This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe. Each map pits Imperial Space Marines against the Tyranid swarm, competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. Latest scheduled play times and list of servers:

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Fun :D
Must play for any 40k fans

Cacnerous community, developers are apart of the problem as well and are proud of it, got harassed on steam and told to kill myself for complaining about several people who were exploiting an infinite ammo bug on the biovore, essentially making the game unplayable for the space marine team, one of which was a moderator who was abusing the bug, and the entire tyranid team trash talked and harssed me after the game for mentioning it.

Supported this mod for years but I just don't want to play a game filled with tryhard loserswho can't have fun without exploiting bugs and talking trash like they are 12 years old.

Decent mod, but an unhelpful community who only open their mouths to troll and talk **** like it's a competitive shooter. Makes MOBAs and Youtube comment sections look civil. Avoid.

I simply asked how to get ammo for the Termies stormbolter and was told "to quit acting like it's CoD", whatever that was supposed to mean. I proceeded to ask again whether I was supposed to just let myself die or if there was an ammo point or something, and didn't get an answer. Then a match later, as I was lost on a map, I was derisively told by the same person to cap a point. After telling him that I was 15 minutes into the game, and that he could spare me the trash talk, I was told again to "quit acting like it's CoD"; again, a confusing insult, but the irony being that unsolicited putdowns and trolling being exactly what I would expect from a Call of Duty match, not a game among 40k fans.

I received no advice, and considering the lack of any sort of tutorial or training mode, the only way for any new player to learn specifics is to play, or receive help. But not knowing what you're doing and then being chastised by a troll for it, is not a good first impression of a community.

Usually I'd write that off as a single bad apple not indicative of the whole, but when two other players including the lead developer jump up to defend and encourage that players volatile attitude, it just makes someone not want to even bother sticking around, just to endure more dickish behavior.

So I'll repeat what I said earlier to anyone reading this: avoid this mod, unless you want shitheel groupies at your throat for not having innate knowledge of the game before downloading it, and then have the mods creators defend them. There's no shortage of games out there more welcoming to new players.

Amazing mod! One of the few 40k fps mods out, a definite good time.

Nice mod ! Warhammer EPIC ! But very easely beta

40k is epic
this mod needs to be suported by all means necesary

I remember playing this game back i march and it was great then, I cannot wait to play the improved versions. I wish the world of this game and signed up on this site just to rate it as high as I could. I hope as many people as possible could play this game and enjoy it as much as I did. I'm jumping back in as early as I can. You have my thanks for this brilliant creation.

Mod can use improvement, as it borrows way too much material from Half-Life 2 and its episodes. But it is a fun little game for those that like FPS similar to Counter-Strike/Team Fortress/Natural Selection in the atmosphere of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise.

Only one person is working on the mod, with at least 2-3 known contributors who create/edit material for it. Updates are few and far between and most of it is for addressing bugs and balance issues.

Mod can benefit from a tutorial level or something to situate new players or else they are lost and clueless as where to go and what to do when playing for the first time.

Community is mostly members of the official steam group ( and comments and discussions can help get feedback for the mod. The group also posts events to remind players when a game is scheduled. Only 1 server as of now with a maximum of 16 player slots. The server is based in the UK. If community was larger and more proactive (demand), then the mod could get worked on and improve faster (supply). Community also overlaps with the Alfa Legion Steam group, which leads to a lot of 40k-related humor and memes.


Better than "Spacemarine"!11 Thank you guys for this mod (it's one of the best w40k games). Also I like, that you accept any advise of other players and never forget about team balance.

I don't care that it's still in beta. It works well, it plays well. It's honestly amazing... at first I questioned why it wasn't chaos vs space marines, but then again, that would be kind of generic. I mean, this way it's actually different, since you're instead fighting tyrannids, which are pretty much these dead space alien mega-insects.

At first I couldn't actually play the mod, but it turned out in the end that my SDK base 2007 was broken, and I just verified the files for the base to fix it. After that, the mod gave me no trouble.

I really wish more people played it, honestly. It's an amazing mod, but there aren't many servers running. On the bright side, it works with 2007 dedicated server, and it still has enough to be fun, but really, if you're thinking of getting it, just get it.

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