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CustomCharacter Feb 10 2010 says:

They look awesome. I'm looking forward to use them. :D

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Dual Sawn-off Shotguns!
CustomCharacter Jan 11 2010 says:

I've been watching this for close to a year now (April, I think. Just in time for 0.4)

And dammit, ever since the first news of this I've been DYING to play it. *is bouncing up and down with glee*

What's holding it up? I (and I'm sure many other people) wanna play RIGHT NOW. >:D

+1 vote   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
CustomCharacter Dec 23 2009 says:

Awesome. I love Haiku.

The clock is ticking,
One is about to escape...
It's never over!

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
CustomCharacter Oct 30 2009 says:

Holy crap!

It looks like Source!

+1 vote   media: Three little birds
CustomCharacter Oct 20 2009 says:


Makes me want to play Harvest right now.

+1 vote   media: oc_harvest 1.35 Graphics Overhaul
CustomCharacter Oct 1 2009 says:

The only thing that irks me about this otherwise fantastic video is that one of the weapon names is the SPAS-12. It looks nothing like a SPAS-12. I hope this is just a placeholder.

I digress, it's still amazing and I look forward to playing this.

+1 vote   media: Weapon Demonstration - Created by xXx
CustomCharacter Sep 30 2009 says:

Everything looks really nice, especially that new shirt. Fantastic work.

+1 vote   media: John Comparison
CustomCharacter Sep 19 2009 replied:

By the time one thing gets repetitive another option opens.

For example, watering. You water, water water, it gets boring, but the next day there's plants you can harvest. Assuming you've been doing it with multiple people and planting plants on multiple days, you'll then have a steady source of plants to harvest. Then, when that gets boring, there's the farm, and having to feed the bullchickens and gathering the eggs. Then when that gets boring, the kitchen has most likely opened up and you can cook. And...well, I'm sure there's other options. That's as far as I've gotten in a 12 hour game.

+2 votes   media: oc_harvest introduction and overview
CustomCharacter Sep 11 2009 says:



+2 votes   media: New Wallpaper (by Eric Minaker)
CustomCharacter Jul 24 2009 says:

Are we getting hand skins along with these new weapons? :)

Looks awesome, by the way. Although a little big.

+2 votes   media: Modular Combat: Aperture's Melee Weapon
CustomCharacter Jul 17 2009 says:

Other users have already said my mature responses to the mod, so rather I will provide my more immature response.


+2 votes   mod: Research and Development
CustomCharacter Jul 15 2009 says:

I didn't know I had my own animations. :O

They're pretty damn good, too.

+2 votes   media: Custom Character Animations - (WALK CYCLE)
CustomCharacter Jun 20 2009 replied:


Hahaha...Being unable to select models is a MINOR issue?

+1 vote   news: ZombieMod: Source Mapping Contest!
CustomCharacter Jun 16 2009 says:

I'd say that you took this idea from Mortewood.

Nice model, though.

+1 vote   media: New Model WIP: The Katana
CustomCharacter Jun 11 2009 says:

Strange. I thought I beat the episode, but I don't recall this.

I beat Nightmare Mode in all three, but when I went to go teleport to the next level, expecting something that appears in this photo. But rather, the teleporter's particle effect simply disappeared, leaving an Ankh at the back, and nothing more. Curious. I'll go look at it again.

EDIT: Oh crap, that scary face thing DID do something!

+2 votes   media: Curse Screenshots
CustomCharacter Jun 11 2009 replied:

The first time I encountered him was after going into the second Red Chamber. When Nightmare Mode is activated, the Red Chamber doors open.

Also: It appears that the Wormdemon uses the Antlion Guard's AI. In fact, I think I even heard a sound from it.

Nonetheless, well done. I just finished it.

+1 vote   news: Curse episodes is released
CustomCharacter Jun 11 2009 says:

Thank you!

Although thanks for fooling me. I was scared of the Wormdemon when I first encountered him because the introduction video made it appear he kills you instantly.

+1 vote   news: Curse episodes is released
CustomCharacter Jun 6 2009 replied:

That's because it is. The SPAS-12 is the shotgun used in HL2.

+1 vote   media: spas 12
CustomCharacter Jun 3 2009 says:

Woot. I finally get to kill Antlion Guards.


+2 votes   download: Modular Combat v1.74
CustomCharacter May 28 2009 says:

You're the only mod I've seen (that I can recall) that has had more than one model for the medkits.


+2 votes   media: Usable props like keys, first aid kits
CustomCharacter May 17 2009 replied:

There's no such thing as Egyptian. Only Arabic. :P (Although I agree with you, different font for that please, if possible.)

I can't wait for this, I've been watching since the first screenshots.

0 votes   news: Curse episodes
CustomCharacter May 2 2009 says:

Dammit, that's what I was going to have happen if I ever made a mod. :(

Oh well, seeing Dec's work, I imagine it'll work really nice.
The medkit looks pretty cool, too.

+1 vote   media: Medkit's
CustomCharacter Apr 20 2009 says:

The telekinesis helps explain how the mace is able to move in inhuman ways. Great job.

+1 vote   media: ingame screenshot
CustomCharacter Apr 17 2009 says:

Thank you for finally releasing! :D

+1 vote   download: Modular Combat v1.7
CustomCharacter Apr 13 2009 says:

Look's really nice.

+1 vote   media: Hand
CustomCharacter Apr 12 2009 says:

My one problem is that the minigun always seems to split the zombies in half from the looks of it. But I imagine that's because you just got the code working and are progressing on the gibs. :P

The walking animations are amazing.

Keyboard is awesome.

As is the the teleport gun. :D

Amazing work Dec.

+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Dev Video 4 Finally!
CustomCharacter Apr 12 2009 replied:

And the thumb's front looks blocky.

+1 vote   media: Hand Update
CustomCharacter Apr 11 2009 replied:

You should have it tear in half. Just for awesomeness.

+2 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Teleport Gun!
CustomCharacter Mar 27 2009 replied:

Errm...Not really. The Source engine is a unique engine. Fallout 3 simply uses the Havok physics engine, one that almost every game uses now. The Source engine is better in a lot of different ways, too. Fallout 3's game engine is decent, but the Source engine's better.

Not to mention, the G.E.C.K. doesn't offer NEARLY as much as the Source SDK.

+1 vote   mod: Vault-Tec-Source
CustomCharacter Mar 27 2009 says:

Finally. I've been waiting for this.

Mostly because there aren't any servers to play on now. :(

+2 votes   news: What Killed Modular Combat?
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