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Boooster Jun 16 2011 says:

This may seem like a strange question, but is there some way I can have the inventory UI changed to the original smaller size? I can see the reason for having it so large, but I really need to struggle to find items and it's difficult for me to get used to. If there is an unofficial addon I missed or a file I can edit I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Also, whats the deal with NPCS having a million guns in their inventory and 0 on their corpse? Is there any way I can change that so they will only be carrying one or two guns instead of say, six? :)

Loving the mod so far - walking in the zone has never been scarier, but with these moving anomalies I'm running out of medkits!

+3 votes   mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
Boooster Jun 14 2011 replied:

I agree - keep it Russian otherwise it just loses the atmosphere (coming from someone who knows next to no Russian).

Eagerly awaiting this mod - I've been following for about a year and can't wait to play this when it is released! Keep up the good work :)

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Boooster Jun 14 2011 replied:

Thanks for the advice - I only have the mod accessories left to download and I'll be good to go.. the listed site doesn't seem to work for me (gives some error after downloading for 1 minute), and I've found a torrent that is crawling along. Hopefully it'll be done in the next few hours before I need to head to bed.

About the CTD's are there any unofficial fixes that aren't included in patch 20a that I can find in the GSC forums? Are there any of the optional addons I should avoid due to instability?

+1 vote   mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
Boooster Jun 14 2011 replied:

Nevermind - it seemed to be an issue with having a concurrent download... can't wait to play! :)

+1 vote   mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
Boooster Jun 13 2011 says:

Just coming back to Stalker and want to try out SMP this time - should I wait for 2.5 or play 2.4 for now? Also, I am getting crazy slow downloads for the Mod accessories and Optional Mod pack - are there any other mirrors for them?

This looks amazing - I've done a play-through with Complete 2009 and Lurk 1.1 last year or so and had a blast; from what I've heard SMP won't disappoint.

+2 votes   mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
Boooster Mar 2 2011 says:

Hey Devs,

Keep doing your thing - if it takes more time know that the non-whiner fans know it will be well worth it :). We aren't as vocal as the "relz alreddy!!" crowd but we are there keeping tabs on your fantastic work. if it takes another month or two then such is life - just keep throwing us a few screenshots now and again to satiate our appetite (as you have been doing). Keep up the great work!

+4 votes   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Boooster Feb 15 2011 replied:

I wholeheartedly agree - I find myself checking Moddb always hoping for another dev video.

+3 votes   news: New Overgrowth a118 video devlog
Boooster Jan 27 2011 says:

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the devs - this looks to have the potential to be such an amazing game. I've been gaming since I was a kid and a BIG subscriber to gameplay over graphics - aside from one or two games I can't get into newer games because they just don't do it for me; I just play older games to death but never seem to get tired of them (just starting up Darklands for nth time). Overgrowth not only looks beautiful (I never get tired of seeing that roundhouse kick, no matter how many times I watch the videos!) but with the amount of effort and dedication you guys are putting in, I'm sure the gameplay will be top notch. Every weekly update I've seen makes my jaws drop at the new features and depth in this game - it really makes us non-techies appreciate your work because you are sharing progress on a weekly basis.

LOVE the weekly videos you guys keep posting, but hate having to wait 6 more days after watching the newer one! Keep up the fantastic work - I have a strong feeling that when this game comes out it will be revolutionary, similar to how Mount&Blade was.


+9 votes   game: Overgrowth
Boooster Jan 25 2011 says:


I just got back into hl2 recently and just saw this mod - WOW that trailer makes it look amazing! Quick question - is it possible to play this fantastic mod co-op, either with synergy or obsidian conflict? I started up with HL2 to play co-op with my brother and I think this would be absolutely incredible!

+1 vote   mod: CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired
Boooster Jan 25 2011 says:

I only played the crash course, and WOW it was fun! I had a little trouble at first with the ironsights, but got used to it. Can anyone recommend which key to use it for (with 2 button mouse)? I've used caps lock for now, but maybe there is something better.

I'm hesitant to start the SP yet because I recently got back into hl2 to play the campaign co-op with my brother. The only problem is that we're both familiar with it and I would love to play this brand new experience with him co-op for our first playthrough. Is co-op fully functional and if not, when do you expect it to work?

Great work guys - this is a great mod. I LOVE the little things that make it feel more realistic; how the flashlight moves offscreen when you reload, and ironsights actually blocking your view a little. KUDOS!

+1 vote   mod: 1187
Boooster Jan 10 2011 says:

I am in shock right now that I never looked for HL2 co-op until now!!! I've taken a hiatus from FPS for a while now but recently come back to HL 1 and 2 as they are such amazing games.. While looking for mods I see that co-op is an option, something my brother and I have been dreaming about for years - I'm kicking myself in the head for not knowing about this earlier.

Anyway, a few questions if someone can shed some light on this for me:
1) Do we need individual steam account both with their own copies to play together or can we play using one steam account (d/ling files to cpu)... We play on LAN (I'll buy another copy if necessary, just wondering).
2) I notice there are a lot of customized things available which is great, but if we want to play the HL2 campaign with no extra weapons or anything like that - is that an option.
3) I found the Wiki which has some good information - is there anywhere I can find a complete manual with all the features and tweaks?
4) I happened to come across Synergy as well - what are the main differences between this and Synergy?

Thanks and KUDOS to you guys for creating this - can't wait to play it this weekend!

+1 vote   mod: Obsidian Conflict
Boooster Jan 3 2011 says:

Quick question - with the release of the beta are you guys planning on releasing a new trailer?

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Boooster Dec 26 2010 says:

Just wanted to wish happy holidays to the dev team - you guys are doing a great job!

Although there are many many people eagerly anticipating the next beta (and I'm sure a few disappointed ones that it was pushed back) it's really nice to see that there weren't any spoiled trollish remarks here or on the forums, like you would generally expect when announcing a delay on the day +- 1day of the intended release. I think it goes to show that you guys are great at communicating with your fans, and that deep down even if we were a little disapointed, we know that you are giving your all to make this one of the best mods ever.

Kudos to you guys - keep up the great work :)

+3 votes   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Boooster Sep 6 2010 says:

Quick question - will these dragons be limited to their dungeonspace/domain? I'm not sure if this is possible with monsters (as opposed to NPCs), but will these dragons have schedules so they roam at certain times of the day such as to search for food? If they will be situated in the north you can even have like 10 or so patrol "routes" that they will fly over and attack any wildlife/humanoids they come across, carrying the body back to the layer (with the grab function) if possible, or at least loot the meat/treasures.

Not something you'd like to "happen" across while exploring the north. Give them a decent aggro radius like blighted cliff racers had - definitely make exploring up there more perilous :)

Keep up the great work - anxiously awaiting the next release!

+3 votes   media: Dragon by Justb
Boooster Jun 23 2010 replied:

I found that bug in the previous Lurk version (I even used the same terminology - harassing Duty)... glad you created a fix!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 22 2010 says:

Great job on the mod - it is HARD but there is something very satisfying at picking off people with single shots at a long range. I was lucky enough to come across a scoped rifle in Cordon and have been killing everything that moves.

1) You mentioned that removing artifacts' benefits would be optional - will this option be included in future patches?

2) I haven't gotten far yet in the game but you mentioned in your long post last week that quest rewards and stashes would be changed - it could be just because I am so early on I haven't noticed that yet- can you confirm this?

3) Does Lurk end when you beat the game or is there a freeplay mode available?

LOVE this mod and love that pistols are finally a viable option! Keep up the great work - expected this to be an improvement but you have outdone yourself... I just can't wait to get further into the game to see more!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 19 2010 replied:

I haven't played Clear Sky, but the mod is player made so I can only hope it is better than vanilla Clear Sky. it probably wouldn't be for everyone, but would make the game a much different experience each time it is played. bandits taking over, Duty dominating Freedom's base, Monolith making it to the Bar, etc. I haven't played it, but it sounds interesting.

+2 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 19 2010 replied:

I wasn't asking if Lurk was compatible with SC 2009 - I was asking if Lurk was compatible with Faction Wars mini-mod. Faction wars is compatible with SC 2009 without breaking anything, so I was wondering if it was compatible with Lurk also - I was hoping it wouldnt break anything in Lurk

+2 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 19 2010 says:

Hey Holden - eagerly anticipating this fantastic mod - I absolutely love the hardcore changes (35kg limit!) which might address my compulsive nature to grab up everything of value and drag it back to be sold, leaving me with WAY too much money. The prerelease update addressed most of my questions in my post last week, but being the bastard that I am, I have a few more questions that you or maybe some else can answer:

1. Will there be faction wars a la the 3rd party mod? I never played it but it sounds fantastic, and it is compatible with SC 2009 - anyone know if it is compatible with Lurk?

2. Armors - will there be places to buy the armors that you removed from the game in 1.05? Or will they be lying around in hard to find places/stashes (I agree about removing them from quest rewards, but I like the variety some of them offer)

0 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 11 2010 replied:

Sorry, had one more question that is important enough (to me at least):

7) Just completed Lurk earlier today for the first time - will 1.1 have the feature to keep playing after completing the game with the true ending (an open zone similar to Complete 2009)? I'd love to keep playing and harassing Duty :)

-1 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Jun 11 2010 replied:

I agree 100%. A lot of this depends on whether or not we can navigate by the sun and/or shadows (I imagine it would be easier to do it by the sun). I think it would be best if you could have the compass a purchasable item. This way we could assign a hotkey to the compass, and everytime we hit the hotkey it would show text at the top of the screen in which direction we are headed, such as 225 degrees SW or 359 degrees North (easier); or when you use the compass you can have a small popup window that will show you your direction (harder and way too much effort for gain imo). If you do decide to go with the compass item, you shoud definately make it a requirement that for it to be used, you need to have one hand free, either sword and no sheild, or weapon sheathed (for 2h weapons or sword and shield).

I also very much like the idea of us adding our own map markers on the map. Aside from Major landmarks the map should be empty. Even so, the major landmarks should only appear on your map once you have discovered them yourself, and those should be few and far between (if at all). I'm all for marking our own map.

+2 votes   news: Pelargir, a new elven ship and more!
Boooster Jun 10 2010 says:

Hey Holden, amazing mod - I just recently discovered Stalker and my first playthrogh was with Stalker Compelte 2009; Lurk is my second playthrough and I'm having a blast. I just have a few questions/comments:
1) I play with the disabled minimap - will it still be disabled by default? What a major change it was for me, and 10x more challenging - great design choice!

2) Armor - will there be more armor types? I've found a million leather armor throughout my game (obviously intended), but do you plan to still make certain armor lying around or receivable through quests? The quest for me to bring back Ghosts' or the enhanced armor is broken because of this. I've also been searching all over for the military armor with no luck

3) Quests - are there any plans to alter the quests given and/or add new ones? More variety, or more interaction between Duty and Freedom? Maybe even a bandit questgiver? In my game I joined Freedom and beat on Duty so bad the bandits became neutral for me.

4) Bloodstalkers are beasts (a full clip to take them down, sometimes more) and snorks die with a few bullets - will you be beefing snorks up a bit for this next release? Also, is there a way to disable the ghost pseudodog spawns in the red forest once you've turned off the Brain scorcher? I've heard that it can make your game crash if you kill too many of them.

5) Any planned money sinks? I always end up having way too much money (but I am a completionist so it is probably my own fault).

6) Will you be releasing a 1.1 changelog prior to release?

Keep up the fantastic work - very much looking forward to Lurk 1.1!

+5 votes   mod: L.U.R.K.
Boooster Dec 9 2009 replied:

Excellent that is great news! And what a fast reply! :)

I'm glad I won't have to pirate the PSX version just to play your great mod - the screenshots are making me really excited - it'll be like a whole different game! Aside from the changes I have noticed, will it be much more difficult (maybe not hardcore being sadness and in the back row for the whole game, but not like generic FF7 where I stomped on everything in my path)?

Also - will it compatible with some of the other mods that improve the graphics (hi-res mod, improved character avatars, etc). I'm not sure if you planned on altering those in any way but I thought I'd ask

Keep up the fantastic work!

+1 vote   mod: Final Fantasy 7 - Rebirth Edition
Boooster Dec 6 2009 says:

Haven't played FF7 in YEARS and was looking to get into it again - and I came across this mod looking for a hard mode (I remember it being way too easy) - this looks like one fantastic mod! Keep up the good work!

I have a few questions for the creator though:
1) Since this is for the PSX version, how will you patch the game for emulator users? I scrounged up the original PC discs and planned to play it on PC (is it possible to patch the data for this mod even though it is for PSX?), but if I download the ISO's for PSX will it be easy to patch?

2) The release date is slated for Jan 2010 - is this still accurate? I wouldn't mind waiting a month for this fantastic mod to get back into FF7 :)

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to playing this with your great mod!

+1 vote   mod: Final Fantasy 7 - Rebirth Edition
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