This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe. Each map pits Imperial Space Marines against the Tyranid swarm, competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. Latest scheduled play times and list of servers:

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Fun :D
Must play for any 40k fans


Amazing mod! One of the few 40k fps mods out, a definite good time.

Nice mod ! Warhammer EPIC ! But very easely beta

40k is epic
this mod needs to be suported by all means necesary


Best Warhammer 40k game I have played so far

Looks really fun to play!

It's breddy gud

Inredibly good mod for all the fans of 40k

A fantastic yet VERY underrated mod. The looks of it, the way it fills, it's clearly above recent mods, this golden masterpiece can turn into a really diamond if it gets the support it deserves.

An excellent mod! Being a huge fan of the Warhammer 40k!

It's a serious shame that there aren't many people playing this game. Max people I've ever played with is probably 10-12 people and that was 2 years ago.

Keep it alive!

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Highest Rated (4 agree) 10/10

Incredible mod I havent played it yet but im sure its good nice and warmy for the winter nights of 2010/2011

Nov 29 2010 by MatejFilaković

Lowest Rated (9 agree) 1/10

Decent mod, but an unhelpful community who only open their mouths to troll and talk shit like it's a competitive shooter. Makes MOBAs and Youtube comment sections look civil. Avoid. I simply asked how to get ammo for the Termies stormbolter and was told "to quit acting like it's CoD", whatever that was supposed to mean. I proceeded to ask again whether I was supposed to just let myself die or if there was an ammo point or something, and didn't get an answer. Then a match later, as I was lost on…

Nov 24 2013 by SnakeTheFox