Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a sandbox action-RPG strategy hybrid will take players on a journey into a fictional world of up-close and personal medieval combat on a huge scale, bigger, bloodier and more intense than ever before. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will build upon the popular Mount & Blade franchise bringing in many exciting and highly requested new features.

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Kingdoms of Arda is planned to cover a large amount middle earth, roughly following this map:


Bannerlord is supposed to be highly moddable, like warband, and if it is we'll likely have tools to bring a map like this to the new mount and blade world.

A vast amount of factions will fill the map:

Major Factions:

The major factions will play the bigger roles in Middle Earth containing powerful domains, plenty of captains, generals, lords, kings, cities, castles, villages and larger more diverse troop trees.

  1. Kingdom of Gondor
  2. Kingdom of Rohan
  3. Mordor
  4. Isengard
  5. Easterlings of Rhun (Will likely be split up into their clans)
  6. Wildmen of Dunland
  7. Haradrim of the South
  8. Haven ofUmbar
  9. Khand
  10. Dol Guldor
  11. Elves of Lorien
  12. Elves of Mirkwood
  13. Dwarves of Erebor
  14. Kingdom of Dale
  15. Imladris
  16. Elves of Lindon
  17. Dwarves of Ered Luin
  18. Orcs of the Misty Mountains
  19. Angmar

Minor Factions:

The minor factions will fill in the gaps and are often(but not always) weaker than their neighbors. Minor factions will still play a somewhat important but not a significant role.

  1. Dorwinion
  2. Anduin
  3. Enedwaith
  4. Breeland
  5. The Shire
  6. Dunedain of the North
  7. Ents of Fangorn
  8. Orcs of Belegost (Debatable)
  9. Orcs of Moria (Might be merged with orcs of misty mountains)
  10. Remnants of Rhovanion
  11. Kingdom of Saralainn
  12. Remnants of Arthedain
  13. Remnants of Rhudaur
  14. Remnants of Cardolan
  15. Snowmen of Forochel (Might be moved to Rebels, Mercs, and Others)

Rebels, Mercs, and Others:

  • Dwarves of Orocarni - Might appear in Dwarven cities as mercs or seen in quests
  • Barrow Wights - A bandit like group that harasses people of Eriador and will likely be seen in quests
  • Orc Looters - Your basic looter type warband. Parties large and small raiding in Ered Luin to Umbar
  • Fellowship - Depending on the time frame of the mod, the fellowship of the ring may interact with the character
  • Avari/Dark Elves - Influence on the more eastern settlements
  • Uruk/Troll/Other - As the forest/tundra/steppe/etc. bandits are to looters, the uruk bands, troll tribes, giant spiders and other beast will be to orc looters. Although much stronger. Also Mercs.
  • Rebels - There may be a faction to own unused lands to act as a buffer to bigger factions. Much like the feature in Medieval 2 Total War, weak unorganized, unleaded people will own much of the land of middle earth. Featuring a single (or very few) lord(s) rebels will be a target for early player factions and faction expansion.


The first released playable map will be focused on Gondor and the neighboring lands.


  • Blue - Gondor
  • Green - Rohan
  • Grey - Isengard
  • Black - Mordor
  • Brown - Dunland
  • Red - Harad
  • Dark Green -Fangorn
  • Light Brown - Enedwaith
  • Orange - Rhun


(use Fangorn and rhun at the bottom for some positioning ;))


  • Pink - Vale of Anduin
  • Dark Green(uh that one. Yes you understand) - Dol Guldor
  • Light Green - Elves of Mirkwood
  • Yellow - Elves of Lorien
  • Blue - Dale
  • Red - Erebor
  • Grey - Rhovanion
  • Brown - Misty Mountains



  • Light Blue - Lindon
  • Dark Blue - Rivendell
  • Red - Angmar
  • Purple - Arthedain
  • Yellow - Shire
  • Dirty gold Brown - Breeland
  • Grey - Cardolan
  • Cyan - Rhudaur
  • Greenish cyan - Ered Luin
  • Green - Dunedain
  • Brown - Belegost


(Sea of Rhun is blue)


  • Purple - Dorwinion
  • Pink - Khand
  • Orange(right) - Balcoth
  • Orange(left) - Sagath
  • Brown - Urgath
  • Yellow - Logath
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Guest Nov 23 2015 says:

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snowpowers Nov 23 2015 replied:

its not out yet

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Guest Nov 21 2015 says:

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SquizzyT Nov 19 2015 says:

instead of making a musket mod like napoleonic wars for bannerlord u should make a roman empire mod

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snowpowers Nov 23 2015 replied:

there is a roman mod being made for this look at the mods

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Guest Nov 14 2015 says:

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Vipsanius Nov 10 2015 says:

I bought Mount and Blade before the official release.
I bought Mount and blade Warband before the official release.
I've paid much more for less over the years.
I've had years of enjoyment.
I'd pay for Bannerlord today just to get a demo and see it grow.

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Branden-Magister Nov 19 2015 replied:

same, message me if that happens xD

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snowpowers Oct 30 2015 says:

man I cant wait to see how good the mods are going to be for Bannerlord
there are a lot of good mod teams out there and good people

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Guest Oct 4 2015 says:

looks nice

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