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.Corey. Feb 22 2015, 6:57am replied: +3 votes   article: 0.95 Overview
.Corey. Feb 21 2015, 8:02pm replied:

That's the point. That kind of mix has a name. Individual combinations don't, but that they exist on the same planet doesn't make it a contradiction.

+1 vote   media: Arid Oceanic
.Corey. Feb 21 2015, 2:47pm replied:

It would be if it referred to the same areas, but as you cans see the oceans and deserts occupy different areas. Technically it should be Deserts and Oceans, but that's too long for the string. Same way that Earth is an Arid Oceanic Temperate Tropical Jungle Arctic Volcanic planet.

+8 votes   media: Arid Oceanic
.Corey. Feb 10 2015, 11:08pm replied:

On this specific point its important to keep in mind, however, that it will always require some sort of additional symbol to distinguish ships. This is part of why we emphasized them and tried to use icons that would emphasize the differences instead of simply being an image of the ship in the first place; most of the distinguishing information has to come from them. In base Sins part of the reason that solely pictures works is because each ship is more distinct. In Star Wars, a lot of ships for the same faction share the same basic shape. Distinguishing an ISD, ISDII, VSD, VSD, Vindicator, and Praetor from a 30x50 side shot is more difficult than you'd think, and in our experience this aspect has caused more confusion than the achromatic aspect or symbols, however since its the "new" part it's the more obvious focal point for people to attribute confusion to.

I'm not saying you're wrong though, just that its not quite the whole story/that simple.

+4 votes   article: 0.9 Feedback Rundown
.Corey. Feb 7 2015, 12:33pm replied:

Empire of the Hand is mostly done, but the others are at 4 ships each.

+2 votes   media: The Never-Ending Cycle
.Corey. Feb 7 2015, 12:21am replied:

If it were just whenever we felt like it, it would be today. Unfortunately we need to actually make everything.

+15 votes   media: The Never-Ending Cycle
.Corey. Feb 6 2015, 10:32pm replied:

Technically the other boxes should say "Coming Later," but OzWolf and I are lazy.

+9 votes   media: The Never-Ending Cycle
.Corey. Jan 29 2015, 5:27am replied:

Yeah but the 7th sounds cooler.

+10 votes   article: Thrawn's Revenge: Unification
.Corey. Dec 29 2014, 7:55pm replied:

Eventually, maybe. We're honestly not super big fans of hero units, so what we intend to do is have them available 2 opt-in ways:

1. The flagship victory mode, in which you have one hero from the start and victory is based on them.

2. The Goa style which most mods (jncluding STA) use, although this will be done in a way that replaces the quick start option, and again, requires opting in.

+3 votes   media: Q&A With a K-Wing
.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 5:02pm replied:

Normally that's the attitude we take. However, over the space of a few days we got about 15 comments saying the same thing between ModDB and even in the youtube comments on the trailer. I've even been getting emails about it lately.

This way, the majority of you who have been very patient and supportive get a chance to see exactly where we are in development and the high-tech way in which I manage the team, while I also get a standard copy-pasta I can just take onto any further comments. Everyone wins!

+30 votes   media: Assuaging the Fears
.Corey. Oct 14 2014, 10:59pm replied:

Dammit, I was trying to go for corny when I wrote the script... I promise I'll try harder for the New Republic and Empire of the Hand ones.

+32 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 10 2014, 11:16pm replied:

It's literally always been like that; go back and check some of the ones in the movies. Its one of the two differences between the ISDI and ISDII

+5 votes   media: Imperial Bonanza
.Corey. Aug 31 2014, 9:03pm replied:

It's actually from the new Star Trek sequel.

+26 votes   media: Republic Assault
.Corey. Jul 24 2014, 7:33am replied:

The technical term "skybox" does refer to the whole thing, actually.

There are different parts to it, but neither is more "skybox" than the others. Except for maybe the actual physical cube.

+1 vote   media: Ecumenopolis Redux
.Corey. Jul 23 2014, 10:57am replied:

We haven't done anything to the skyboxes yet. This is just the only vanilla one I like, so it ends up in a lot of pictures.

+3 votes   media: Ecumenopolis Redux
.Corey. Jul 18 2014, 1:42pm replied:

We've talked about it a bit before; the three resources are Credits, Durasteel and Tibanna Gas, and the "asteroids" are refineries as opposed to direct extractors. We have the model for the Tibanna refinery done, I just haven't put it in yet.

+5 votes   media: Imperial Fleet Adjustments
.Corey. Jul 15 2014, 10:06pm replied:

Pretty much always blue in the times they ever bother to actually show them. Droidekas and that giant Gungan thing on Naboo were blue, everything in EaW/FoC was blue. When they're not blue they're usually white.

+5 votes   media: Shield Shader
.Corey. Jun 28 2014, 6:52pm replied:

Ah, yeah. I can't comment too much on direct comparisons with any other mods, however we're putting a lot of effort into optimization of 3D models and textures to reduce poly counts and file sizes, as well as taking any actions we can to reduce the load on any other aspects. It won't be perfect on launch, but it's something we're gonna pay really close attention to and do our best to optimize.

+4 votes   media: Hypervelocity Gun, Fighters, and Specialization
.Corey. Jun 28 2014, 3:07pm replied:

I'm not sure what hardcode limit you're referring to. No mods can get past hardcode limits. However, in general, we're trying to make our stuff as optimized as possible, and we're pretty happy with where we're at so far.

+3 votes   media: Hypervelocity Gun, Fighters, and Specialization
.Corey. Jun 16 2014, 8:53pm replied:

That's probably true with the Empire of the Hand. In this case, though, it's a coincidence. This is sort of how the depictions of the Strike Cruiser have evolved, from being a round bulby thingy to being a more sharp-shelled, modular design (which is more how it's described anyways)

+4 votes   media: Strike Cruiser & Lancer Updates
.Corey. May 13 2014, 6:40am replied:

We'll have a news post detailing planet types relatively thoroughly sometime closer to release, right now that kind of thing is still in flux since we began working on planet types pretty recently.

+1 vote   media: Polluted Planet Type
.Corey. May 3 2014, 12:42pm replied:

Fighters tend to be pretty useful, the problem in base Sins which this solves is that you essentially get an unlimited supply until the carrier is killed. That creates a lot of hidden power and make carriers overly valuable. Now, you now exactly what you're going to get out of a ship before the battle starts and makes you (whether you're playing with or against them) able to plan out your actions more carefully. Doing this means fighters will be limited in any given fight, and therefore also gives us room to play with power. It'll definitely need some tuning within the fleet tender abilities to make sure it works as intended, but it gives us a lot of room to work within.

+4 votes   article: Dev Diary #7: Running the Trenches
.Corey. May 1 2014, 10:38pm replied:

Not really the best place to talk about it, but we have no intention to replace the fighter models in the other mod. There'd be like 10 of them, and several of them would require animations to be made, however my 3DS Max doesn't interact well with Windows 8, which makes rigging for Empire at War hell. I'm willing to put up with it for the larger units like the Assault Frigate and BAC, but it's not worth me ripping all of my hair out for 10 meter long fighters.

+6 votes   media: Fighter Update: X-Wings
.Corey. Apr 11 2014, 3:53pm replied:

When we've done it before on the nights aimed specifically at North America, using EST as the reference has caused the least confusion and questions, so it's what we stick with.

+1 vote   media: Game Night: Impromptu Edition
.Corey. Apr 11 2014, 3:41pm replied:

People who know UTC time will likely already know what it is relative to EST and everyone else is oing to have to look it up anyways. Considering the time it's going to be at, this is pretty much only going to be North Americans, and North Americans typically just use the three main North American timezones.

+1 vote   media: Game Night: Impromptu Edition
.Corey. Feb 15 2014, 4:39pm replied:

Yeah, we've tried to do a lot of optimization to avoid that. A lot of the more recent reworks of ICW content has reduced the poly count to a fraction of what they were before (the fraction usually being 1/3rd) while still ending up looking better, so we think we're on the right track with it.

+1 vote   media: Corellian Corvette - CR90 Render
.Corey. Feb 15 2014, 4:19pm replied:

The model's certainly within the range of default Sins frigates (possibly lower) for poly count, and our skins are all smaller in filesize than the base game. It should be fine.

+2 votes   media: Corellian Corvette - CR90 Render
.Corey. Dec 31 2013, 12:59am replied:


+4 votes   media: 2.1 Release Screenshots
.Corey. Dec 30 2013, 6:38pm replied:

It's intentional, because they aren't stars, they're ice particles. We've had them in for several years now.

+3 votes   media: 2.1 Release Screenshots
.Corey. Dec 5 2013, 1:33pm replied:

That's what the other picture is. We might post a render as well.

+2 votes   media: Redone Massias
.Corey. Jul 14 2013, 12:38am replied:

What a convincing spambot! You're so on topic I almost didn't realise you're completely irrelevant to the news post! Whoever programmed this should be given a medal. I'm sure Kevin feels like a proper fool for providing you cover.

+25 votes   article: Faction Preview: Empire of the Hand
.Corey. Jun 22 2013, 4:47pm replied:

It has other dual megamasers, no anti-fighter stuff (which the Golans don't have either). Otherwise it would be a lot more versatile than it should be.

+10 votes   media: Visvia Ingame
.Corey. Jun 10 2013, 12:34pm replied:

The Eclipse was a specific flagship for one individual; because of how Sins does mirror matches, we opted for the Sovereign so there's no huge indicators to say the Remnant group is necessarily one leader's version versus the other. The Sovereign and Eclipse play more or less the same role, in any case.

+4 votes   article: Faction Preview: The Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Jun 3 2013, 3:34pm replied:

The other important thing is that my laptop is currently using an integrated chip since my real graphics card is out of commission, so these shots aren't exactly on the highest detail either.

+1 vote   media: Immobilizer-418
.Corey. Jun 2 2013, 10:20pm replied:


+3 votes   media: Immobilizer-418
.Corey. May 29 2013, 7:54pm replied:

It's effectively the "colonizer" but that word doesn't really seem right with the SW universe.

+7 votes   media: Sentinel Render
.Corey. May 29 2013, 1:11am replied:

Thanks, we appreciate it.

+2 votes   article: Quick Survey
.Corey. May 24 2013, 9:55pm replied:

We haven't started yet, so if you/other people want to join we can definitely accomodate it.

+1 vote   media: Game in 40 minutes
.Corey. May 19 2013, 10:51pm replied:

It was too excessive and would get in the way, which is counterintuitive for a support ship.

+2 votes   media: Fleet Tending
.Corey. May 19 2013, 10:02pm replied:

ISD is 1600 meters, Altor is canonically 4800 but we've scaled it down to 3400.

+1 vote   media: Fleet Tending
.Corey. Apr 22 2013, 6:50pm replied:

It's 25 minutes long, so may take some time to process.

+4 votes   media: 2.1 Preview Video: Survival Mode
.Corey. Jan 1 2013, 4:37am replied:

I know, I'm just asking what he considers pathetically small, and what his frame of reference would be for that considering all you really have to judge against is other ships

+2 votes   media: The Gathering Threat
.Corey. Dec 31 2012, 2:23pm replied:

The Sins zoom is, for our purposes, effectively unlimited (both in and out) and there's no frame of reference to compare the ships to except for each other, so what is it exactly the ships look pathetically small next to? I mean, you can see screenshots of EotH and NR fleets zoomed relatively close into them and that has just about the same frame of reference as you're ever going to have to judge their size, so do they look too big or small to you there?

+3 votes   media: The Gathering Threat
.Corey. Dec 31 2012, 2:04am replied:

What is?

0 votes   media: The Gathering Threat
.Corey. Dec 30 2012, 1:45pm replied:

The basic scale of ships is actually smaller in the mod, which has the effect of making everything else look bigger (and allowing SSDs to be their proper size without overflowing the gravity well)

+6 votes   media: The Gathering Threat
.Corey. Dec 24 2012, 7:06pm replied:

Sounds about right, more or less.

+1 vote   article: Imperial Remnant Unit List
.Corey. Dec 23 2012, 10:49pm replied:

Yeah, they both fill pretty different roles.

+3 votes   article: Imperial Remnant Unit List
.Corey. Dec 15 2012, 6:24pm replied:

Empire at War isn't actually especially moddable. Sins and EaW have similar moddability levels, however what is available for Sins fits much better with what we want to do.

+5 votes   media: Choose Your Side
.Corey. Dec 14 2012, 7:34pm replied:

Well, I'm sure one of the two dozen Clone Wars mods has done a Lucrehulk before, however this is the first time we've ever posted this model.

+21 votes   media: Top 100 - Lucrehulk Render
.Corey. Dec 7 2012, 5:54pm replied:

They're really heavy Tri-Megamasers.

+14 votes   media: Visvia Unskinned Render
.Corey. Dec 5 2012, 6:04pm replied:

Well, the "Modular" bit means it was used for different purposes. We had it as a carrier in ICW because that're areally all that's functional in EaW but in Sins there's a lot more options.

+7 votes   media: MTC Render
.Corey. Dec 2 2012, 7:02pm replied:

Kim Jong-Un...? Unless you mean King John I of England, in which case he's the one who agreed to the Magna Carta. Not a great dictator, really.

+8 votes   media: My loyalty is to the Republic. To Democracy!
.Corey. Nov 29 2012, 2:39am replied:

Not actually legal.

+5 votes   download: Imperial Civil War 2.0 Hotfix 2
.Corey. Oct 29 2012, 12:20pm replied:

I'd answer but the whole factional styles thing will be addressed more thoroughly in future updates.

+1 vote   article: Star Wars: Ascendancy Announced
.Corey. Oct 25 2012, 7:15pm replied:

I think it's about 150. We have enough to cover the major powers of the area and allow us to have multiple scenarios without having to repeat too much. Sins can support some pretty large maps so we have a few of those planned as well.

+7 votes   media: Every Battle Needs a Field
.Corey. Aug 19 2012, 11:16am replied:

We're covering roughly the same period as Imperial Civil War, our Empire at War mod covered. Basically 5ABY-24ABY (post Endor, pre Yuuzhan Vong.

+4 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
.Corey. Aug 14 2012, 2:57pm replied:

Thanks but this mission is basically all because of Smallpox. The version I had before he upgraded it was much more simplistic.

+2 votes   media: 2.0 Preview: The Katana Fleet
.Corey. Jul 23 2012, 7:23pm replied:

It'll definitely be done in August, but one of us is gone from last Saturday until August 5th, so there's just a few issues getting some files we need. The mod is essentially done, since we're in beta phase now.

+5 votes   article: 2.0 Unit List
.Corey. Jul 4 2012, 6:58pm replied:

Actually that still falls under the category of complaint; he was suggesting there was a mistake in the logo, and we corrected him.

+5 votes   media: Pentastar Alignment
.Corey. Jul 4 2012, 6:27pm replied:

Well even the name implies five stars. Nothing to do with how many points are on the star. Even then, since when does an insignia like that have to directly reflect the name? The Galactic Empire's logo is neither a galaxy nor an Empire, and Nike's logo is a checkmark.

+3 votes   media: Pentastar Alignment
.Corey. Jul 2 2012, 7:15pm replied:

As Enceladus said, this is a well-established, canon insignia. It shows up in virtually every single image in any book or other reference material talking about the Pentastar Alignment. It's impossible to look up any information in the Pentastar Alignment without seeing this image at least 4 times.

+4 votes   media: Pentastar Alignment
.Corey. Jun 8 2012, 5:07pm replied:

It's a ship with white hull plating, and the hull plating is clearly visible so I'm not sure what you mean.

+4 votes   media: Praetor II
.Corey. May 10 2012, 7:55pm replied:

Decimator's been shifted to normal small frigate role, we decided it didn't look like it fit its role.

+1 vote   media: Asdoni Render
.Corey. May 6 2012, 2:59pm replied:

We've rescaled everything for 2.0, we'll post a scaling picture at some point and if something still looks wrong to you, please tell us. As far as merging with Z3r0x, why would we? We're working on two completely different time periods.

+3 votes   article: Cleaning House
.Corey. May 6 2012, 1:29am replied:

Thank you.

+5 votes   media: Oliphant
.Corey. Apr 17 2012, 8:25pm replied:

That's part of it.

+1 vote   media: New Republic Heavy Tracker
.Corey. Apr 9 2012, 8:12am replied:

It's based on the same general design principles as the Phalanx and to a lesser extent the Kariek, which basically means General Grievous (extended hull plating covering exposed areas), the Hammerhead frigate from KOTOR, and the engines were inspired more by Battlestars.

+1 vote   media: Syndic Destroyer
.Corey. Feb 2 2012, 5:06am replied:

Thank you, but there's no chance we'd merge with RaW. For one thing, they cover two completely different timelines.

+4 votes   article: Imperial Civil War 1.3 Released
.Corey. Dec 23 2011, 11:46am replied:

The stripe is where the team colour goes, but it's defaulted to orange, normally. It's part of the actual design for a reason I don't entirely understand but the designer probably had a very good reason for it (check wookiepedia)

+3 votes   media: Redone Carrack ingame
.Corey. Dec 12 2011, 5:01pm replied:

Exactly. This kind of system usually gets a response along the lines of being exclusionary or whatever but that's entirely the point. We don't have the same kind of QA team real titles have, and for a mod to have that kind of team often kills their interest in actually playing the mod beyond one version. You burn through beta testers faster than anything else.

+2 votes   article: 1.3 Release Process
.Corey. Dec 12 2011, 1:34am replied:

Congratulations, you win points worth about as much as they are on Whose Line.

+6 votes   media: Cautiously Into the Dark
.Corey. Nov 6 2011, 11:43am replied:

The planet's been in the mod for like 5 years, this is just the new map.

+1 vote   media: Borleias
.Corey. Jul 19 2011, 6:37pm replied:

When I tried to model it it ended in a suicide attempt. It's a hard model to get right.

+1 vote   media: Covenant Dropships
.Corey. Jul 4 2011, 5:42pm replied:

We like it too, however there's a bunch of people who don't. We're not removing it altogether, we're just gonna release a small patch that removes it for people who want it gone.

+2 votes   article: Post Release
.Corey. Jun 29 2011, 10:17pm replied:

If you mean do you lose credits for killing them, then no.

+5 votes   media: Duros Civilian Model
.Corey. Jun 11 2011, 3:41am replied:

They're probably closer to 8km. The 17-19km scale is technically the canon one, but there's really no way to make that functional in EaW. You run into too many pathfinding and firing issues if they're any bigger than we have them.

+1 vote   media: Thanks for 100 Likes on Facebook
.Corey. Jun 10 2011, 8:44pm replied:

It's 227 right now, there were 85 when it started. There's been an average of about 2.7 per day, it takes an average of about 3.5 to win.

+2 votes   media: Thanks for 200 Likes on Facebook
.Corey. Jun 10 2011, 12:25am replied:

Not really. It's partly just to have a fun challengey-contest thing, but it's also a way to direct people towards our Facebook page since it's a better way for us to update more frequently on progress. On Mod Database we can really just do major updates and try to post comments, which people won't notice. But on Facebook, we could just say something short like "Finished x, you can expect y when z happens", and people will be able to see it more easily. We've posted some of the other reasons on the picture. this was announced with.

For example, in the last few minutes since the beta was released, we've had more people come to download it from the Facebook page than anywhere else, and the more people who play the beta and report what they find, the better the final version will be.

It also gives us a tool to interact and get feedback from others who aren't interested in registering on modding--specific sites, as pretty much everyone has a facebook and it's easy to just click "Like".

+1 vote   article: Imperial Civil War v1.2 Beta Released
.Corey. Jun 10 2011, 12:21am replied:

The 1.2 beta has bee released on our forums for some smaller scale testing before we release it to the public, for the first part. The second part is a Fan Challenge, where if we get 1000 Likes on Facebook by the 20th we'll *** the Yuuzhan Vong.

+1 vote   article: Imperial Civil War v1.2 Beta Released
.Corey. Jun 8 2011, 6:51pm replied:


+4 votes   media: Thanks for 100 Likes on Facebook
.Corey. Jan 9 2011, 8:58pm replied:


+2 votes   media: The Tector-class Returns
.Corey. Dec 22 2010, 10:51pm replied:

AI is fixed, every single space map, planet texture and spacedome has been redone, SSD has been tweaked, Phalanx, Chaf, ISD, Dominator, Song of War, Knight Hammer, E-Wing and Syca bomber have all been redone, Furion and Scarsiss fighters have been added to EotH, Tector and A9 to Imperial Remnant, Defender starfighter to New Republic and Nova and Miy'til bomber have been added to the Hapans, as well as several dozen other minor changes.

This was all listed in the topic linked to in the news post, did you read it?

+7 votes   article: Imperial Civil War 1.1 Closed Beta Released
.Corey. Dec 9 2010, 3:38pm replied:

It's an edited version of the Executor skin from FoC.

+1 vote   media: Redone Dominator
.Corey. Nov 23 2010, 9:37am replied:

We've been trying to name it.

+1 vote   media: Galactic Travels
.Corey. Nov 16 2010, 5:23pm replied:

You can vote for more than one mod.

+5 votes   media: Miy'til and Shameless Advertising
.Corey. Oct 10 2009, 8:40pm replied:

The FX mod started as part of Thrawn's Revenge. Codeuser has done more stuff for us since giving the FX mod to Filo, so these explosions are completely new.

+1 vote   media: Strike Cruiser
.Corey. Sep 20 2009, 12:38pm replied:


+1 vote   media: ICW Ingame Screens
.Corey. Aug 3 2009, 8:38pm replied:

Two EotH vehicles.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Civil War Screens Set 2
.Corey. Aug 3 2009, 2:49pm replied:

That's not the Vengeance... It's the Chaf-Class, an EotH ship.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Civil War Screens Set 2
.Corey. Jul 24 2009, 9:00am replied:

Naboo is temperate with some smallish cities with very distinct buildings, Coruscant is a single huge city... There's no way that looks like Naboo more than Coruscant.

+1 vote   article: July Update
.Corey. Jun 10 2009, 3:12pm replied:

That's what this is, however I think the ones in Rogue Squadron were the big versions, these are the smaller variants.

+1 vote   media: XR-85
.Corey. Feb 11 2009, 3:03pm replied:

Seeing as it spans from right after Endor to right before the Vong invaded, we have a few choices for lightsaber colours for him. It'll most likely end up being the least common one among the other jedi heroes/units.

+1 vote   media: Luke, Cilghal and Kyle
.Corey. Sep 12 2008, 6:53pm replied:

That's it in the standard desktop size...

+1 vote   media: Splash Screen
.Corey. Jul 29 2008, 9:29pm replied:

The jetpacks were added to the model by mistake, they have since been removed.

+1 vote   media: ARC Leiutenant
.Corey. Jun 12 2008, 4:13pm replied:

The NR one was the V-Wing airspeeder. They are completely different.

+1 vote   media: V-Wing
.Corey. May 27 2008, 3:02pm replied:

Those are Empire of the Hand ships, which is basically a splinter group of Chiss and Imperials run by Thrawn. They're in the Hand of Thrawn Duology.

+1 vote   media: Chaf Destroyer and Dual Masers
.Corey. Jan 23 2008, 8:19pm says:

Nice update guys. However, you may want to fix the link. You forgot the e in line.

+1 vote   article: Back to the Beat
.Corey. Dec 17 2007, 3:07pm replied:

The skins for Empire at War are typically 512 x 512, any larger causes a bit of lag. We bump it up to 1024 for some larger ships though.

+1 vote   article: December Update Part 1
.Corey. Dec 4 2007, 7:39pm replied:

What is the problem with rars?

+1 vote   download: Fall of the Republic: Minimod
.Corey. May 22 2007, 7:19pm says:

Development is going well, we have reached beta stage with our Part One minimod. We have one skinner and two mappers though, so that part is going slowly.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Oct 21 2014, 2:40pm replied:

If the base (meaning unmodded) game doesn't run, there's nothing we can do for you, sorry. That error code usually has to do with the game itself from what I can find by googling it. You'd need to ask either steam or Petroglyph support

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Oct 20 2014, 9:45pm replied:

Does the base game run?
What do your launch options say?

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Oct 18 2014, 7:35pm replied:

If only we were a proven team which had some sort of established history of releasing our projects....

+10 votes   article: Trailer #1: The Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 16 2014, 9:40pm replied:

Thanks, we appreciate it.

We have no plans to add either the Vigil or the Victory II Frigate (of course, the Victory II Star Destroyer is in). They don't serve any purpose that isn't already filled better and more recognizably by another ship. Also, we don't want to use more memory than we have to since Sins has memory limitations and build bar space isn't unlimited. We'd much rather use that memory space to add stuff to the Hapans and Ssi-Ruuvi than add redundant ships.

We've been pretty much able to put in everything we want to. The only stuff that we'd like to put in but won't make it is stuff that's just been scheduled for later releases because of time constraints, so we're pretty happy.

+4 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 2:23pm replied:

Any fleet moving in formation (as these were) both in game and in universe would make sure to coordinate movements. Its not like any of it is independent traffic.

+3 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 2:22pm replied:

"Suggestions" are far below my pay grade.

+6 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 15 2014, 12:26am replied:

New Republic, then Empire of the Hand. The Hand's serves more than one purpose.

+10 votes   media: Trailer: Imperial Remnant
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 10:53pm replied:

I don't believe so. I just used the title Jinz had it under though since he's the one who took the shot so I'd have to ask him to know if its from anything.

+1 vote   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 3:26pm replied:

No, there aren't hero units except in the flagship victory mode, and a free SSD would be too much.

+2 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 2:06pm replied:

Eventually, yeah. We're focusing on the more core aspects still, so that'll either be done very late in 1.0, or even something we hold off on until 1.1.

+4 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 2:05pm replied:

Everything is to scale. And no, we rarely if ever experience graphic-related lag, regardless of settings. The only times we've had any lag issues personally have been CPU-related when playing with 9 players on 3-4 different factions with about 150 planets (yay single-threaded stuff). I stress the "personally" bit, since we can't promise people with lower specs that they'll have the same experience, although I myself use a pretty middle-of-the-road laptop.

+5 votes   media: This is How Space Junk is Born
.Corey. Oct 13 2014, 12:11am replied:

That is very dependent on the era. In earlier eras, the New Republic (there are no Rebels in the mod) are far more reliant on their fighters and fighter carriers than capital ships. While the MC80B is able to stand up to an ISD, it's more as a tank and used to kill anti-fighter ships while fighters deal damage. In the later eras, the New Republic ships are pretty much the best in the game, and the Imperials have to rely on greater numbers.

Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and those vary based on the timeframe. If you try to play ever faction the same way and expect the same strengths and weaknesses, it won't go super well.

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.Corey. Oct 12 2014, 6:38pm replied:

We can't change that stuff without also changing how it works in GC, and GC is a higher priority; pretty much all AI changes in EaW except income rates and multipliers are completely disregarded by the game.

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.Corey. Oct 12 2014, 6:37pm replied:

Go into Data/Text and change MAstertextfile_English.dat to MAstertextfile_German.dat

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.Corey. Sep 28 2014, 5:28pm replied:


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.Corey. Sep 13 2014, 2:20pm replied:

I'm sorry if I ever gave the impression that I wanted to make people happy, that was never my intention.

As for the trailer, no more teaser images or it'll spoil it. We'll post it as soon as we're done the dubstep remix.

+10 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
.Corey. Sep 11 2014, 7:13pm replied:

I think the common community sentiment is that they would not mind if the mod were released right now. Unfortunately, the sooner we release it the less time I get to spend playing my secretly-completed build and laughing at everyone.

+10 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
.Corey. Sep 5 2014, 5:08pm replied:

2.2 won't be finished until after we finish the first version of Ascendancy.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Sep 4 2014, 11:19pm replied:

What bug?

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Sep 4 2014, 11:19pm replied:

Where do you have it installed to?

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
.Corey. Sep 4 2014, 8:59pm replied:

You're fired.

+14 votes   media: Trailer Teaser
.Corey. Sep 4 2014, 8:13pm replied:

Just to make sure nobody misunderstands, he's referring to the trailer coming out within the week, not the mod itself.

+11 votes   media: Trailer Teaser
.Corey. Aug 29 2014, 9:44am replied:

Technically you could say it's more realistic because there was a sun there and therefore it's realistic to have the sun sitting there, but you could say the exact same thing about actual planets; there are technically thousands more than we could ever hope to add in in any scenario. The goal is to pick the things that would have the most impact in a given scenario, and the things that would actually be relevant to commanders and political entities in Star Wars, and there's never a case where having Malastare and its sun is a better representation of the Star Wars galaxy than having Malastare and whatever planet would have to be removed in order to put its sun in.

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.Corey. Aug 29 2014, 9:36am replied:

There will only be one "Star" per scenario, and it'll be the black hole at the center of the galaxy. We have absolutely no intention to try to put in a different star for every system and make them actual stars; for one thing, it would double the amount of objects per scenario and mean we can only have half as many actual planets, and that half of them (the stars) wouldn't really serve any purpose except to sit there and force people to not be able to jump directly to planets (is it more interesting or useful to have 100 planets, or 50 planets and have two planets for every planet).

It isn't more realistic, either; nobody ever cared about the actual stars in Star Wars, all that mattered were the planets, except with the Sun Crusher. You can't even really DO anything with them, they're uncontrollable and would just take up space. The AI in Sins is awful at dealing with multi-star scenarios as it is, so can you imagine making them have to deal with like 50? Which would, incidentally, also essentially become the maximum number of actual planets since when you go over 100 you start to see performance issues and half of that is now non-interactive stars. It also means everything is a travel node, so you can get anywhere from anywhere which removes a huge crucial element of the strategy to Sins, and instead of removing one of the most toxic and frustrating mechanics of the vanilla game, the Vasari insta-travel crap that essentially renders any defense moot, becomes the norm.

In future releases we may add a Gas Giant planet type that also has a colonizeable moon, but usually for those we just use the moon itself for that planet (ie Yavin IV) since having the gas giant is kind of pointless. We tend to use the Gas Giant planet type only for planets like Pesitiin or Bespin, where the only thing of note was the Gas Giant itself and there wasn't actually a planet or moon that was known to be colonized.

+5 votes   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
.Corey. Aug 28 2014, 1:09am replied:

Shree and Wurrif classes. As the name implies, they're some of the main combat ships of the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium.

Since the Ssi-Ruuvi get their energy from entechment, we thought we'd give them their own unique turbolaser and shield colours, so I went with purple.

+9 votes   media: Ssi Strike
.Corey. Aug 27 2014, 11:53pm replied:

DoV didn't have the resources to finish, and was never super far into development. We're essentially in beta; the majority of what's left is finishing up some tech trees and abilities, plus icons and a bit of polish. Very different situations.

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.Corey. Aug 26 2014, 2:40pm replied:

Safe bet.

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