquest nominated for ModDB MOTY Award 2015

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A news log inherent to the MOTY votation and the search for new modelers/texturers willing to help.

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Warsword Conquest Beta

Warsword Conquest Beta

Full Version 149 comments

Warsword Conquest is a total conversion of warbands mount and blade 1.153 based on the warhammer fantasy world by Games workshop.

Warsword Conquest beta bug fix

Warsword Conquest beta bug fix

Patch 71 comments

Warsword Conquest beta bug fix do not need to download the main file again, just unzip and copy and paste over files in the warsword conquest main file.

warsword preview

warsword preview

Demo 22 comments

for people downloading some poeple had some trouble downloadingwarsword preview Made by Del

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Greetings from beyond the realm, I return with great news! Warhammer TW is on the horizon, we are nearly there boyz I mean boys(/others). Yet again I have seen myself staying home from school to play this, who ever needed school? Not Nikola Tesla, uh, wait, scratch that he went to school, anywho. My life can be wished farewell as I have warhammer TW preloaded on Steam ready to go, if this mod drops tomorrow ill be done, the last nail in the coffin, the last string to hold up the nuke that is my life falling into the dark abyss of the deepest dankest parts of the warp, may Nurgle's loving touch embrace me with a unending fun and a truly slow death so I can enjoy this. May he preserve you all, good luck my friends. We've nearly made it.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sry i ask guys but how far we are from release?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I wish they could add Altdorf Company of Honor as a mercenary unit in altdorf

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

but honetsly guys keep up to good work cant wait for this mod to be released played the beta till ive painted the map with my colour would be good to finally have some new content

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this some sort of crazy cult following where people cant post youtube links or even ask for a release date

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

It's considered bad form to ask for release dates for any mod. Do you think if they had them they'd not want to share them until you ask?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Well demanding the specific date, like 25th of may, would be kinda bad since it's hard to tell when it's done or not. But asking if it's days, weeks or months away isn't bad in my opinion. It's also not strange to wonder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

what should be considered bad is how many actually write about total war: warhammer here in the sence "omg it's almost here".. THAT is bad. I mean it's a completely different game and also it's a bit of a FU in the modders faces like "we're gonna play this instead of your game"...

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one however who mentioned being more psyched about this mod than total war ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Thank you guys so much for your hard work and for this masterpiece of a mod!

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Amazing mod. Has a really interesting setting and all the factions are just awesome. Hands down, the best mod I have ever installed for Mount & Blade.

Oct 23 2011 by Quakekill

Lowest Rated (3 agree) 3/10

Almost impossible to start. You start with almost no money, horrible weapons and armor, by yourself and surrounded by enemies. Even if your lucky enough to go to a few villages before being ambushed by dozens of enemy parties in order to recruit some villagers they are useless. Unlike in the unmodded Warband there are no small groups of bandits or thieves you can fight to level up you and your troops. All you can find is huge parties of heavily armored deserters who just kill you in seconds. Even…

Jun 19 2014 by Wesker4755

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