All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Jul 29 2013 Anchor

Would a railgun even have recoil? I thought railguns were recoilless, because there is no explosion on the chamber. Anyway, I was consediring a rail mortar, not the GDI rail cannons, because it could fire shells at an higher velocity, it could use a smaller cannon, and there is also the Ghost Stalker, so I threw an idea there.

Jul 29 2013 Anchor

ahh, i was thinking of the big tank mounted GDI guns, they definately recoil when fired it would seem, its definately an interesting idea and would probably be fitting given that its supposed to do heavy damage to vehicles in one shot, rail technology does tend to be heavy though so i fear it would tip the bike over. But i guess in the future, technology has got better and things have got lighter.

Jul 30 2013 Anchor

It could be slightly bigger,longer as it is a cannon-howitzer - the mortar after all, good againts vehicles and structures; Instead of just anti-infantry grenade launcher. The mutant motorized armored brigade platoons shall fullfill their role as replacement for Pitbull light artillery. Thats why I'd like to see that sidecar sturdier to withstand the recoil. Though, I would avoid of giving core technology (such as railgus,magnetic accelerators of GDI) of main factions to Mutants. Unless and if the Mutants should ever become full fledged faction in TE, I dont see the reason why they would use anything else than their own stuff (like tiberium vapor shells of Mastodon,tiberium enriched rockets of humvee) and no upgrades for them are needed, except for the custom campaign purposes. As well as avoid to be too similiar to the Forgotten mod. Hmm.I still dont understand how the Juggernaut with rail gun upgrade or Mutant sidecar mortar with rail gun should shoot over the impassasable terrain like they normally do. As the rail guns of Mammoth,Titan,Predator,Ghost stalker are direct weapons that shoots only in line.

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Jul 30 2013 Anchor

hmm true, the original idea was to just have the mortar do heavy damage to vehicles and have bunker busting ability for ungarrisoning as both of these attributes would require a similar degree of penetration to be effective, rather than actually have it be effective vs damaging structures; i reasoned that the mortar itself is essentially punching a hole in the target (be it a vehicle or a garrisoned structure). For this reason i dont think it should be effective vs structures per se as a building would be too rigid to sustain much damage.
Personally i wouldnt want to see the mutants as a playable faction i think their place is where they are, struggling to survive in small groups, using their resourcefulness to adapt what they find, and fighting to assist any side that serves their interests at a particular time. So yes we should avoid making them too high tech - but at the same time they've already successfully appropriated railguns (although perhaps they are rare and therefore not widely used) so i can see where both you guys are coming from on this one but i agree they shouldn't have "upgrades" as the full factions do. To be honest a traditional mortar appeals slightly more even though magnetic assisted propulsion is a very cool and clever idea - simply because of the complete disregard for health and safety of both the gunner and the rider, somehow it seems quite fitting for the Mutants. Which brings me nicely to my next point:

Regarding reinforcing the sidecar more to withstand greater recoil, i felt that i'd done as much as i could while still maintaining the essence of the bike but i'd thought of several other ideas to counteract the recoil but i couldnt decide which to go with so in the end i concluded not to illustrate any of them but i'll detail them below:

1) I considered putting (big) shock absorber between the mortar and the sidecar itself to take some of the punch out of the blast recoil this to me seems entirely sensible and perhaps adding one also between the sidecar and the bike itself for the same reason. (however it would be cool if the model rocked a little after firing)

2) Modified kickstand and/or retractable thick steel cable to anchor the bike into the ground when firing. (this seems a little cumbersome to me and would probably be hard to illustrate on a small scale)

3) Angled outrigger from the back of the vehicle preventing it from tipping when the mortar is fired, weight of the bike would always ensure that it lands on its wheels after firing (but perhaps this would look silly having the bike on its back wheels after firing and would maybe make the driver and gunner puke) appologies for the long post i'll stay out of this now and let peoples ideas naturally accumulate (hopefully).

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Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Well, a Ural might be fine, if its modenized a bit, I mean TW is far ahead into the 21st century, so I supose there would be another combat sidecar-motorcycle if its effective enough to continue using it. Just a though, to make it more Tiberiumy, so it fits.

P.S.: By that I mean make it more futuristic than the normal Ural.

Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Its for mutant, its supposed to be just 20century technology with some fancy customization just like Humvee and its tiberium charged rockets. Its roofless and it must be avoid of any similiarity with Nod Attack bike. No otherwordly futuristic looks for Mutants. Though, it that matter I am concered about its usable looks, mainly armoring,windshield as well. We can say that Carniuss Mutant Humvee is Humvee with big H between Humvees. It must preserve its old looks but the design of that Sidecar also have to be somewhat unique and patched with some thing-a-magic-Carnius-style". I think..

Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Well it could look 20th century, but it must be according to the setting, on C&C WW2 was fought with helicopters, jets, timebending technologies and lightning shooting tanks. It was very advanced when compared to our WW2, thats why I proposed something more futuristic than the Ural. Also, the Mutants dont use old tech exclusively, and a military cycle wouldnt be something particularly hard to expropriate or loot, just shoot the driver and gunner with a sniper round (even mutants must have some marksman somewhere, even if we cannot play with them), and steal it, besides, we are talking about a group that has the Mutant Hijacker units naturally, its the 1st dedicated vehicle stealing playable unit in C&C history, they would make use of them and steal better vehicles. On a side note, the original game does mention hummers being used by the Mutants because its a sturdy and proven vehicle, so it naturraly fits that they would have hummers in a mod that respects previous canon more than the game does.

P.S.: By original game I meant vanilla TW.

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Aug 2 2013 Anchor

I think it would make sense to replace the Looted Pitbull with something else. The Humvee serves the same role plus it has an tni-infantry machine gun fand it can garrison infantry, infinitly better than the Looted Pitbull.


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Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Heh,found something

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Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Oaks wrote: Heh,found something

thats more dune-esque but i gotta say i think it looks too much like the nod buggy

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

I also think it's a great idea to have a motorcycle unit for the mutants - basic and rugged looking in the style of Mad Max/The Road Warrior, but still somewhat "futuristic" looking. M0nkfish showed a good depiction with his mock-up for how it could possibly look, or something along either (or mixture of both) of these styles, except a little more beat up/rusty/dirty/rugged/camouflaged:

Not sure yet if this should replace the Looted Pitbull or not (because other balance issues need to be decided first), but adding a basic motorcycle unit to their Mutant Hovel would certainly suit their role.

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