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Check out our first ingame video podcast, where we discuss Game Design and show off the new multiplayer game!

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We are a step closer to our multiplayer release!

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our community on three years of Renegade X. On September 30th 2009, Totem Arts released the very first iteration of Renegade X - and it was version 0.35. Since then, we released several other UT3 mod betas, a standalone singleplayer game (which can be downloaded HERE), and have made significant progress towards the full standalone version of Renegade X.

Renegade X
is a standalone Tactical FPS game for the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). It is a Command & Conquer FPS game with RTS elements, based on the original C&C Renegade.

Today, we have released the first multiplayer development podcast. The video contains over 22 minutes of never-before-seen footage of Renegade X's multiplayer on the UDK. This is the first unveiling of the long-awaited multiplayer. Join us, Fobby and Havoc89, as we discuss:

  • Black Dawn - Post Mortem
  • Command and Conquer mode
  • New maps and Tech Buildings
  • Aircraft
  • New Weapons
  • AI and multiplayer
  • Superweapons - including Airstrikes

View the full video here:

The team has made significant progress in the last few months - all weapons, vehicles, and structures are ingame, structures are destroyable and repairable, the purchase and credit system is working, stealth units functioning as they should, and several original maps are in development.

Remember, we are still looking for help. Please view our application poster HERE.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come.

YouTube (Official):
YouTube (Community):


Fair to say that I'm excited. Hopefully I can get a new card before the Multiplayer releases!

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Great podcast guys! I really enjoyed the insight and the new gameplay footage. Can't wait for the MP release!

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This is a great update. I think this will look great on your portfolio if your in the job market. This is clearly a game people would pay to have, I know I have been yearning for it for ages.

Good luck guys, keep up the good work. Can't wait to play the final release.

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Great Update :D
I can already see following thing happening: Sh*t, mthe enemy is massing tanks. Everyone, get an airstrike and deploy it! >:D

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This is a fairly good update. I hope that the MP version gets some skirmish support as well as saying.... more maps to play with with more game content.

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Ohh, I cant wait to get my hands on this!

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just fabulous!

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Great stuff you guys.

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I <heart> this mod.

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