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BoredGunman Nov 14 2010 replied:

exactly :)

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Nov 14 2010 says:

Also, this is the internet. People go on to bug other people because or to talk down to others because they are being represented by an avatar (or whatever). They're probably laughing at the people who are trying to defend themselves or the mod. Unless you're within a distance that you can go and punch someone out (or can you?) that knows who you are and is testing you, don't even bother to defend yourself because posting something on a forum means nothing. I own a 12 gauge Remington Premier and have Slugs for ammunition. That doesn't mean anything to anybody, does it? Until people will realise this concept, I will continue to be entertained by this moddb page.

+3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Nov 14 2010 says:

This is actually quite entertaining considering there isnt anything else entertaining on BM's moddb page. If I want to read anything new the devs have to say I would just go to the BM forum where trolls get filtered and or banned. So really, BM's moddb page really doesnt matter anyways. People can troll all they want. If anyone wants any useful information then they can go to the forum because the flame wars here wont end. Like I said, Its actually pretty entertaining.

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Oct 18 2010 says:

Itd be kind of nice to have a choice between thirdperson and first person before starting the game in order to make it more difficult or classic. Playing without radar, however, was more than difficult enough :P

+3 votes   mod: Metal Gear Solid: Source
BoredGunman Oct 5 2010 says:

Is it me or does the wiki get more updates than we all think? Everytime i go through and check every article regarding weapons, characters, features, etc. there seems to be something changed

+4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Sep 22 2010 says:

Loved them all. The greatest thing about "Amen" and "Sunrise" is the fact that you're dealing mostly with puzzles. This definitely gets a 10 hands down.

+3 votes   mod: Halfquake Sunrise
BoredGunman Sep 19 2010 says:

will there be any way to make units stationary like sentries Or would they be pushed out of the way whenever a unit decides to take its path right through that unit?

+1 vote   media: New navigation code
BoredGunman Sep 18 2010 says:

it all comes down to playing style. I cant stand using magic because of all the hotkeying and everything so I play melee characters. If you have a strategy guide for D2: LOD, read it because there is a LOT of information that will help you succeed in beating the game with ease. My preference is the Barbarian

+2 votes   media: In-game
BoredGunman Sep 17 2010 says:

the day this comes out, rather...the week this is released, Moddb's servers will definitely be grossly overloaded

+3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Sep 13 2010 says:

i wonder if it would be possible to create a different source of income, like the capturing of money producing buildings like in red alert 2, in a map like this if it were to be used in a skirmish.

+1 vote   media: Interior Theater
BoredGunman Sep 12 2010 says:

this caught my eye IMMEDIATELY as i had never saw this mod listed on moddb before today and i'm a MGS fan, replaying them every once in a while. it did take me a while to figure out what everything means and how the camoflage meter at full allows you to run right past enemies. Very interesting. Very difficult as it should be. With quite a few tweaks and bug fixes, this could be quitte something of a MGS inspired mod.

I'd suggest fixing the animation for sneaking and walking. It really does add a negative feel since its right there right in your face as youre playing. Other than that, I like it so far :) (just made it to the tank area)

+1 vote   mod: Tactical Espionage Action
BoredGunman Sep 8 2010 says:

I wonder what bugs are being worked out now...

+5 votes   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Sep 5 2010 says:

guess all the other mods that have been compared to Duke Nukem Forever better finish up real quick

+1 vote   news: Duke Nukem Forever is Back!
BoredGunman Aug 25 2010 says:

give yourself about 5 years. after waiting 4 years for the BM:S team to finish their project recreating Half-Life, I can expect this to take quite a while since TR2 was quite long and complex to begin with. Take your time and the results will be well worth it :)

+2 votes   mod: Tomb Raider 2: Reloaded
BoredGunman Aug 3 2010 says:

looks like the map from counterstrike 1.6...cs_survivor?

+1 vote   download: Spawnable Half-Life 1 Beta Models
BoredGunman Jul 18 2010 says:

Wow! this reminds me of teamfortress 2 so much, and i think its an epic win and will make replaying wolfenstein 3d that much better :D

0 votes   media: Let's find the other chaingun!
BoredGunman Jul 12 2010 says:

although i havent really checked out the mod, the "retina" scan is supposed to show the retina, which is why the one from halflife does not look like an eye. either way, good luck with the mod, i dotn have or play crysis, but im sure youll accomplish your goals

+1 vote   media: NEW EYE TERMINAL and wall
BoredGunman Mar 6 2010 replied:

total waaaahh

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
BoredGunman Mar 5 2010 replied:

like the whole avatar depression?

+3 votes   news: Halfway there!
BoredGunman Mar 5 2010 says:

looks like the second cabin at the top of the hill

+2 votes   media: Dear Esther Level 2 Progress
BoredGunman Feb 16 2010 says:

THATS A SIC SCREENSHOT! I wish i still had interest in GTA:SA

+1 vote   download: Los Santos Police Storm Trooper
BoredGunman Feb 6 2010 replied:

thats dope

+1 vote   media: February 6th Server Stress Test
BoredGunman Jan 30 2010 says:

well...the first thing that gave me a clue was "turn of the century".

+1 vote   mod: Checkerboarded Hopes 2
BoredGunman Jan 29 2010 says:

HAH! Yeah ok...

+1 vote   poll: For the MOTY09 awards I am most excited to see...
BoredGunman Jan 28 2010 says:

this looks neat. Looks like it makes for an epic battle if you have the center taken over. I REALLY gotta get into TA again...

+1 vote   download: Metal Island Hopping
BoredGunman Jan 27 2010 says:

waiting for more servers, not down for all these TURBO J33PS!!!11!!!11111 and all of that

+2 votes   news: It's not down yet !!!
BoredGunman Jan 23 2010 replied:

lol but why would they have a nude mod on to begin with :P

0 votes   download: Clothed Sarah Lyons
BoredGunman Jan 18 2010 replied:

Multiplayer is probably good when it comes to doing a college/university project, or as a means of having a team or individuals hired on to professional companies

+2 votes   mod: Jurassic Life
BoredGunman Jan 17 2010 says:

yeah wtf's with the boner??? lol

+3 votes   media: Detail2
BoredGunman Jan 11 2010 says:

C is kinda cool cause then you know theyre crazy if theyre blind and annihilating hte entire human race

+1 vote   media: Wraith Infantry Concept
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