All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Scrin Tacitus Archive units (Groups : Tiberium Essence Fans : Forum : Scrin Ideas : Scrin Tacitus Archive units) Locked
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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Feb 27 2013, 8:13am Anchor

@ redbee7 in outer-space fire weapons are mostly useless since to let something to burn, you need air. in space (and probably other planets) you do not have air to support flame weapons.
Liquid, Plasma, particle, anti-matter and laser weapons are in that case better in use.

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May the fox be with you...

Feb 27 2013, 2:03pm Anchor

redbee7 wrote:the Mechapede not codable? but i tested KW Reloaded mod sometime ago, and there are two type of Mechapede (ground attack, AA) seems to be working just fine. But since Carnius dont like it, then its ok but i just hope new Scrin unit will have different weapon than lasers. For Nod i can understand but many Scrin unit even Scrin Conquror also used laser beam weapon and to avoid repetitive unit using laser, so i want to suggest a Scrin unit that use a tiberium liquid spray, chemical, or some kind of blueflamethrower, i dont see much Scrin unit using flame weapon i thought it would look cool.

Yeah I noticed the Mechepede in KW Reloaded also, which is why I was interested and thought it was possible. I haven't had the chance to play that mod yet, but I suppose the part that Carnius meant that's not really codeable was its wavy animation and lots of little legs? :confused: If it were actually possible to code, I now think that a small centipede-like unit as a new tiberium lifeform would be a much better idea than as a Scrin unit.

As for the tiberium liquid spray (or perhaps more like a tiberium sludge?), I think that would look very cool too as a weapon somewhere - On the Conqueror as an upgrade option perhaps, or on a new tiberium lifeform? I agree, Scrin doesn't have to have more laser abilities, but rather, something more original and out of this world (pun intended) ;)

Starfox100 wrote:is the floater not something that can be controlled? (with some fine Scrin tech of course)

Yes, I'd love to see this unit again! It's possible we can have two types of floaters (inspired by Starfox100). Here's a good possibility how:

Let's keep the "Tiberian Floater" from FS (with several stringy and gnarly tentacles) as the neutral lifeform that floats around emitting tiberium radiation, attacking enemy units with electricity from its tentacles, etc. This floater in particular should remain as a neutral unit because I believe it and the Visceroid do not have a sense of "loyalty/ownership" like the Fiend does.

Then, we can have a different floating unit for Scrin (needs a new name name) that could assume the exact role of the current Manta, then I'd suggest moving the design of the Manta to be at the Tacitus Archive as the second epic unit (where it could be that hovering "disintegrator thing with many weapons" and/or with other original weapons; possibly allow this epic unit to also have two modes where it'd hover low and hover/fly high, with a different weapon/ability in each mode, for uniqueness). As for Scrin's Floaters, it's possible that these will share similar characteristics to the Tiberian Floaters on Earth (in terms of appearance and abilities), which would cause our scientists to believe that the Tiberian Floaters originated from Scrin's homeworld (from that meteor that infestated Earth in '95); since then, Earth's Floaters have mutated/adapted/evolved to Earth's natural environment, deep within the harsh red-zones where they matured and reproduced, until they have finally been spotted during Firestorm. Or, some people don't want an explanation and want it left a mystery ;) Either way, this currently my suggestion: re-create the neutral Tiberian Floater from TS, another floater-thing for Scrin (which so happens to also have electrical weapons/abilities for attack, replacing the design of the Manta), and then use the Manta's design as the epic unit! 8)

A little bit to read, but Carnius and everyone else, what do you guys think?? :D

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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Feb 27 2013, 3:48pm Anchor

IMO, yes the floater itelf should be neural. but a floating living being of scrin is something quite new and NOT something pulled out of a movie.
(4 or 5 tentacled being that floats around with a particular set of weapons, is the 1st thing that comes up into my mind)
Like the Scrin harvester is also something like that. it floats, and to me it looks more like a creature then a machine. (50/50%)

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May the fox be with you...

Mar 2 2013, 10:55am This post has been deleted.
Mar 2 2013, 7:26pm Anchor

Starfox100 wrote:IMO, yes the floater itelf should be neural. but a floating living being of scrin is something quite new and NOT something pulled out of a movie.
(4 or 5 tentacled being that floats around with a particular set of weapons, is the 1st thing that comes up into my mind)
Like the Scrin harvester is also something like that. it floats, and to me it looks more like a creature then a machine. (50/50%)

I read somewhere that Floaters were Tiberium Mutated Jellyfish, that came out of the ocean and wandered around on land.

Mar 3 2013, 6:06am Anchor

Eh, yeah, all Scrin units are actually living creatures. Because they are made of certain type of green crystal organic matter xd Tiberium also shows it has its own mind,intellect, Tiberium itself (before it hmm,this part of history is unclear, "fused" with nowadays faraway Scrin humanoid predecessors) is a civilization.
Its rather like that Tiberium assimilated original Scrin.
The crystal form and shape is reason why todays Scrin look rather like some robotic-metallic race. Scrin harvester dont "float", its a "hover" vehicle.
Why can a vehicle be fueled and weaponized by its own liquid and gaseous forms of DNA? Ask Zerg structures, or Tiberium secrets Colony faction and other organic aliens :D

Tiberian floater. Yeah, Ahrimansiah disscused them in conjuction of his ideas for Mutants and neutral tiberium wildlife. Tiberium is really a strange thing. Assimilates,mutates or kills all organic matter,and reproduces itself into all unorganic matter. For example what exactly is Genesis pit? How can some Nod Neurotoxin or just Toxin soldier come in and lure all wildlife on unsuspecting civilians? What about mutated whales,bugs, giraffes, penguins etc,etc. Look what happed with bears,rhinos,wolfs (Fiends), with jellyfish or Portuegese man o' war (floater). And whats origin of baby and adult visceroids?

Seems like I've diverted from TE TA second Scrin unit too much :-)

Mar 16 2013, 2:43pm Anchor

Perhaps this is a bad idea, or maybe just an idea before it's time as it seems to fit better with future plans for naval units, but it might fit the bill for a second Scrin Tacitus Unit so hear me out:

Perhaps some kind of massive alien squid with many specialised tentacles, this unit can move very quickly in water but can also walk on land, initially it can only attack tanks (and boats in future?) with its tentacles for a weak melee attack but can be upgraded by assimilating other scrin units into its body to specialise its tentacle arms (in the style of the vanilla avatar from C&C3) for example assimilating a razorback would make 1 of its (10?) tentacles have AA capability. ideas are listed below

Razorback AA projectile - would have a tiberium crystal at its tip and fire shards upwards
Manta Storm creation & lightning - would have ridges along its length like the storm column
Seeker AT Plasma disk - would have a whole Seeker fused to the tentacle-tip
Devourer Tank AT Tiberium absorbtion & beam - would have a large cannon a with long range at tentacle-tip
Corruptor AI Tiberium spray - would have a whole Corruptor (without legs) fused to the tentacle-tip

Would be vulnerable against AT weapons & EMP but has a LOT of armour and health (no forcefield)

I know this is different from the other factions having 3 smaller units and 1 big unit, but i figured that because of their advanced technology they might be able to get more from the Tacitus, having 1 big unit (conqueror) and one even bigger unit. I was also interested in the idea of smaller units being able to (permanently) fuse with a massive organism, in a similar way to the buzzers fusing with ordinary scrin units.

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Apr 25 2013, 5:57pm Anchor

I agree with M0nkfish on the idea of having one big unit and one even bigger unit. It somehow seems fitting for the Scrin, and they have several smaller, more swarmy units already.

Ok, so here's my idea for a Scrin unit: a many-legged walker which projects a forcefield around itself, protecting nearby ground units. I'm not sure how possible this would be to code, but I know that in Generals at least forcefields that destroy incoming projectiles in a hemisphere are possible. The unit would have more health than shields, so if you do knock the shield down, you have to choose between destroying the weaker units it was protecting or trying to kill the walker itself, before its shield goes back up.

It has around 3 birthing sacs that can be upgraded; to start with they would act like a Buzzer Hive, but send in a Disintegrator and small anti-tank suicide bugs would come out, and send a Shock Trooper in to make locust-like, short-range AA, flying creatures appear when flying units threaten it. (While each unit would be small, they could be grouped together into squads).

Finally, as an AoE weapon , I was thinking something like the Scrin version of Nod's Tiberium Catalyst Missile - it quickly spreads Tiberium then detonates it in a shockwave around itself. Due to the nature of the weapon, this would deal heavy damage to friendly units nearby, so you'd have to take a risk and send it in alone, and sacrifice your birthing sac creatures too. Depending on how fast the Tiberium spreads, ordinary units might be able to escape if the player is paying attention, but if it gets to their base...

May 7 2013, 9:53am Anchor

M0nkfishs Idea is weird and tottaly fits the Scrin so Im like it.

I mean I "like" it. I didn't Know Floaters came from Portugal, Now I want to command them ;)

My suggestion would be a Scrin hummanoid squad, the Scrin would make the fastest use of Tacitus Technology by corrupting the scientists and Security personnel of the Archive building. That would give them a fast Tier1 use for the TA, and a better garissoning unit. I propose they would use plasma rifles that would make them good against infantry and light vehicles. Names could be Adapted Swarm or Mercy-Shown. That would give the Scrin a tactical ability they ordinarilly don't have (usefull garrissoning units, the Buzzers die too quickly when they exit to attack) and would give them a "pervertion of native lifeforms" theme, along with their comando and Pacifiers mind Control.

P.S: Think of all the cool lines they would say ingame: "We have been shown mercy", "Addapted to survive", "We are part of something Greater", "Do not resist!", "The will of the Overlord", "Soon there will be no pain", "Why flee from liberation?", "Join us", "Yes Foreman", "As is your will", "We see its value" (when entering structure), "Moving as one" (move order).

May 14 2013, 2:02pm Anchor

i think the scrin already have one unit that can garrison like a human unit, this guy: (though i forget what the unit is called)

I like your idea jfpoliveira and i already have some interesting art concepts for it swimming around in my head, however, i can see some issues with this concept

1) they seem pretty similar to the already existing scrin unit (see link)

2) would there be a unit cap on these, as with the collossui and destroyer cyborg?

3) canon-wise the scrin aren't interested in assimilating humans, to them we're just an unexpected inconvenience, something thats "in the way" and of little interest or usefulness to them (unless you can think of some reason the scientists are of special value to them)

If these small points can be addressed then this is a very interesting concept indeed and would be something different when compared with the other sides in the conflict, which is fitting for the scrin

May 29 2013, 11:43am Anchor

I have an idea for each Unit type :
( Maybe bad ideas )

A Scrin squad with 4 units in a group. Able to shoot (laser from Tripod?) Laser, effective against vehicle and air units.
Ability to teleport ally units to a location ( similar skill like mastermind ), and if the unit dies, it decreases enemy attackpower for a short time.
Ability : (Passive) Demoralizing Shout
(Skill) Teleport Units (Skill) Absorb Tiberium ( Increase Weapon Damage )
Weakness : Infantry
Unit Cap : 5

A Scrin vehicle that is able to mind control enemy units ( Like in RA2 YR ) .
Can control up to 1-3 Units, when the controled unit dies, this vehicle takes 33% damage.
Ability : (Skill) Mind Control (Skill) Teleport
(Passive) Heal in Ion Storm
(Upgrade) Forcefield
Weak against : Air and Heroic Units.
Unit Cap : 2-3

A Scrin air unit that acts like a Bomber.
Needs to be recharged at a Scrin PowerPlant ( Forgot the name ) or at a Tiberium Field ( Just flying above the field ).
Attacks with a strong Tiberium Bomb which can take down a Titan or Scorpion Tank with one shot.
Small AoE damage and 20% chance to create Conaminators when hitting Infantry.
Ability : (Passive) Heal in Tiberium (Passive) Create Conaminators
(Skill) Create a small Tibeium Field (Skill) Teleport
(Upgrade) Forcefield
Weakness : AA Units
Unit Cap : 4

-Redeemer- 313th Paratrooper Batallion
Aug 8 2013, 7:20am Anchor

Hey Guys, just something I wanted to ask, not related to your suggestions: Is the Tacitus Archive gonna replace an existing neutral structure? For example that commando base that just gives you more room to build (pretty useless imo). this way we could have it on many stock maps and wouldnt need to create or alter maps to have fun with it. I hope its gonna be like that :)


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Aug 8 2013, 8:29am Anchor

it will replace the Control Point structure in worldbuilder

Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Aug 8 2013, 8:31am Anchor

+1 :thumbup:
totally agree. that extending build-structure really is useless at this point now. (can only build defenses around it. and maybe a larger structure when tightly fitting)


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-Redeemer- 313th Paratrooper Batallion
Aug 8 2013, 1:05pm Anchor

so as of now it replaces this: ???
hmm, that's kinda bothering, because i've never actually seen a map having that structure, therefore we would never have the tacitus archive in any stock map. Let's hope the CMDtower gets replaced :D


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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Aug 8 2013, 4:14pm Anchor

no, the other building (pillar with the round disk on it)


User Posted Image
May the fox be with you...

Aug 8 2013, 5:18pm Anchor

Its Expansion point
The one from Redeemer is from KW.
Expansion point can be seen in Pipeline problems (2p), there are many of them in Talon mod maps. Another is in GDI Rome penultimate mission.
I am sure we shall find more of them. Some others are surely on some of Predatore map packs.

To mr. anonymous gender called Calvin aka Miragefire:
You must learn much, much more about Scrin.

Scrin equal for Missile/Militant rocket squad is good idea. I have dissusion about it with M0nkfish regarding my Scrin balance suggestions. Even if it should be only Tacitus archive unit. But this is not World of Wacraft with some Demoralizing shout. Teleporting units is unique ability given only to Mastermind. They have also Reaver and Wormhole SP for mobility.As well as blink pack for Shock troopers and Stalwarts. And if, their squad will have 3 members at max.

We have Pacifiers, you know? With mind control. Vehicles and units are healed by all tiberium aura sources. Only Air units are healed in Ion storms.
Though, Scrin deserves 9th unit to the vehicle unit tab to look it "symmetrically" I were thinking on some Mobile Buzzer hive vehicle-name Hive vessel, or Buzzer host, so we can nicely paralel with Stacraft 2 xd

Scrin airfield is Gravity stabilizer. No air bomber is able to take down Titan in one shot. Not even Tacitus archive unit should be able to do so. But Scrin bomber is good idea. Some tiberium vapor bomb with diminished effect sounds good.Creates Contaminators (which need vision radius) when killing infantry. Also sounds good. The Scrin bomber could have Stratofighter boosters ability of GDI Firehawk. Name:hmm Raven,Revenant,Sentinel, IDK.

-Redeemer- 313th Paratrooper Batallion
Aug 8 2013, 7:09pm Anchor

Ah great! :D the picture from me isnt actually from KW, i found it in the TW worldbuilder called "ControlPoint" so I thought M0nkfish meant that. But as of now it seems its just as I suggested, that's nice :)


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Aug 9 2013, 9:55am Anchor

no i think he -Redeemer- was right with the first link he posted ( ). Carnius is quoted as saying it replaces the CONTROL POINT which afaik is a pretty much unused building but is available in worldbuilder check out the description of the picture!

Think this is a good thing as it wont suddenly unbalance pre-existing maps, and yes redeemer i DID mean that, and so does Carnius.
To replace the expansion point would really mess with the ballance of some already existing maps (though i do agree this structure is kind of pointless).

Edited by: M0nkfish

Aug 9 2013, 10:51am Anchor

Hmm I never saw Control point. You did? It is a capturable neutral structure? It works like Expansion point? I havent seen it in CNC3 manual and probably not even on any map.
I thinked that Control point means Expansion point. It would be a different situation if it would replace Subway hub/entrance or Reinforcement bay.
If the Control point is not in campaign then it would be pity. I hope Tacitus archive will not be extremely rare. Could use guys pls link me some map with Control point if possible? And to mess up with balance in a good way is a thing Carnius like to do,eh? xd
If neccesary we could do poll for which neutral structure should TA replace.

Aug 9 2013, 1:14pm Anchor

No-one puts it on a map at the moment as it's funtionless (afaik) but its available in worldbuilder and yes it's neutral capturable structure, no it isnt in campaign mode but perhaps this can be rectified somehow.

Frankly its not for us to decide what building the TA should replace, thats Carnius' decision and he should not be jumping through hoops for us, we are in his debt.

In my view the TA should be rare as the units it enables you to have are very special, if archive buildings were everywhere then i feel it would detract from the awesomeness of these units. I know you wanna use them straight away (everyone does) but as they are so powerful i believe (the ability to produce) these units should not appear everywhere.

Maybe the expansion point will become something more valuable in future like maybe the port for producing possible naval units Yes i realise this would mess with existing maps too but would be easily fixed with a little tinkering in WB and wouldnt alter the balance as such it would just be functionless with dry land around it.

Edited by: M0nkfish

Aug 9 2013, 2:57pm Anchor

Oaks is correct, the TA is intended to replace this

-Redeemer- 313th Paratrooper Batallion
Aug 9 2013, 3:06pm Anchor

ok, i think right now i understood why we all are confused and have different knowledge: Check out the TA picture carnius posted ( )
Carnius CALLS it Control Point but says that it's useless due to other expansion units like Surveyor which do the exact same thing ( like this tower )
So the thing is, he said CONTROL POINT but means EXPANSION POINT
I hope that settles it :)


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Aug 10 2013, 6:34am Anchor

That means I were right? xd
And that would mean they will be rare but not extremely rare.And thats exactly what we want.
For sidenotes:
I never said I want to force Carnius into something. But I never saw that he would disagree with something upon majority of fans agreed. Respect between fans and modder is mutual.
I started to tinker with Worldbuilder and I'll be giving you hell of questions ,guys, later,but not here.
The thing is I saw that Control point. Its name says "Missingname"Controlpoint" when selected, it indeed is neutral capturable structure,minimap shows that, but- it cant be captured and it cant be destroyed. I also saw GDI gates, capturable launch satelite facility (which doesnt add support power,it does nothing) and some GDI repair tower, but it doesnt show in game.

Tacitus Archive shall replace Expansion point. Alea iacta est.

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