I Shall Remain is a Post Apocalyptic ARPG game with Survival aspects. Located in the old New York city at the end of WW2, when Nazis managed to release a deadly virus over US territory, the game puts you in charge of finding a cure and at the same time, keeping alive Humanity's hope of survival.

I Shall Remain
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Game episodes
Prologue Prologue

Download (free to play) (Eugen33 3 years ago)

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Game world
Story Story

Spoiler alert! The original script... (marine_jake 2 years ago)

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Weapons Weapons

The weapons of the Prologue (marine_jake 2 years ago)

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Characters Characters

Captain CJ Hodges (marine_jake 2 years ago)

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Zombies Zombies

Zombie Marauder - HD (virgiltuser 2 years ago)

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Attributes and Skills (florinudrea 2 years ago)

Attributes and Skills

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Development news and feature requests from players
News News

Minimum requirements (I shall... (galant 2 years ago)

I Shall Remain - Prologue (new...

I Shall Remain - Prologue is up...

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Feature requests or suggestions Feature requests or suggestions

graspee's suggestions (graspee 2 years ago)

Dolore's Suggestions

Video response for Auzar here!

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Gameplay, how-to's and tips
How to's How to's

Prologue - Game tips (Eugen33 3 years ago)


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Controls Controls

Controls (Eugen33 3 years ago)

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Bug reports
Bug report Bug report

Known issues (grimravenous 1 year ago)

Sometimes the game dont load the...

Can't launch "I Shall Remain...

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