All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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TVP Updates TVP Updates

Banshee remake (Starfox100 2 years ago)

Mutant Militant Squad

Mutant Rocket Squad

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TE Updates TE Updates

CARNIUS LIVES (kaleldebr 3 years ago)

Is he back?

Tiberium Essence

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Group Updates Group Updates

Tournament (Smallchange 3 years ago)

1st contest

I am running the first contest...

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Anything Else
General Banter General Banter

Looking for people to play again... (TheTSense 5 months ago)

How can I change units and buildings...

Is it possible to change unit...

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Banter About Projects Unrelated to TE Banter About Projects Unrelated to TE

EA utterly fails, yet again. lololol... (Smallchange 11 months ago)

Sail the 7 Seas

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Contests Contests (CaptSierra 2 years ago)

Contest OPEN!

I have been considering...

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Mapping & Campaigns Mapping & Campaigns

Mutant only maps (GuardianOfHarmony 10 months ago)

Official Tournament Map (TE remake...

Scrin Missions

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Ideas & Concepts
General Tiberium Essence Ideas General Tiberium Essence Ideas

Tiberium Sun Fiend? (KursedVixen 2 weeks ago)

Suggestions for TE 1.6

Old Tiberian Sun Structures

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GDI Ideas GDI Ideas

GDI Suggestions V1.6 (KursedVixen 2 weeks ago)

GDI Walker upgrade

Firehawk and Orca underpowered...

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Nod Ideas Nod Ideas

Nod Epic units (KursedVixen 2 weeks ago)

NOD Suggestions V1.6


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Scrin Ideas Scrin Ideas

Return of the SCrin photon Cannon (KursedVixen 3 weeks ago)

More garrisonable troops

Scrin Tacitus Archive units

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Mutant Ideas Mutant Ideas

Unit Cap (lixuezhi9 1 year ago)

Replace the Looted Pitbull

The Forgotten faction

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World Builder Ideas World Builder Ideas

Worldbuilder Help (Starfox100 11 months ago)

Worldbuilder Questions

New map ideas

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TE Bugs / Glitches TE Bugs / Glitches

Tacitus Archive invisible (Palanduss 17 hours ago)

TE 1.6 bugs and glitches

Maps bug and glitches

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TE Support TE Support

Cant start mod (KursedVixen 2 weeks ago)

Fixed D3D Error Out of memory!!!

Origin Installation (thanks to...

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Friends of TEF
Tiberian Videos Productions Tiberian Videos Productions

Profile line-up (playmsbk 2 years ago)

Progress On Hold

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Sail the 7 Seas Sail the 7 Seas

Apparent Closure of this Mod. (Smallchange 2 years ago)

Progress Slowed

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Fall of Nations & Madiba127 Studios Fall of Nations & Madiba127 Studios

Fall of Nations (madiba127 3 years ago)

Come Check out Madiba127 Studios

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