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bugsport Nov 28 2007, 1:44pm says:

wow, i never thought this would make the front page.
I can say that while you have your disagreements, and i laud you for them, i can see that what i write is not generally well regarded. I'm going to take a long time and actually compile a full argumentative essay style article next time, starting from the beginning and make a better case for what I say
I left out assasins creed for one reason and one reason alone. its plot disjoints instead of flows. this may be for the purpose of actual plot progression but it can not be excussed when i'm running around and then it actually and deliberately skips to a more interesting moment in the plot. but other than that it is art. oh and the fact that it is completely sequel driven
and games like breakdown, ICO and psychonauts i did not list because they are not from 2007.
ive learned my mistakes and i hope not to make them again.
also I put this damn thing through spell checker and remember that I am canadian so several spelling and a few (I actually looked this up)writing conventions are different.

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bugsport Nov 11 2007, 11:39am replied:

Explorer 7

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bugsport Nov 11 2007, 10:41am replied:

Well I went back to the post review section again and again, but the slider did not work. It works in firefox though, but not in Explorer. its a bug, i believe.

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bugsport Nov 11 2007, 8:46am says:

How do I type in a score for a review

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bugsport Sep 16 2007, 10:24pm says:

Well, you often just spam for no reason. my only problem is that you often dont even contribute anything when you do say something, just say something nonconstructive and useless.

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bugsport Aug 22 2007, 4:47pm says:

I want to test. so very, very bad

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bugsport Mar 27 2007, 5:53pm says:

love the game. cant wait for the final finished product.
just a random question though: ive read that weapons can leave permanent marks on planets, but with enough firepower (oh say about 100 users unleashing their entire nuclear payload) is it possible to destroy a planet, entirely, or just scar it into an inrecognizable hump of rubble?

+1 vote   game: Infinity: The Quest for Earth
bugsport Dec 30 2006, 5:00pm says:

appreciate the offer, man, your a real pal, but im going to try to snag one of those bitches (wii) my self.
also i have almost no real money, so i couldnt paypal you if i wanted to, all the money i have to buy the wii itself is in eb gift cards

+1 vote   member: JoeX111
bugsport Dec 28 2006, 9:56pm says:

in retrospect, it is quite funny

+1 vote   member: Jyffeh
bugsport Dec 28 2006, 9:53pm says:

thank you for being concerned jiffy, ive regained my composure now. i will no longer take any interest with what he has to say
i just have to avoid this guy till he's banned to prevent any unnecessary rage aneurisms

+2 votes   member: Jyffeh
bugsport Dec 28 2006, 9:37pm says:

im with joe, release this mod so i can bask in all its awesomeness

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bugsport Dec 3 2006, 4:57pm says:

thanks for the info about PSU
that kinda sucks about the paying though, being that it seems, from what i saw of the game, alot like guild wars
also which version do you suggest
360 or PC

+1 vote   member: Karuto
bugsport Nov 22 2006, 10:50pm says:

amazing concept art
just one question
does koshime have any tutorials?

+1 vote   game: Infinity: The Quest for Earth
bugsport Nov 20 2006, 2:38pm says:

very good review meth :)

0 votes   review: Tremulous
bugsport Nov 18 2006, 1:46pm says:

nice model
but the chest packs make him seem obeise.
you know FAT
still very goof model

+1 vote   media: Gas Masked HGrunt
bugsport Nov 12 2006, 12:37pm says:

one of the best mods ever made. Now with extra sexyness. :lol:

+1 vote   mod: Afraid of Monsters DC
bugsport Oct 22 2006, 6:55pm says:

looks kool but ill be damned if that is the ugliest character texturing ive seen in years

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bugsport Aug 2 2006, 7:02am says:

1: only i said that. and one person agreed with me
2: we know rotoscoping was used in scanner darkly. thats why i made the comparison. also the game looks like it has a bit of the visual style. that is hard for me to explain. in areas where its bright look at the environment. rotoscope mod made the game look as if some of the environments would actually fit in the movie

It was a compliment! duh

+1 vote   mod: Rotoscope Cartoon Shader
bugsport Jul 29 2006, 4:52am says:

i like the concept alot but with the winding down of morrowind for oblivion, id take you idea and transfer it to oblivion

+1 vote   mod: Vvardenfell Expanded
bugsport Aug 1 2006, 2:13pm says:

kinda reminds me of scanner darkly

+1 vote   mod: Rotoscope Cartoon Shader
bugsport Jul 13 2006, 6:16pm says:

its exclusive to windows vista and 360, thats what i read and now its confirmed. means XP users cant play it

+2 votes   game: Alan Wake
bugsport Jul 13 2006, 6:13pm says:

Christ, I heard that as a rumor. take it easy

+2 votes   game: Alan Wake
bugsport Jul 6 2006, 12:17pm says:

I hope it can be modded. remedy's other games can be modded, also theres a chance that i may become a 360 exclusive

+2 votes   game: Alan Wake
bugsport Jul 5 2006, 9:26am says:

that was a good game, and there are good mods for it,
ut 2003 is by far the worst in the series, and im quite fond of the design and style of ut 2007 (i prefer it to be less goofy than the designs from ut2003-2004)
also the game looks totally different because epic is the ones actually working alone on the game this time, whereas the previous games were co developed by a the canadian company known as digital extremes

+1 vote   game: Unreal Tournament 3
bugsport Jul 1 2006, 9:08am says:

so good
so fast
by far the most adiictive game ive ever played outside of oblivion
assault is the godliest game mode ever

+1 vote   game: Unreal Tournament 2004
bugsport Jul 1 2006, 9:04am says:

yah really

+1 vote   game: Unreal
bugsport Jun 22 2006, 8:46pm says:

concerning the rock textures it may be personal opinion but When I looked at a fairly close up screen shot (about 10 ft away from the camera) It was a really pixilated mess

+1 vote   game: Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti
bugsport Jun 20 2006, 8:00pm says:

I like it. amazing level, animal, and plant design and for the most part (95%) the texturing is really niece. but that rock texture is Fugly beyond belief. but the rock texture doesn't matter, still looking forward to it. good work, keep it up.

+1 vote   game: Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti
bugsport Mar 1 2006, 8:27pm says:

medieval 2 is coming out soon

+2 votes   game: Medieval: Total War
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