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Needing something fresh to play over Easter? Why not dust off your 20 year old copy of DOOM!

Posted by TKAzA on Apr 20th, 2014

Dust off your 20 year old copy of DOOM and get blasting your way through these top community rated DOOM mods.

If you dont have DOOM, you can get it from Steam. Then use one of these recommended ports. Zandronum or GZDoom

Check out what the community have been saying and try them out for yourself!

Rated: 97%Brutal Doom
Prepare to see the most disturbing, sadistic and morbid manifestation of violence that you ever seen in your life. This is the definitive gameplay enhancement...

Manny_F. says
BrĂ¼tal Doom clearly deserves a 10, for several reasons:
First, it has been developed almost single handedly by a goodwill individual, who clearly has shown the outmost dedication and perseverance through 2 years of continued development, besides from being always open-minded and patient, hearing suggestions and criticism and enduring ludicrous amounts of flame-wars on some of the forums where the project was being discussed. Such professionalism must be taken in note. Read More...

Rated: 81%DOOM:ONE
Is a new look on the classic first game DooM. Imagine, a game full of surprises, new secrets, and one continuous, fluid DooM.
No loading screens...

chrispowell10048 says:

This mod has a great flow and it also adds challenge to the first episode of Doom. The developer does a great job keeping people updated and is constantly posting pictures of his progress as he keeps working. Read More...

Rated: 92%Doom Fortress
A Doom mod that attempts to replicate the Team Fortress gameplay on the Skulltag engine. It implements all of TF's character classes...

bluluxabica says:

The first time i played this, there wasnt even skins for player models.. i think was doom fortress v0.08 or something like that... But it was already awesome... I spent hours playing this, with my friends and even with the guy who made this! Read More...

Rated: 80%Aliens TC
Based on the movie Aliens, was the first total conversion for doom (infact the first total conversion for any game) and is one of the most famous.

RealApprentice says:
One of the best total conversions of its time and still has to find it's equal. Read More...

Keep voting and reviewing your favorite mods and until next time, keep changing the game!

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PunishedLamia Apr 20 2014 says:

OMG Aliens TC is easily one of my favorite mods of all time! :D

+6 votes     reply to comment
SabreXT Apr 20 2014 says:

I thought Aliens TC (and Batman) were classic mods that didn't work on newer engines?

+2 votes     reply to comment
HangPhyr Apr 20 2014 replied:

I can't really think of any reason why they wouldn't work. You could already try a few different source ports until one works.

+2 votes     reply to comment
sbnewsom Apr 20 2014 replied:

They were also made before mods changed the core code of the game so they these were a lot more compatible than you would think.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Valherran Apr 20 2014 replied:

You are thinking of a different Aliens TC. This and Batman will still work on any source port regardless.

+2 votes     reply to comment
doccarnby Apr 27 2014 replied:

Batman mod is broken on ZDoom and GZDoom (at least), but there is a patch out there that fixes it (search "batman zdoom patch," it should be the first link), and there's even a version of the patch that adds some new features, like boss health bars and a Batman that's not 4 feet tall.

Aliens TC seems to work just fine though, but you have to put the various pieces in in order.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DAFFYDAFFY Apr 20 2014 says:

This is a great post on moddb.

Good idea to feature the best mods for doom and links to the ports ,so it makes it easy to get them working.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lacedaemonius Apr 20 2014 says:

The bit about Brutal Doom irks me because of the cited review: "First, it has been developed almost single handedly by a goodwill individual, who clearly has shown the outmost dedication and perseverance through 2 years of continued development, besides from being always open-minded and patient, hearing suggestions and criticism and enduring ludicrous amounts of flame-wars on some of the forums where the project was being discussed."

Fun fact, almost all of the art assets in Brutal Doom are used without permission from their original creators (only a few of which are even credited), and SgtMarkIV was banned from the ZDoom forums (after repeated warnings) for horrible behavior, most notably narcissism and an inability to take criticism.

But yeah, Brutal Doom is fun. Why no Project MSX though?

+5 votes     reply to comment
SabreXT Apr 21 2014 replied:

I can't speak about the art assets, but the drama that got him banned seems to vary based on who you ask. This isn't really the place to go into it, because this is about games, not drama. That said, the drama seems to be based more on hearsay and personal opinion than anything else (no one seems to be able to cite examples or link to specific posts, not that I particularly care).

But if he did steal art, that's bad.

+3 votes     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Apr 21 2014 replied:

SgtMark makes the assets, he only accepted help on Brutal Hexen because he never intended to make fatalities for all 3 classes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SabreXT Apr 21 2014 replied:

Thanks for clearing that up.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Apr 21 2014 replied:

MSX Project will be making a release on ModDB soon from what I've heard so stay tuned.

SgtMarkIV does take criticism well, he just has zero tolerance for idiots, misinformed people making inaccurate statements, and immature trolls. Hes also got a weird sense of humor that can be inflammatory but its the internet afterall.
The drama on zdoom (and he got banned on zandronum) is a load of forum politics & beating the flames. So seeing random people doing it to, kind of annoying. Its what happens when people take an issue and blow it out of proportion, with easily swayed admins stepping in.

Russian Overkill won't be making a release and good riddance. I think its way to easy and overrated.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Manny_F. Apr 24 2014 replied:

Hi Lacedaemonius, I'm the one who wrote that review and I would like to clarify in which context I did it, given how later facts made my review sound, well, pretty fanboyish, to some people.

When I wrote it, back in June 2012, the development of Brutal Doom was reasonably civilized (I followed it mostly through the now defunct Skulltag Forums), Sarge was a decent guy with everyone, he made significant changes to gameplay elements because many of users didn't like them and, on the other side of things, criticism from people that didn't like the mod was more like "BD doesn't fit my tastes, you could improve it by doing x thing" as opposed to "BD is a piece of sh1t and everyone who plays it is an idi0t or a sick person".

The "flame wars" I refer to were some repeatedly brought back and pointless arguments around things like "We should have a grenade attachment added to the assault rifle because it's more realistic" or "the chainsaw should have a slash alt-fire", long after it had been made cristal clear that stuff like that wasn't going to happen.

I admit I may have used the term "Flame war" a bit too liberally in my review, but how the hell could I have known all that crazy stuff that was going to happen later?

In short, this review was written way before all the "real" flame wars started, and up to that point there was not much really controversial, in a bad way (well, maybe the real gore for some people, but Sarge never actually added it to the BD base file, because of the negative feedback), about BD or Sarge. Or, at least, I didn't noticed it at that time.

I'd still rate Brutal Doom with a 10, just like I would rate 10 WW Nazis, Diaz, Hideous Destructor, and many other great gameplay mods I've used..

But I won't be dragged into picking sides about later events surrounding Sarge's attitudes and whatnot, and I don't want my review to be understood as such.

I hope you can now understand better why I wrote what I wrote back then.

Best regards.

+7 votes     reply to comment
Lacedaemonius Apr 24 2014 replied:

Thanks for taking the time to write such an articulate and insightful response.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Kontra_Kommando Apr 21 2014 says:

I'm happy to say I'm one of the 6 people that gave aliens TC that score. I rated it a 10.

+3 votes     reply to comment
TheHappyFriar Apr 21 2014 says:

Aliens TC is perhaps the best mod I've ever played.

+3 votes     reply to comment
seniorcitizen Apr 23 2014 says:

worth a mention: Nazis!, Foreverhood, Wolfenstein 3D TC, Rise of the Triad TC

+2 votes     reply to comment
minas-thirth May 6 2014 says:

Brutal Doom had epic trailer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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