Thrive is a free, open-source game currently being developed by an online volunteer team called Revolutionary Games. Drawing inspiration from numerous simulation and strategy games (in particular the original concept behind the PC game Spore), Thrive is a game about a species’ evolution from unicellular organisms to galaxy-wide space travel.

Our team seeks to accomplish two major goals: create engaging, compelling gameplay that respects our players’ intelligence, and remain as accurate as possible in our depiction of known scientific theory without compromising the former. The eventual game will contain powerful creation tools, allowing players to realistically craft organisms, technology, cultures, and even entire planets.

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Write Your Own Saga of Life

Thrive’s goal is to encapsulate the player in the wonders of the universe, and to allow them to manipulate the virtual world around them in any way they please by using editors to modify technology, culture, organisms, and entire solar systems. Seven stages are planned – Microbe, Multicellular, Aware, Awakening, Society, Industrial and Space – though for the moment we’re only focusing on the first of these, as the whole project is a massive undertaking.

Simulate, Create

Explore the possibilities of simulation within a game context, competing against the game environment as you wield the forces of evolution. Create and edit an organism on its journey from insignificance to the stars, using all the creation tools at your disposal to rise above your adversaries, themselves products of evolution by natural selection as the game simulates its own ecosystem. Hunt or cooperate with a procedurally generated assortment of organisms as they collect and process resources in multiple biomes.

Difficulty levels can be set by modifying the rate of simulation in the world around you. Quicker evolution rates will pose a challenge as organisms can react to changes in less time, while slower rates won’t put you under as much pressure, so your imagination can run wild as you edit your own species’ anatomy. Choose your own way of playing.

Evolution is gradual, with minor changes made each generation for both you and other species. By collecting substances from the environment and processing them in a simulated metabolism, you can increase your species’ fitness rating, building resistance against extinction. Less successful evolutionary paths will die out, and only one may progress through the crucial transformative steps towards cell cohesion, terrestrial conquest, sentience, settlements and space travel. Will you thrive?

Rise to Galactic Dominance

From the lowly tidepools of your home planet, you will rise to cosmic prominence. Along the way, use behaviour, nation and technology editors, plus many more, to create a culture of your own. Design a roster of units and buildings using Function Parts to conquer the planet.

Defeat the armies of clashing nations within your own species, then travel off-world to do battle with the galaxy’s best adapted organisms. Control a fleet of starships of your own design, defending your own system and colonizing others. Build massive orbital structures, including the Ascension Gate. With it you can rise to a new plane of existence, even bending planets to your will. From your new perspective as the survivor of all life’s trials, watch over your domain, or go back and start all over again.

Join the Community

Along the way, trade save files and creations with friends, challenging them to survive better than you did in the same circumstances. Create brilliant technologies, or simply touch up an organism that could be a little more beautiful.

The game is completely free and open-source, so anyone can join our team provided they have the necessary skills. Visit our Get Involved page to see how you could help. Maybe you’re a talented artist or musician, a programmer, or even an expert in one of the various scientific fields we aim to simulate. We’re always on the lookout for potential new contributors.

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Is it too late to say happy New Year? Probably, but we’ll do it anyway. Happy New Year, and as 2017 takes its first steps we’re happy to present another update to Thrive: version 0.3.3.

A flashy new GUI, more realistic health and reproduction systems, and the first steps towards evolution are the flagship features, and you can read all about them below, alongside our recent podcasting efforts and plans for 2017.

Release 0.3.3

Thrive 0.3.3 is part refinement and part preparation for the future. We’ve revamped the old GUI and health/reproduction system, and our first tangible forays into evolution pave the way for full systems in future.


The most visible change on entering 0.3.3, especially for those who’ve played previous versions, is our fantastic new GUI. This has been a long time coming but, thanks to Oliveriver, it was well worth the wait (a bit like Thrive in a nutshell, hopefully).

The previous GUI was clunky and covered an unnecessary amount of the screen with dead space, tainting the game as a whole and creating quite some criticism. The new version, however, is much sharper and more orderly, sacrificing a faux-organic feel for an interface that actually works. Less of the screen is obstructed and compounds are displayed more intuitively using progress bars (though right now our temporary microbe storage arrangement reduces legibility).

Thanks to Narotiza and braguy.j, we’ve also implemented smart, professional compound and organelle icons. We hope this will make everything more readable, helping amateur and experienced players identify items at a glance. You can read the full discussion on the new GUI, with justification for the various design decisions, here.

Health and Reproduction Systems

Another prominent new feature is the addition of a basic health and reproductive system, created by TheCreator (awesome as ever). Previously, if the player lost health for some reason, it was irrecoverable and that was pretty much the end of that life. Now, however, the player can recover lost health by consuming certain compounds.

Reproduction too has been revamped, now interacting with the health system. Players must collect enough amino acids and glucose to create copies of their organelles, which spawn in their microbe as their microbe goes through the reproductive motions. Eventually your cell will split, allowing you to enter the editor as before. See the full descriptions for both systems here.

Basic NPC Mutations

As a game about evolution, it’s probably time to get some evolution in. Thanks to our newest programmer, crodnu (or his alternate persona, Count Dooku) we now have a simple NPC evolution mechanic. All the old NPC cell templates have been removed, replaced by randomly generated cells which undergo equally random mutations when they reproduce.

We wish to stress this is far from the full CPA (Compounds, Population and Auto-Evo) system the team has envisaged. At the moment there’s no element of balancing – almost all the random cells you encounter will be pretty useless at surviving. Most of our CPA plans are outlined here – though look out for a potential Devblog on the subject in the near future – and the system we’ve planned is far more thorough than what’s now in the game. At least we are officially the open-source evolution game we purport to be now…to some extent.

Miscellaneous Matters

As always, there are a bunch of small features and bug fixes. Alongside work on evolution, crodnu has worked on refactoring some of the engine involving organelle, compound, process and biome tables. So far their only repercussion on gameplay is variations in compound availability between biomes, but they should help devise more efficient systems in future.

Organelles themselves now have weight. The more you have, the slower you’ll move. No more supersonic behemoths unfortunately.

Programmer hhyyrylainen has also worked on what seem to be our eternal Linux compatibility fixes and more engine refactoring under the hood. Montyspud has also helped add random species name generation, although due to recent GUI changes this isn’t shown in the game yet.

Other News

Of course, game development itself isn’t the only thing happening in the Thrive webosphere.

Livestreams and Podcasts

Anybody remember the two podcasts the team produced in 2013 and never followed up on? Nope, neither did we, but somebody somewhere in the team suggested we start podcasting in some capacity again. You may have seen posts on our social media outlets asking for topic suggestions. At first we spoke in private a couple of times to get ourselves into the swing of things, then a few weeks ago we broadcast a Q&A livestream. You can listen to a few of us (Seregon, Oliveriver, TheCreator, Narotiza, crodnu and hhyyrylainen) fumbling about with technical gremlins before answering the audience’s questions below:

If you’re not taken by the idea of watching a two hour video, a member of the community summed it up nicely with this highlight video.

We’re hoping to do similar events semi-regularly providing enough of us are available. Not all will be Q&As and some may be pre-recorded podcasts as before, but we think it’s nice for our fans to know there are actual humans working on this game.

Future Game Features

So what next for the game? We’ve tried a couple of times to come up with a definitive list of planned items, but our open-source nature means sometimes we have to postpone a feature or add a new one whenever someone works on it. At the moment, our best guesses are more optimisation and combat mechanics, the latter adding heaps more fun to a gradually improving gameplay experience.

Community Forums and Discord

The moderators of our community forum recently set out some new rules to create a more pleasant experience for visitors and newcomers. They’ve been incorporated into our FAQ, which we remind all users of the forum is required reading for anyone before they post. In the interests of cultivating some interesting discussion, the developers will be starting occasional threads on intriguing future game features which haven’t been ironed out yet for fans and developers to contribute to together. We’d like to keep those threads more in-depth and professional than some of the content on the community forums, but unlike the development forums not everything discussed has to have relevance to developing the game as it stands now.

On a complementary note, Narotiza recently set up an official Thrive Discord server. If you want to have casual discussions with the Thrive community about topics unrelated to Thrive, we’d prefer from now on if you went there rather than used the forums, in the interests of reducing clutter and creating a more engaging environment for newcomers to Thrive.


Finally, we should probably address the last Devblog. Several things meant the planned outreach boom didn’t happen when we wanted, but with the new GUI in place in particular we’re now even more confident in the project’s appeal and are planning to go through with everything we said we would last time. This is part of the reason for a push for a more professional and welcoming atmosphere on the community forums. Expect to start seeing us promoting ourselves around the internet (hopefully for real this time).

Shortly after our last Devblog, we had our first ever proper press coverage thanks to Nicole Pacampara of Kill Screen – you can read the article she wrote on the project here. For the record, we’re still not making Spore 2.

The project is still very much alive, and if everything goes to plan, is only going to get bigger and better. For now, here’s some pretty music courtesy of Oliveriver (who, by the way, has released a portfolio of Thrive music and other compositions to download for free here, including the theme below).

See you all next time, whenever that may be!

Thrive v0.3.2 Now Available

Thrive v0.3.2 Now Available

News 9 comments

Another release for your enjoyment, this time including compound clouds, a process system overhaul, a tutorial and plenty more.

Thrive v0.3.1 Now Available

Thrive v0.3.1 Now Available

News 1 comment

Our latest release features Linux support, colored NPC cells, editor symmetry, a parallax background and various other fixes.

v0.3.0 Released!

v0.3.0 Released!

News 3 comments

Here comes our latest release with updated cell membranes, new cell organelle models, improved AI, and more! Read on for more details.

0.2.4 Released

0.2.4 Released

News 13 comments

We are back (and we apologize for our absence) with the next release of Thrive!

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Thrive v0.3.0

Thrive v0.3.0


The latest version of Thrive, including procedural membranes, organelle models and much more, is now available on ModDB. The last download here was posted...

Cell Editor Prototype

Cell Editor Prototype

Demo 46 comments

This is the earliest version of our cell editor. Enjoy and comment!

AI Editor Prototype

AI Editor Prototype

Demo 13 comments

Say hello to our first Prototpye! Many more to come!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 395)

I have been following this project for years now, probably since 2013 and you guys are doing a wonderfull job. It gets better and better every year (slowly but steadily;D). And I can see my own personal developement in this project as well. I have learned a lot more about biology in these past four years and I'm almost done with school, after which I will move on to university. It's great to see some of that knowledge in your game (mitosis etc.) and to see how my knowledge has grown. Well, ofcourse I have known most of what's in your game for quite some time now, but it is still very interesting to see all of that in a game that tries to give a realistic view of evolution and I LOVE it. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to see how this project will develop in the future!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So... this is death? Or is evolving?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They released a update a month or two ago on their website. So don't worry, it lives.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This game looks like it'll be amazing! I was just wondering, when it is released, will it also work on macs?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

the day of the release of the new update i thought abut this game and wondered how far it had gotten since last time I checked (about 1 year ago) coincidence? or destiny?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

May i ask what engine/platform the game uses/will use?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I am not a dev but I believe the engine is Ogre.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This SOUNDTRACK EHMAHGERD!!! is like ambrosia for my ears.... :3 can't wait so see how much this amazing project evolves

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Amazing idea iv already looked at the cell editor and i must say amazing concept. I cant wait to see the finished project nor can i wait to see how far it comes expect to be watched intently from now on and keep up the outstanding work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Here's our first release candidate for Thrive 0.3.4.

May 16 2017

Developer hhyyrylainen has been hard at work building a Thrive launcher.

Apr 16 2017

We're testing a new design for our community forum - what do you think of it?

Apr 13 2017

If you enjoy making art, why not join in our new monthly art competition:

Mar 23 2017

We've created a short survey asking for your thoughts on how we handle outreach.

Mar 10 2017

RT @QuQuasar: SCREW IT. I’m back.

Mar 7 2017

Our project is and always will be open-source, so anyone can contribute as much as they wish.

Feb 26 2017

We are live!

Feb 18 2017

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