Spherical Nightmares is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two single-player modification. The story takes place in the Half-Life universe and you take the role as Gordon Freeman. Your journey begins in an unknown location.

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I played this a while back in a play test, and I had to admit its one of the better source mods ive played in a while. It has that old nostalgia feel to singleplayer games, where the story isn't incredibly blunt but more subtle and leaves it up to the player.

Wizard really got his own unique style of level design down, and I feel like this is just a must play, its visually great, and the combat is fun as hell.

A decent-ish mod, filled with competent gun fights, puzzles, and adequate pacing. Story starts off intriguingly but quickly fizzles out in favor of pretty much non-stop action, which is disappointing. There's some nifty set pieces, though - particularly the tram sequence. Everything else is pretty much run-of-the-mill but, as I said, competent enough.

Ended very abruptly and left me feeling very cold about the whole thing. I get the feeling you can do so much better.

Wonderful map detail and architecture.
Story and clues in this mod were interesting.
Only thing that was negative...the ending.

Great work


as a Mac gamer, it's hard to find well made games on the Source Engine, let alone ones that are longer than one or two short maps,
SN does everything well, combat, horror, a dash of mystery, while making it all look beautiful!

Though this mod is not on the same level ambition as say 1187 or Black Mesa, it makes good use of the Half Life 2 assets along with a few custom models to tell a very good story, complete with an ending! Needless to say, this mod has left me with a very good impression.

Spherical Nightmares is a very solid map pack. High quality single player levels with plenty of detail and that HL2 feel. Some puzzles, some fighting and even some unique props.

Lost a point due to the lack of apparent plot.


Its truly a unique and also atmosperic mod. Had No problems playing or installing. It wasnt all fight fight fight. Enough story and backstory to keep me interested and kept the game moving along as well.


Easily the best mod. The visuals are astonishing, there are some good puzzles and enemies are not too easy and not too hard. Highly recommended.

Good mod!

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