EndCiv is a post apocalyptic strategy game with city building elements. The major challenge for the player is to build-up a settlement and defend it against various threads. Some of the resources are directly connected to the environmental simulation such as animal population and weather, dependent on daytime, season, rain and wind.

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1 comment by Eyello on Apr 25th, 2015

On December last year we successfully failed at our Indiegogo campaign.
Quite some things happened since then. We elaborated other opportunities to fund the project but none of those were compelling. As a result Kutsarit had to left after half of a year without any income.
Thanks for your support buddy!

The game concept still had some issues of which we were aware of early on and we decided to re-elaborate some things. After a quite huge redesign we finally decided to cut all the recent changes and go with the initial design of EndCiv and rethink some of the aspects.

The new concept resulted in far more consistent gameplay mechanics. To get an overview of the game, read on.

EndCiv is a post apocalyptic strategy game with city building elements. The major challenge for the player is to build-up a settlement and defend it against various threads. Some of the resources are directly connected to the environmental simulation such as animal population and weather, dependent on daytime, season, rain and wind.

Major resources are:
Synthetic: Plastic waste of the past civilization
Scrap: Metallic and electronic waste
Wood: Classic, chopped from trees

The former resource rubble has been replaced. It made no sense.
With those resources the player can craft a lot of things. Tools, items and constructions are made out of those resources.

Besides of that there are more advanced goods which allow the creation of additional things:
Mechanics, Electronics, Chemicals, Generator, Microchip, solar cells, Rubber, Fabric and a few others.

The game will feature a battling system most similar to know RTS and tactical game mechanics. There will be Melee weapons, Low- and Mid-Caliber weapons and ammunition and throw able weapons such as a Molotov cocktail.
For those kind there will be prewar and handmade versions. This might be familiar from Fallout or Metro. Prewar items are always more powerful but even more valuable.

Housing in EndCiv will follows simple guidelines. There are various sizes (small and medium) and various types of buildings. Both parameters have influence on the satisfaction of the residents.

Shanty Shack
Low quality building, made from trash and scrap. Quick to build, but weak. Lowest consumption of goods.
Plastic tent
Tents made out of fabric. Even weaker than shanty shacks but more enjoyable. Low consumption of goods.
Scrap house
More solid and nicer houses. More space to live. Moderate consumption of goods.
Wodden huts
Thus far the most advanced type of housing. Much space, high rate of good consumption but very
nice to live in.

These concepts have been created a year ago and still fit to the new direction. There are tents, scrap and wooden buildings. It shows the idea of increasing quality.
The concept of the bunker an headquarter has been removed.

Some houses can be upgraded with solar panels to supply themselves with energy.

The citizens in the game are simulated like the Sims, but with different parameters. There are three major and three secondary needs.

Hydration constantly decreases. Hydration can be fulfilled by drinking water. If hydration is low the person dehydrates. If hydration is null, the person dies.
Saturation constantly decreases. Saturation can be fulfilled by food. If saturation is high the person becomes malnourished. If saturation is null, the person dies.
Health can be increased by resting, medication or surgery. If health is low the person becomes wounded. If health is null the person dies.

Energy constantly decreases. Energy can be increased by sleeping. If energy is low the person becomes tired. If energy is null the person falls asleep instantly.
Mind reduces by various horrible events the person experiences. Mind normalizes over time. If mind is low the person becomes crazy. If mind is zero the person becomes insane and acts unpredictable. An insane person might never be completely recovered.
Digestion decreases constantly. If digestion is zero the person produces poop instantly. Digestion can be satisfied at the toilet.

There are various kinds of food.
Canned Food is relevant at the early game and can only be found in the environment.
Meat can be gathered by all kind of living being. Each being has different likenesses.
There is Raw, Rotten and Cocked meat.
Vegetables can be grown at farmland.
Potatoes can be grown at farmland.
Processed food is cooked food with numerous ingredients. Best quality food.
Cattle can be raised.
Food can't be stored forever. Each type of food has different duration values and rot over time.
There will be different kinds of warehouses which store resources more secure and make food long-life, such as a refrigerated warehouse. This will on the other hand consume lots of energy. If it runs out of power, the food will decrease dramatically.

The player has control on the resource consumption. Rations can be defined. High amount of rations may result in five times more resource consumption.
Also the type of food has a great impact. Human meat can be eaten by citizens if necessary.
The player can ban or kill citizens and animals in order to save resources. Banned citizens may riot and steal resources. So do unhappy citizens as well.

Additionally some short descriptions:
Trading allows the player to trade any good with numerous traders. Including slavery.
Traders visit the game map from time to time. The global market changes during the game. Canned Food for instance will become rare after a few years.

Combat consists of defence and offence. Hunting is important to gain enough meat. Defence is important to not get raided by animals or humans. The construction of a little fort is possible, featuring 4 levels of barricades.

Prisons are available to store caught enemies. Those can be converted or sold at slave traders.

Realism is an important point of the game. This means logical patterns but also a lot of cruelty. People who die remain, rot and transform to skeletons. Bodies can be buried, but also be sold to cannibals or be processed to feed animals or citizens. Wild animals may catch bodies, move them to their homes and eat.

are not part of the game, especially for the facts written above. The settlement only rises due to immigrants. Also the size of a settlement starts with 3-5 and has 20-30 in the late game.

For those who are interested this is hopefully a good basis to understand where the game is heading.
In summer we want to get the basic gameplay ready. In best case there will be an early access version available then.

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Dutcher Dec 3 2014, 6:07am says:


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Eyello Creator
Eyello Nov 18 2014, 2:04pm says:

An update has been posted on Indiegogo!

+1 vote   reply to comment
The_Cheese_Dragon Nov 14 2014, 8:20am says:

looks really good, can't wait to play it!

tracking :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Eyello Creator
Eyello Nov 13 2014, 4:31pm says:

We launched our campaign, here it goes:

+2 votes   reply to comment
Eyello Creator
Eyello Nov 13 2014, 9:27am says:

We will launch our Indiegogo campaign TODAY.
You can open your pocket already :D

+2 votes   reply to comment
shadow_dragon_8807 Oct 14 2014, 10:08pm says:

Just came across your page, have to say this looks AMAZING. Eagerly watching and waiting and tracking. : )

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dave145 Oct 13 2014, 1:22pm says:

But one question I do have... will there be "playable Factions"? You know like in Fallout... Vault City (futuristic), NCR ... or Tribals.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Eyello Creator
Eyello Oct 13 2014, 2:39pm replied:

Not exactly, but let me explain.
You can choose a character as the leader of the group. The character has a back-story and some values which influence gameplay positively or negatively.
You may choose a character with a military or criminal background if you want to focus on combat or someone with a research or economic background for another style of play.

You will not be able to do anything in the game at once and you have to focus on a few aspects first (food, defence, research, expansion etc). Over time you grow your settlement and the citizens level up (there are skills for each) and you can try to focus on other aspects of the game as well.

There are tribes and such but you cannot play them. But whatever you do influences your 'karma' on them.

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Dave145 Oct 13 2014, 1:18pm says:

How much....no don't say it. Just take my money, good Sir!

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DiamondBorne Jul 26 2014, 12:57pm says:

Question: Will we get get guns or be able to produce them? And Real-time strategy element? Like turns a group of citizens into guards that will be exempt from usual "citizen-like" routine, allow us to lasso them and left click attack or explore, something like that.

If i ask this in Banished game it would be too much as there's no real threat in Banished. But EndCiv game is set in a harsh context with living danger walking around so i thought having tactical elements here is not too far-fetch to ask.

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Eyello Creator
Eyello Jul 26 2014, 1:56pm replied:

Hello, tactical and combat features are the second big part of EndCiv.
A few days ago we were discussing the implementation of such features again because there are so many possibilities and issues.

The idea of limited resources will also affect military elements. We think about that weapons, ammunition and else can be found or must be researched and produced. Also items can be equipped and exchanged between soldiers.

I believe that we have to do a lot of testing to figure out the best balance between all of the values like how much can a soldier carry? How quick can items be produced? Do weapons need 20 or 1 shoot to kill someone? How much food to they need or how long can they survive outside of the city?
All of that are questions to solve.

At the very beginning we will add the feature to hunt animals for a start. Then animals can attack people, too.

Later in the game we imagine raiders which require food and goods or which attack trade routes. Soldiers are there to protect your citizens in first stage.

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