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.Corey. 1hour 10mins ago replied:

Yeah, they're the ship markers. Considering that 90% of Imperial ships are the same shape, we went a slightly different direction. You get a top down view of half the ship, and on the other half you get role indicators which will be documented.

The circles (really more like beveled squares) are the placeholders for the frigates. We only have the markers for the capitals and cruisers done currently, so we needed something to see where our frigates were. That won't be used for anything in the release.

+2 votes   media: Galactic Cartography
.Corey. 11hours 30mins ago replied:

Eventually we want to do maps with pre-set starting positions, however that'll be after the beta release.

+4 votes   media: Galactic Cartography
.Corey. Nov 20 2014, 9:31pm replied:

Well it happened to me, so clearly it does.

+4 votes   media: Faction Select
.Corey. Nov 20 2014, 2:56pm replied:

Supposed to just be Sovereign. That's what happens when you write stuff at 5am.

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.Corey. Nov 17 2014, 5:02pm replied:

IF you assume a baseline of ~100 techs, around 90 of them are flat upgrades that youd definitely want at some point. The rest are a split between 50/50 depending on playstyle, and stuff that is more upgrade than not while emphasizing one aspect core to the faction and minimizing one that isn't.

So, if you're a research buff you'll have no shortage of options. We just feel like this is a more interesting way than just AFK spamming every button.

+3 votes   media: Tech Screen #1 - Imperial Governance
.Corey. Nov 7 2014, 6:23pm replied:

That's fine with us

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Nov 7 2014, 3:20pm replied:

1. We haven't seen anything to make us believe that the Empire of the Hand is out of line with the other factions (except maybe the cost effectiveness of the Furions).
2. Every ability in Empire at War is absolute ****, especially the space ones. There's essentially just power to weapons, power to shields, and power to engines. Abilities in EaW are not moddable, so we can't add new ones.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Oct 30 2014, 5:54pm replied:

Balance. Tech. Units. Scenarios. Factions.

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.Corey. Oct 29 2014, 1:42am replied:

Beta = Something put out before everything is polished and finalized to get feedback and do bug fixing.
Demo = A small part of the mod to give a feel for it.

We intend to do the first release as an open beta, since it's the first time the mod will have as many people playing in as many different ways, so it's a good way to iron everything out. However, we have no intention to release any sort of demo since that would distract from working on the full mod.

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.Corey. Oct 27 2014, 1:54am replied:

Considering how common this question is, I may or may not do a small dev diary thing about it in the near future.

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.Corey. Oct 25 2014, 11:08pm replied:

We're not working on 2.2 until sometime after we release the first version of Ascendancy.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Oct 25 2014, 1:07pm replied:

You can't give units build limits in Sins, and the game is hardcoded to only allow you to build one SSD at a time. We've considered using alternate means to allow more than one at a time, but we'd have to make sure it's balanced first, and wouldn't turn into the Imperial players being able to have essentially nothing but SSDs.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Ascendancy
.Corey. Oct 24 2014, 8:13am replied:

Currently its just the Sins method; we don't see the utility in doing it the other ways.

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Ascendancy
.Corey. Oct 23 2014, 11:13am replied:

Usually its just that we're more sure of what direction we want to take something, and then that faction becomes a general testing ground.

+1 vote   media: Assuaging the Fears
.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 5:16pm replied:

****, this is free? That must be way our money back guarantee for cut content wasn't super well received....

BRB getting real job.

+18 votes   media: Assuaging the Fears
.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 5:02pm replied:

Normally that's the attitude we take. However, over the space of a few days we got about 15 comments saying the same thing between ModDB and even in the youtube comments on the trailer. I've even been getting emails about it lately.

This way, the majority of you who have been very patient and supportive get a chance to see exactly where we are in development and the high-tech way in which I manage the team, while I also get a standard copy-pasta I can just take onto any further comments. Everyone wins!

+28 votes   media: Assuaging the Fears
.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 2:40pm replied:

If the base (meaning unmodded) game doesn't run, there's nothing we can do for you, sorry. That error code usually has to do with the game itself from what I can find by googling it. You'd need to ask either steam or Petroglyph support

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Oct 20 2014, 9:45pm replied:

Does the base game run?
What do your launch options say?

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Oct 18 2014, 7:35pm replied:

If only we were a proven team which had some sort of established history of releasing our projects....

+8 votes   article: Trailer #1: The Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 16 2014, 9:40pm replied:

Thanks, we appreciate it.

We have no plans to add either the Vigil or the Victory II Frigate (of course, the Victory II Star Destroyer is in). They don't serve any purpose that isn't already filled better and more recognizably by another ship. Also, we don't want to use more memory than we have to since Sins has memory limitations and build bar space isn't unlimited. We'd much rather use that memory space to add stuff to the Hapans and Ssi-Ruuvi than add redundant ships.

We've been pretty much able to put in everything we want to. The only stuff that we'd like to put in but won't make it is stuff that's just been scheduled for later releases because of time constraints, so we're pretty happy.

+4 votes   mod: Star Wars: Ascendancy
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 2:23pm replied:

Any fleet moving in formation (as these were) both in game and in universe would make sure to coordinate movements. Its not like any of it is independent traffic.

+1 vote   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 2:22pm replied:

"Suggestions" are far below my pay grade.

+5 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 12:26am replied:

New Republic, then Empire of the Hand. The Hand's serves more than one purpose.

+9 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 14 2014, 10:59pm replied:

Dammit, I was trying to go for corny when I wrote the script... I promise I'll try harder for the New Republic and Empire of the Hand ones.

+28 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 10:53pm replied:

I don't believe so. I just used the title Jinz had it under though since he's the one who took the shot so I'd have to ask him to know if its from anything.

+1 vote   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 3:26pm replied:

No, there aren't hero units except in the flagship victory mode, and a free SSD would be too much.

+2 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 2:06pm replied:

Eventually, yeah. We're focusing on the more core aspects still, so that'll either be done very late in 1.0, or even something we hold off on until 1.1.

+4 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 2:05pm replied:

Everything is to scale. And no, we rarely if ever experience graphic-related lag, regardless of settings. The only times we've had any lag issues personally have been CPU-related when playing with 9 players on 3-4 different factions with about 150 planets (yay single-threaded stuff). I stress the "personally" bit, since we can't promise people with lower specs that they'll have the same experience, although I myself use a pretty middle-of-the-road laptop.

+4 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 12:11am replied:

That is very dependent on the era. In earlier eras, the New Republic (there are no Rebels in the mod) are far more reliant on their fighters and fighter carriers than capital ships. While the MC80B is able to stand up to an ISD, it's more as a tank and used to kill anti-fighter ships while fighters deal damage. In the later eras, the New Republic ships are pretty much the best in the game, and the Imperials have to rely on greater numbers.

Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and those vary based on the timeframe. If you try to play ever faction the same way and expect the same strengths and weaknesses, it won't go super well.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
.Corey. Oct 12 2014, 6:38pm replied:

We can't change that stuff without also changing how it works in GC, and GC is a higher priority; pretty much all AI changes in EaW except income rates and multipliers are completely disregarded by the game.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge
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