Imagine that you land in a world 20 years after chaotic and bloody events have swept across the entire continent in a wave of wars, crusades and unexplained murders. You are a pivot in the middle of the conflict between the descendants of the world's first makers.

You can take one of the sides, join a guild, family or order and in their name retake sacred grounds that other families are trying to claim. You can join with your friends and follow the trail of missing artifacts surrounded by legends. You can delve into the mysteries of unnerving events, learn the history and take possession of the wisdom and glory it holds.

Beware though, for your every step will be watched by enemies who will lie in wait for a your moment of weakness. When the time is right for them, they shall take away what is dearest to you.

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Who we are?


Black Eye Games is an Indie studio that unites over 30 experienced developers.
Some of us were a part of the teams that brought you 'The Witcher' or 'Neverwinter Nights'.

Among us there are also team members who are working as Software Engineers in huge corporations.

Our team has been working together for over half of a year and the years-long experience we've gathered allows us to persistently move towards our goal, a completed Gloria Victis.

Game Features:

  • Great PvP | Fight to the death, loot defeated enemies with an innovative looting system, participate in knight tournaments, epic realm vs realm wars where armies collide and castle/city sieges.
  • Realistic Combat | Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter, using weapons and armour modelled upon authentic medieval equipment.
  • Deep Background | Choose between the four nations of Midlanders, Azebs, Ismirs and Sangarians, each based upon a real medieval power and equipped with a rich culture, belief system and history as well as aesthetically different equipment.
  • Complex Progression System | Build your character from scratch or choose one of premade builds. Earn stats and skills and level up to become who you want to be – there are no boundaries at all!
  • Sandbox Crafting System | Create your own items with Gloria Victis' ten different crafts, in which your success depends on your skill rather than luck. Specialise in one profession, becoming one of the crafting masters shaping your nation’s economy or be a self-reliant jack of all trades.
  • Non-instanced Housing System | Build your own house, set up your village and fortify it together with your guild members. Besiege the castles of your enemies and rule over large territories.
  • Harsh World | Survive in an unpleasant, living open world, full of wild animals, robbers, monsters from medieval legends and beasts in human form. The choices you make affect the way people react to you.
  • Breath-taking Storyline | Deep, epic, non-linear story co-created with Jacek Komuda and Maciej Jurewicz, well-known writers and authors of The Witcher’s story script, numerous books and an RPG setting. There also are extensive dialogues and mature quests – Gloria Victis brings the 'RPG' back to 'MMORPG'.
  • Rich Social System | Be part of a living feudal society – serve as vassal or become a powerful lord, build the world’s economy, create and lead influential guilds, conquer territories under your own unique banner and shape the political map of the world. You can take one of the sides, join a guild, family or order and in their name retake sacred grounds that other families are trying to claim. You can join with your friends and follow the trail of missing artifacts surrounded by legends. You can delve into the mysteries of unnerving events, learn the history and take possession of the wisdom and glory it holds.
  • Huge world to explore | Enjoy travels through our non-instanced world, discover ancient secrets and seek forgotten treasure ‒ or just take a stroll through our vibrant living environmentJoin Pre-Alpha now and:

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The Gloria Victis v.0.5 update – the biggest one, so far – finally went live! It not only introduces many so long-awaited improvements and features, such as the total rework of the inventory, guilds, NPC shops and buffs systems, awesome performance increase, new locations or new NPC enemies, but also moves Gloria Victis to the Alpha stage!

The most among all of the improvements is rework of the inventory and guilds system that fixed numerous issues and improved the user experience a lot – players can now expand their inventory and depot space by equipping additional sacks and bags, as well as manage their guilds easier with the guild announcements system. In the nearest future the guild system will be expanded with implementation of the in-game coats of arms editor, allowing the guild masters to create their own multi-layer emblems that will be visible on the flags and banners placed in locations captured by the guild and, in later stages of development, on the shields and tabards!

The buffs system also has been redesigned, so now players can use dozens of meals, beverages and potions to earn helpful effects. Buffs for conquering and controlling the locations have been implemented as well, giving an additional reward for domination in the war of nations and greatly increasing the meaning of the territory control system. The latter received numerous improvements as well, such as implementation of the fortifications repair mechanics or a reworked upgrades window.

The overall user experience has been greatly improved as well – a buy-back tab has been implemented in the NPC vendors window, the entire game interface has been refreshed and new locations and NPC enemies have been added to the world. There are also numerous minor improvements and fixes to the game balance, animations, graphics, sound effects and AI – let’s just mention that the small animals run away from the players and the humanoid NPC enemies are stepping back when a powerful player character comes close to them with their weapon unsheathed.

It is a great moment to join the game, as every player will have a fresh start. Moreover, as the milestone of moving to Alpha has been achieved, numerous new features and improvements are going to be implemented in the nearest future, such as the dynamic points of interest system, the in-game coats of arms editor or new locations or new dialogs and background speeches for NPCs.

New official gameplay trailer!

New official gameplay trailer!

2 weeks ago News 4 comments

The new gameplay trailer of Gloria Victis has just been released, as the version 0.5 is very close to being finished and released. It will introduce the...

UI overhaul final tests have been started!

UI overhaul final tests have been started!

1 month ago News 1 comment

The final straight before the implementation of the massive UI overhaul

Version 0.4.7 is live

Version 0.4.7 is live

1 month ago News 2 comments

Combat and performance improvements, world map expansion.

Important combat system expansion

Important combat system expansion

1 month ago News 0 comments

Headshots detection and reviving the unconcious players implemented in the latest version.

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eocar89 Oct 26 2015 says:

news about steam release?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jetcutter Aug 20 2015 says:

Looking good folks!

+1 vote     reply to comment
reok Jan 13 2015 says:

Looking forward to play test this game :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
canis_lupus Dec 3 2014 says:

Will this game be FTP or pay per month?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 4 2014 replied:

f2p at release you can play now the PRE-ALPHA for 10$

+5 votes     reply to comment
guenosnolife Dec 13 2014 replied:

but f2p ruin all game, why not small price (not more than 5€) per month is good price and without boosting idiot level or stuff.

-2 votes     reply to comment
mixerdust Jul 27 2015 replied:

"f2p sucks, the playerbase will be booming, IT SUCKS!!! BLAAARGH!!!" i hate these people, f2p is good when done right

+2 votes     reply to comment
ShakesPub Oct 24 2014 says:

You life NDA yet? Hopefully soon so people can see more of your game and decide whether to invest or not...good luck!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Joel_Walter_Newman Oct 2 2014 says:

Nice to see a solid update. I haven't played in a few weeks so I may have to log on and check it out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Sep 9 2014 says:

hope the game get some donations, it deserve it . why all good games with the right vision are low budget ,wish that game would have got donated the 50 million doallars instead of star citizen.

hope they get the combat system to a point that it is fun like in darksoals or mount and blade.

and that they have developers working for them who made the witcher games is nice

+5 votes     reply to comment
Guest Feb 10 2015 replied:

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