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An update on some progress on dev progress finding out how it should break. A teaser of an upcoming update as well as a new facebook page for easier tracking!

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Happy Easter everyone!

Lately i have been working on some anatomy of dev textures into finding out how they should be breaking apart. Giving the world more of a realistic feel instead of a simple break apart and have nothing left behind.

Thinking of how each material should be breaking apart is something to take into consideration.
Such as Metal should break apart in bigger chunks as its a more solid substance of matter, and concrete should break in either small or big depending on how it is separated, but it also leaves behind more small pieces of concrete.

Base Skeleton
Click to enlarge

The above shows a basic skeleton for a concrete structure that when broken will have the gray basic block pieces break away leaving the metal interior that will bend after a certain amount of damage is dealt.

Click to enlarge

Also for an upcoming update, i have released a teaser of the latest level design.

If you're interested in tracking our progress even further, you can now like our brand new page on facebook below and comment on all posts and pictures!

Happy Easter everyone!


Ive always been in favour in this kind of destruction, trying to implement something myself, though i ussualy end up in using too much polys (inside parts that you cant see still cost polygons :D ) Cant wait for a video!

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~Mapster(WFc) Author

Ill be sure to upload a video with some more destruction when i have some more footage to upload then! :)

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Is that second screenshot from HL 1? Where the zombie throws the guy off of the skybridge thing?

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~Mapster(WFc) Author

None of these pictures are remakes from the original half-life but good spotting!

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Thats a nice idea :D
Really cool!

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~Mapster(WFc) Author

Thank you my friend! :)

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