Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative multiplayer modification set in the Half-Life 2 universe. It features a large amount of new gameplay features on all-new maps specially designed for the mod with focus on cooperative gameplay, as well as over hundred user-made maps following the same formula. In addition to that, You're able to play through vanilla Half-Life 2 all the way up to Episode 2, as well as experimental support for cooperative Half-Life: Source play.

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This is a guide to the Obsidian Conflict map oc_harvest.
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Callinstead09 Sep 17 2009 says:

THIS IS coolest thing I have ever seen in game!! I just don't know why the end of the day would kill you! Would it be possible to have a "simulated" simple day night cycle? This is still EPIC!

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Tysn Author
Tysn Sep 17 2009 replied:

The reason it kills you is just for gameplay mechanics, you can imagine it's werewolves or something ;). I've experimented with color correction for day/night but couldn't get good results, plus people on low-end computers wouldn't be able to see it so it's limited to env_fades right now. Color correction will be used for rainy weather in the 1.35 version however.

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Death8338 Sep 17 2009 says:

Will there be farming accidents like falling into the harvest bin or drowning?

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Daystranger Sep 18 2009 replied:

Dozens of them.
Already in 1.34.

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ZombieX Sep 17 2009 says:

Really nice!

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Kys Sep 18 2009 says:

Wow! This map looks epic! So many scripts and good maping! Sweet! I can't say any more.

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cW#Ravenblood Sep 18 2009 says:

thats cool!

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petemyster Sep 18 2009 says:

really great mapping though I can't help but feel it'll be really repetative and boring.

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CustomCharacter Sep 19 2009 replied:

By the time one thing gets repetitive another option opens.

For example, watering. You water, water water, it gets boring, but the next day there's plants you can harvest. Assuming you've been doing it with multiple people and planting plants on multiple days, you'll then have a steady source of plants to harvest. Then, when that gets boring, there's the farm, and having to feed the bullchickens and gathering the eggs. Then when that gets boring, the kitchen has most likely opened up and you can cook. And...well, I'm sure there's other options. That's as far as I've gotten in a 12 hour game.

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Callinstead09 Sep 19 2009 says:

I just played it and I must say the day night cycle is MAD CRAZY BAD! the night killing you is one thing but a 2 minute long day?! Everyday is like a mad rush like your life depends on it!!!

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Tysn Author
Tysn Sep 19 2009 replied:

Longer day lengths were tried way back when this map was in beta. The problem with longer days is that since things like plant growth and income in general are tied to days passing, increasing the length of the days makes it way to hard to earn cash reasonably fast. Even in the Harvest Moon games the days are only 2-3 minutes.

The short days may seem stressful when you first start playing, but as you play longer you'll begin to like them as they make for less downtime in advancing the farm's progress.

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Callinstead09 Sep 19 2009 replied:

@_@ Uhh... Maybe if night wasn't ready to rape me sideways.

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ShadowWolf93 Sep 20 2009 says:

i like the ending in this vid, becourse there is a smiley

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MadGodXD Sep 25 2009 says:

with the day/night cycle there is a problem: if daytime's too short, you find yourself stuck too far from safety but too long and your plants will never grow. i love this map but the antlion attacks keep destroying all my juniper crops :( it also gets repetitive and the few harvest servers are a bit laggy and it's annoying playing by yourself, spawning and killing metrocops merely for cash. i'll say agin i really like this map but it still does need some adjustment.

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Dan2025 Dec 21 2009 says:


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Mastix Dec 25 2009 says:


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Markrap2 Jul 18 2012 says:

realy like the song

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This is a guide to the Obsidian Conflict map oc_harvest.

Sep 17th, 2009
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