Gutter Runners is a first person shooter Half-Life 2 modification that brings you face to face with your opponents in the city of Skavo and the surrounding areas. Human forces must defend the city at all costs while the stealthy rats attempt to invade. Gutter Runners was originally designed as a “fast mod” to be completed in a couple of weeks. As Mattias and Niclas continued to work on the mod they realized it could become much more than just one man and one rat. The mod began to evolve as new ideas and concepts were implemented culminating in the Gutter Runners you see here today. Now players can choose from six different classes in all and play across multiple battlegrounds. The defending human forces consist of the watchman, marksman, and assassin. While the infiltrating rat forces have access to the stalker, warlock, and defiler classes. Each class is armed with unique weapons ranging from a standard sword to a lightning shooting claw. Battles are fought on the streets, rooftops...

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Jul 31st, 2013

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May 25th, 2009

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