"We have waited centuries for this moment. The rivers will flow with the blood of those who oppose us." - Kane

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The conflict between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod originated in the late twentieth century, when a meteor carrying a mysterious substance struck the Tiber river in Italy. It was named Tiberium, which composed of valuable elements. Although Tiberium has proven to be an important source of income when refined, it is fatally toxic, and its contagious spread threatens all life on earth.

GDI was formed in 1985 by the United Nations as an international security force set to combat global terrorism. Conceived as a united peacekeeping military force, GDI depends on the technological sophistication of its weaponry, and the superior training and loyalties of its officers.

At the same time, the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the charismatic Kane, grew to prominence. Working largely in third world countries, wherever there was discontent and unrest, there was Kane. With the promise of a New World Order and bankrolled by the illicit Tiberium research and trade that Kane made famous, Nod began to gain power. A few scattered, disaffected units grew into an army with powerful atomic weaponry, ruthless tactics, and a Tiberian fortune.

Where GDI stands for international stability and the containment of Tiberium's expansive spread, Nod seeks to overthrow the established order and build a world centred on Tiberium research.

Renegade X

Renegade X is a tactical First and Third Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements, set in the Command & Conquer universe. It is a high quality award-winning free indie game being created on the Unreal Development Kit. Originally, Renegade X was an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, and the beta won six awards, including "#2 Best Vehicle Set" for the Making Something Unreal Contest, "#3 Best Upcoming Mod" for the Mod of the Year Contest in 2008, and "#2 Best Multiplayer" in 2009's MOTY.

In 2010, Totem Arts made the decision to make Renegade X a standalone game, available to everyone. Since then, the team has released a singleplayer mini-campaign called Operation Black Dawn. Black Dawn was released in January 2012, and it is a demonstration of what's to come. We are currently developing the awaited multiplayer version, which has yet to be released.

Feature List

  • Two Unique Factions that differ in weapons, vehicles, and gameplay style
  • 40+ Weapons and Vehicles
  • A Functional Ingame Economy allowing players to manage their own credits, purchase weapons and vehicles, maintain and increase income, and hurdle enemy credit flow.
  • Command & Conquer Mode is the central Renegade X gamemode, which will feature a skirmish pitted between GDI and Nod. Each team will have their own respective bases composed of key structures, and the main objective is to destroy the enemy base while protecting your own
  • A singleplayer mini-campaign, complete with 1-2 hours of gameplay and cinematics. Black Dawn was released in January 2012 and is available for download
  • Capturable Tech Structures allowing teams to buff up their offensive capabilities and economic reserves in multiplayer
  • Superweapons at the disposal of players such as Nuclear Weapons, spaced-based Ion Cannons, and airstrikes.
  • Skirmish Mode, allowing you to play offline with bots that are compatible with C&C-mode
  • And oodles more!

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RAX LogoHey Guys,

with this article we want to announce that we are now here on Moddb!

Im working on this mod since several time. And its goes its way.
Surely its still alot of work but it makes fun and at the end could be stand a really funny und exitied modification.

At the moment im a one-man team. Nearly all models are made by me. Also the graphics and the logo of the mod.

I also got some Help from different Community Members.
f.e :
Metamind who try to help me with some texture work.
HmShark who made a tesla coil and work on the soviet Sentry Gun.
Glacious who made the Header here.

Im still looking for Peopel who wants to help me.
So if you can work with the udk, or you are an 3d Artist, or an Sound Editor.. ect
Just Text me here . Im lucky for every single help, even its just one model.

This Mod will be at the end a Total Conversion of Renegade X.

Planned Featuers:
- Buildings and Units from Red Alert 2
- Two Factions: Soviets and Allieds
- Detailed Buildungs
- Vehicles modelled by Original "RA2" Voxel Models
- Play the Game as a Shooter

Here are some Impressions:

Mirage Tank

Soviet Tesla Reactor


Renegade X: Beta 5 Released!

Renegade X: Beta 5 Released!

News 23 comments

Check out the new Titans, Wolverines, TicTanks, and Recon Bikes!

Renegade X: Beta 4 - Download Today!

Renegade X: Beta 4 - Download Today!

News 16 comments

Download the award-winning FPS/RTS hybrid today!

Renegade X - Beta 4 will be out on March 22nd!

Renegade X - Beta 4 will be out on March 22nd!

News 15 comments

This FPS/RTS hybrid will be having its biggest release ever next week!

Renegade X: New Maps!

Renegade X: New Maps!

News 9 comments

Renegade X is a multiplayer Tactical Shooter based on the Command & Conquer universe. It is a standalone indie game that can be downloaded for absolutely...

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Renegade X: Beta 5

Renegade X: Beta 5

Full Version 18 comments

Check out the new Titans, Wolverines, TicTanks, and Recon Bikes!

Renegade X: Beta 4 (OUTDATED)

Renegade X: Beta 4 (OUTDATED)

Full Version 2 comments

Renegade X is a free, award-winning First/Third Person Shooter with RTS elements. Players fight for two unique teams, manage their own economies, choose...

Renegade X: Beta 4 SDK (OUTDATED)

Renegade X: Beta 4 SDK (OUTDATED)

Full Version 20 comments

We are proud to release the long-awaited Renegade X SDK! With these mod tools, you will be able to create custom levels, mutators, and modifications for...

C&C Renegade X Full Official Soundtrack

C&C Renegade X Full Official Soundtrack

Music 4 comments

The sorted and complete Renegade X Soundtrack, included the original remake of "Command & Conquer"! Reupload due to accidently including the original...

Renegade X: Beta 3 (OUTDATED)

Renegade X: Beta 3 (OUTDATED)

Full Version 12 comments

This is a full beta multiplayer candidate. Please uninstall all previous versions of Renegade X.

OUTDATED Renegade X - Open Beta 2 (OBSOLETE)

OUTDATED Renegade X - Open Beta 2 (OBSOLETE)

Full Version 15 comments

This is a full beta multiplayer candidate. Please uninstall Open Beta 1, and download and install this version.

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How many people active on this game? Will I be able to find full servers at peak hours?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No, there are few people playing this. Not sure about different times, but you will unlikely find a single full 40 player server.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey.. I have problem, RenXHud problem..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I don't know who is the creator of the Tiberian Sun vehicles or If he belongs to Renegade X team, but I just have to ask If you happen to know If this person is going to recreate the others? Like Devils Tongue, Disruptor, Orca bombers, Banshees etc. Not asking for Subterranean APC because of the scripting process.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hallo! When i try to connect the server, see the next error - Connection Lost

Package "RenxHud" version mismatch ( a lot of words and numbers )

I have the Open Beta 5.16

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Renegade Red alert 2
sounds interesting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Good game and all but is infested with hackers. they can instant kill you inside your own base with closed doors and ppl around you.and you always have to keep silent or you get noobified by the "pro" 12y old kids. well it was good while it lasted.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


would there be a way to download the game in whole?

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Highest Rated (8 agree) 10/10

Free and graphics are impossible, or at-least that is what these companies are telling us these days. Renegade-X will change this...

Sep 23 2012 by cirex

Lowest Rated (15 agree) 3/10

I played through half of the campaign and suffered through two system lockups which required shutting down my computer via the power button. The graphics were pretty decent... Comparable to games from 2008-2009, but the overall (lack of) brightness makes it difficult to discern any details in their work. It seems pointless to me to put so much effort into environments and then make them so dark that you can't see what you're doing without jacking up the gamma in your video card control panel. AI…

Jan 29 2012 by Aircraftkiller


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Apr 6 2016

What is the best marathon-ending strategy in Renegade? Think Field, Under, and Goldrush.

Feb 6 2016

Who here remembers their first boink in Renegade? Mine was in the demo days (late 2002), on Under. I was on Nod,... Fb.me

Feb 5 2016

I posted a new photo to Facebook Fb.me

Jan 30 2016

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