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Jan 12 2012 Anchor


Strength indicates your physical power. It influences the amount of damage done in close combat and allows you to maneuver heavier weapons more easily.
Strength is also important in determining how much load you can carry.

Agility indicates your general combat technique. It directly determines your attack speed when using both melee and ranged weapons and also shortens the reload times of your guns.
Agility is a measure of how fast you can move and how well you can dodge enemies' attacks.

Accuracy indicates your hand-eye coordination. It controls your precision when firing ranged weapons such as pistols and rifles, as well as your ability to inflict critical wounds.
To a lesser extent, accuracy affects your medical ability and throwing grenades and flares.

Endurance indicates your overall physical conditioning. It influences the ability to run over long distances, as well as the amount of damage you can take while in combat.
Endurance also plays a part in performing other strenous activities, such as driving or engaging in close combat.

Intelligence indicates your general knowledge of the world. Outside of combat, it determines your medical prowess.
Higher intelligence also allows you to better control your teammates on the battlefield.

Charisma indicates how well you are perceived by others. It governs your ability to command a squad and to negotiate for better prices when bartering with merchants.


Unarmed indicates your capability to fight bare-handed.

Melee indicates how well you can fight using close combat weapons, such as crowbars and blunt weapons.

Small Arms indicates your ability to handle single-handed guns, such as pistols and SMGs.

Rifles indicates how well you can handle higher caliber weapons, such as rifles and shotguns.

Heavy Weapons indicates your competence when wielding exotic weapons, such as the flamethrower and bazooka.

Explosives indicates the effectiveness of your grenades, flares and mines.

Medical indicates your ability to heal wounds and process raw serum.

Vehicles indicates your skill at operating and maintaining means of transport, such as cars and tanks.

Leadership indicates how many teammates you can have under your command.

Dual Weapons indicates your proficiency at handling two small weapons simultaneously.


Health indicates how much damage you can endure before you are incapacitated.

Stamina indicates how long you can run. While your stamina bar is empty, you cannot run and your attack speed is decreased.

Attack indicates your overall chance to hit, factoring in your skill with the equipped weapon.

Damage indicates the efficiency of your hits with the equipped weapon.

Defense indicates your chance to evade your enemies' attacks.

Armor indicates the amount of damage absorbed after being hit by an enemy.

Critical Hit indicates your chance to deal additional damage with each succesful hit.

Encumbrance indicates your carry capacity. If you exceed your encumbrance threshold, you will find it harder to run or even move.

Bonus Points are obtained when your achieve a bonus level in one of your primary attributes, every ten levels. Bonus levels require twice as much experience to level up. Bonus points are used for learning more efficient doctrines and hiring powerful allies.

Serum is used as a potent medicine against the Zo-M81 virus. It can be synthesized from infected blood collected from fallen zombies. Given its importance and elusiveness, serum has become the common local currency.

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