Software Developer for Symbiant Technologies, full time web developer. Mapping and modding since the days of Doom 2. Sci-fi and cyberpunk fan. My most famous map was "co_angst", the first ever combat map for Natural Selection. I have developer a useful little app called "ModMaker" for workign with the Source game engine. I am the Lead Developer for "Exterminatus - Rival Species 2" a Warhammer 40,000 mod for Source.

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Transmissions - Element 120

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

10/10 for quality and density of content, it's just a bit short.


Spherical Nightmares

Mod review

Spherical Nightmares is a very solid map pack. High quality single player levels with plenty of detail and that HL2 feel. Some puzzles, some fighting and even some unique props.

Lost a point due to the lack of apparent plot.


Resourceful Protagonist

Mod review

A nice little exploration mod, with some improvements to the stock HL2 rolled in.



Mod review

A well polished zombie mod.


Black Mesa

Mod review - 2 agree

Really terrificly hi-def mod. I might go as far as saying it surpasses Portal2 for top visual quality in the Source engine.

I throughly approved of all the changes I noticed made to the original Half-life and actually wish they had gone further (nerfing some of the jumping puzzles for example). Mixing up when and where you got certain weapons kept things nicely fresh.

It would have been nice if they could have got some more voice actors involved. All the security guards sounding exactly the same was creeping me out...

I look forward to playing the Xen chapter(s) when they finally get around to releasing it.


Swarm Keeper

Mod review

I downloaded the demo and played for hours. This has great potential for sci-fi RTS fun.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

The Stanley Parable says to me freewill is an illusion and it hammers it's point home. It's an interactive lesson about the philosophy and psychology of free will.

I'm sure this mod won't be for everyone, but as a modder interested in game design I found it very interesting and humorous. Just about as good as it can be in source without the huge resources required additional NPCs.

Frankly I never thought i'd see such a thing or enjoy the lesson so much.


Titan: XCIX

Mod review

Nice single player non-combat sci-fi mod. Somewhat reminiscent of Star Trek or Babylon 5, with a darker, more cyberpunk feel.

I did read every tablet I could find in-game. I just wish their had been a better way to get all that exposition into the game in a less text-heavy way. Finding biographies of the command staff lying around seems rather unlikely... O_o

I enjoyed Titan's the self-aware humor, deliberately poking fun at the tropes of FPS O_o

The puzzle elements were all simple enough for even me to solve on my 1st attempt. Some might say that's a bad thing, I felt like I was making progress and helping these characters out.

Some of the hallways were rather similar, if the creators added some damage/aging decals to act as landmarks might help with that and making the ship feel like the 3rd hand rust bucket the story describes. Not a big deal, but cost the review 1/10.

My biggest issue with this mod was the pacing, particularly of the dialogue. I found it to be too slowly paced for my taste. Some of the voice actors could have injected a great deal more urgency into their lines, given the ongoing emergency. The plodding pace of Titan is going to cost it another 1/10.



Mod review

Gutter Runners

Mod review
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