The Deluge is a modification which brings us into the cruel and bloody wars of the 17th century. You'll be given an opportunity to play as a various characters of those conflicts: you can choose between 7 different factions and a lot of different, historically accurate troops.

Different time period settings, factions, armours and weapons are not the only things that our mod has to offer. In The Deluge you'll find huge amount of changes and enchantments made to gameplay. We added tons of new features - some are big, some are quite small - many of which are unique and you'll not find them anywhere else.

Playable factions:

New game modes and more than 75 maps

The Deluge offers you few additional, new game modes like Invasion, Galleon Wars, Squad Leaders and Last Man Standing.

Invasion rules are simple - group of players gather in one team and try to defend their position against hordes of enemy bots, surviving as long as possible. This will require a lot of team play and planning.
Galleon Wars will let you to take part in epic naval battles, where you and your teammates will try to sunk enemy ship(s).
Squad Leaders is perfect for those, who like commanding their own groups of soldiers, giving them orders and leading them to battle.
Last Man Standing is a fight with only one victor. This mode combined with additional map scripts and tools, which we made available for map makers, can give you an ultimate "Battle Royale"/"Hunger Games" experience.

Unique soundtrack

One of many aspects which make our mod unique comparing to other M&B mods is a professional soundtrack, that was written exclusively for The Deluge by talented Sławomir Jabłoński. New music fits “the feel” of the mod perfectly and sometimes it’ll even give you the creeps.


"The Deluge" introduces advanced cannon system. It supports different cannon types of various power and range, which can be loaded with two kinds of ammunition - cannonballs, grapeshots and canisters. Cannonballs are useful when engaging enemies at long range and for environment destruction. Grapeshots are useless for long-distance combat and do little damage to structures, however, due to firing multiple projectiles and their wide spread, they are really deadly at close range. One shot of that type can take down a whole group of enemies.

Cannon system in "The Deluge", even if technically quite complicated, was being written with simplicity in mind. It meant to be as much user-friendly and as much fun to use, as possible.

Boats and Ferries

In "The Deluge" boats are fully controlled by players. Literally, you can sail wherever you want... as long as you'll stay on the water, of course. ;) Be aware though, since people in boats can be an easy pray for enemy sharpshooters or even artillery. Well placed cannon shot can sink a boat along with all the men on-board.

Ferries are much safer to take and can make good defensive positions sometimes. They're not as mobile as boats and their movement is limited by ropes, so they can sail only in two directions - from one river/lake bank to another.


While weak in direct combat, engineer can be the guardian angel to his team-mates. Thanks to his unique abilities to repair, dig and build (and destroy) stuff, he can decide the fate of the battle. He can construct wheeled shields, which can be pushed towards the enemy and protect friendly troops from enemy fire. He can repair broken cannons, he can easily destroy enemy wooden structures with his powerful axe. He can also use his shovel to dig up some heaps, build small pallisades or 'chevaux de frise' which can be used as a provisional cover.

Maps and Architecture

Action of "The Deluge" takes place in quite different setting than Warband. Therefore, you can expect to see a lot of new structures created for the mod. The feel of the world need to be changed, so it would look much more like XVII century. "The Deluge" graphic artists made many new models, to make this possible and to bring this XVII century vision to life.

Blackpowder Weapons

In "The Deluge" mod you'll find many different types of blackpowder weapons used in that history period. We bring you not only muskets, arquebuses, puffers and pistols, but also unique weaponry, such as deadly blunderbusses (which fire multiple projectiles at once), double barreled guns and some combined weapons, like sword-pistols for example.

Blackpowder weapons wouldn't be so fun to use if there were no good sound and visual effects related to it. Therefore in "The Deluge" mod you'll see a lot of new particle effects related to bullet hits and gunshots, all this supported by new sound samples. Firearm battles never have been such spectacular in M&B, trust me.

And if you're not feeling like shooting at your enemy, you can throw some stuff at them. Get a hand on few grenades and send a whole group of your enemies at once straight to theirs maker.

New Weapon Models

Shortly speaking, in "The Deluge" mod you'll find tons of new stuff, which can be used to kill your enemies in the way you like. Long and short, big and small, pointy, blunt and sharp, heavy and light, melee and ranged... We have swords, sabres, stocks, yatagans, daggers, all kinds of new bows and arrows, axes, military picks, maces, spears, lances, pikes, bardishes, bills... et caetera, et caetera. There's plenty of that, just check it out.


Heraldry was very important in XVII century Europe, so in "The Deluge" mod we greatly expanded it's meaning. We replaced all Warband banners with new, historically accurate ones. We heavily modified Native code, to add advanced heraldry support and improve it's visual in-game quality.

Seasons, Weather and Time

In "The Deluge" mod you will be able to play each multiplayer map in different weather conditions, at different times of the day (and night) and during different seasons. Not only visual effect will change, but it will also require a change to your tactics.

Weather, time and season can be changed by an admin or by a poll accepted by majority.

Animated World

World in "The Deluge" is no longer static. You'll notice that environment around you responds to current weather conditions and animate according to wind strength. This will apply not only to flora, but also to other things, like banners, tents or even window curtains.

Those are just few of features our mod has to offer. Download, check them all out by yourself... and meet us on the battlefield. ;)

For more info please visit our mod's sub-board on Taleworlds' Forums:

The Deluge Forum

Current version: 0.94 for Warband 1.168+

Mod developed by:

Other credits

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We have travelled far, my captain, and for a long time we didn't get any news from the land... But look! Can you see that?! There, on the horizon! It's coming, it's comming fast... Brace yourselves, men! Grab your guns, load the cannons and hoist the colours! Get ready for a fight! Enemy ships aproaching!...

Next The Deluge patch coming soon

Next The Deluge patch coming soon

3 years ago News 1 comment

There wasn't much going on around lately. But it's all about to change...

The Deluge 0.552 patch ready!

The Deluge 0.552 patch ready!

3 years ago News 0 comments

The Deluge 0.552 patch have been released.Check list of changes for more details.

The Deluge 0.5 released!

The Deluge 0.5 released!

3 years ago News 0 comments

The Deluge 0.5 has been released. Our servers are up and running, our website is also ready.

Servers down

Servers down

3 years ago News 0 comments

Unfortunately our servers are currently down. In few days servers should be back online.

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The Deluge 0.94 patch installer

The Deluge 0.94 patch installer

3 days ago Patch 10 comments

The Deluge 0.94 patch for Warband 1.168+. Needs to be installed on The Deluge 0.93 full version.

The Deluge 0.93 installer

The Deluge 0.93 installer

3 months ago Full Version 23 comments

The Deluge 0.93 --- full installer ----- requires Warband version 1.166 or later.

The Deluge 0.92 installer

The Deluge 0.92 installer

6 months ago Full Version 32 comments

The Deluge 0.92 --- full installer ----- requires Warband version 1.165 or later.

The Deluge 0.83 patch

The Deluge 0.83 patch

1 year ago Patch 15 comments

The 0.83 patch fixes many critical bugs and adds some cool new stuff. Read the description for full list of changes.

The Deluge 0.82 patch

The Deluge 0.82 patch

1 year ago Patch 21 comments

The 0.82 patch fixes many critical bugs and adds some cool new stuff. Read the description for full list of changes.

The Deluge 0.8 installer

The Deluge 0.8 installer

1 year ago Full Version 40 comments

The Deluge 0.8 --- full installer ----- Please launch the game using "The Deluge" desktop shortcut. For more info, check the file description.

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SoldierOFortune_PL 4hours 6mins ago says:

avast says there is virus in a folder ..

+1 vote     reply to comment Creator Nov 24 2015 says:

Added patch 0.94. It can also be downloaded (as a zip archive or exe installer) from our sub-board on official Taleworlds' forum -

+2 votes   reply to comment
Lord_McHaddish Nov 24 2015 replied:

Do we have a server up for NA? If so I will happily download it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ProDazzer_ Oct 6 2015 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
SoldierOFortune_PL Nov 25 2015 replied:

we dont want Spain , topic is ''Deluge '' not spanish war

+1 vote     reply to comment
Xamudo Nov 24 2015 replied:

Even though they didn't fight in the Deluge? Hmmm, no. Go back to history books :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
ProDazzer_ 17hours 41mins ago replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Miller786 Sep 25 2015 says:

This is what With Fire And Sword multiplayer should've been like!, highly recommend it to any blackpowder warfare fan, great attention to detail!

+2 votes     reply to comment
USADominic Sep 16 2015 says:

Please add the Kingdom of Hungary as playable faction it would suit perfectly in as there are already a few hungarian units across The Holy Roman Empire & Poland + hungarian weapons. It would be cool, there could be Horse Archer unit, leader classes, musketeers, hussar, there could also be steppe nomads as Hungarian tribes and others like that. The clothes were similar to tatar/polish clothes, I think it wouldn't be real hard to mix both and make some. Here are some pictures :

+2 votes     reply to comment
SoldierOFortune_PL Nov 25 2015 replied:

USADominic i know you asked Gabrilduro to remove nudity from tavern paintings (1860's Old America) , and i am afraid ...The Deluge author cannot add Hungarian trops because as steppe nomads they can be naked sometimes :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
USADominic Nov 26 2015 replied:

Haha noob polish

+1 vote     reply to comment
SoldierOFortune_PL 4hours 23mins ago replied:

''haha noob polish'' .....nice comment left by child :) , I am afraid you are too young play Warband , too much violence mate , try Zoo tycoon maybe

+1 vote     reply to comment
SoldierOFortune_PL 4hours 28mins ago replied:

Dominic , im polish and i am proud of it , but you are puff , maybe even punchpacker and you dont like tits , thats the problem , ask your doctor for help , take some testosteron pills and wait for first mustache and dont hide your little willy between legs , you can harm yourself :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Otto-the-Great 6hours 46mins ago replied:

At least his country is in the mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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