I Shall Remain (ISR) makes you responsible for the life of one US Marine who has awoken in a Zombie infested world. Its up to you to lead him on a path that will allow him to survive, fight back and become a leader of men. ISR has superb artwork, music and storytelling that is reflective of the high quality standard that its creators live for. Its creators have challenged themselves to leave a lasting impression on the independent gaming industry with a serious, entertaining and cost-effective game dedicated to a group of young people who created a culture. ISR will be released in episodes. Each episode of the game will build on previously installed content and will have new features, content and will tell a new part of the game story. The game's prologue will be released in January 2011 for free and will include a tutorial so players can have a running start when the first game episode is released.

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Small descriptions on how to do one thing or another into the game