Tomb Raider 2: Reloaded is the recreation of classic Tomb Raider II. This mod is on Half Life: Episode 1 engine (NO HDR). So i have to do a lot of things.

Very important thing:

I havent much time to work on this mod regulary, so I will update details about mod uncommonly. But project is not dead. I have that project about 3 years on my PC and this is still alive. If you are mapper or something you can help me alot! I need something with knowledge about source engine. Because I dont know where I can find some things in source code.


Now what I have done:


  • M16
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Dual berettas
  • Dual usp
  • Shotgun
  • Uzi's


-Great Wall (need fixes)
-Only 50% of Venice.
-Start of Opera


-Small medkit
-Big medkit

-Venice switch
-Key hole
-Key models


-PENK_GTR(maps, models)
-Morgan(maps, models, concept arts)

Thank you :)

Some models are work in progress[m16, grenade launcher, dual pistols, keys]

Maps in work in progress:
-The Great Wall

Maps that must be created:

All others.

What I need to do?

Oh.. man a lot of things!

-Rest of maps.
-New weapon models(current are from and[they are temponary])
-New player model(too from
-Additional animations for player model
-Lots of code (Flashlight on batteries, animations for player, new npcs[flying, swimming], harpoon weapon[its done in 50%], restrict fog underwater, restrict acceleration/movement in air, and other things )

So stay tuned! I will update this.

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