Unreal Engine 2 is a complete game development framework targeted at today's mainstream PC's, Microsoft's Xbox game console, and Sony's PlayStation 2.

Milkshape 3D Basics & Fundamentals

Milkshape 3D Basics & Fundamentals

Other Tutorial 10 comments

A tutorial on the fundamentals and basic use of Milkshape 3D by Ben "Zom-B" Wilson. I cover the GUI of Milkshape, creating simple shapes using two different...

Killing Floor Mapping Guide
Killing Floor

Killing Floor Mapping Guide

Killing Floor Mapping/Technical 30 comments

Killing Floors tutorial for getting started making custom maps for the FPS Horror Survival game.

Photo to Seamless texture

Photo to Seamless texture

Textures Tutorial 13 comments

How to make a seamless/well tiling texture from a photo and add additional parts to make the texture "your own".


Basic map creating

POSTAL 2 Mapping/Technical 3 comments

In my tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a square box map. It is really easy in Postal 2, unlike many games which can take quite a bit...

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2004 Mapping (Video Tutorial)

Unreal Tournament 2004 Mapping/Technical 6 comments

The basics of UT2004 mapping.

Land Of The Dead

Land of the Dead Level Screenshots and LevelSummary, using the BladeIN mod

Land Of The Dead Mapping/Technical 0 comments

The original Land of the Dead game did not do anything with the "Screenshot", or other properties available in the normal LevelInfo/Level Summary...

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

RO Level Design: Actor Reference Guide

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Mapping/Technical 0 comments

This is the first official guide of many from the Red Orchestra team. It looks at Level Design and the custom actors which Red Orchestra supports, beyond...

Tribes: Vengeance

Skinning tutorial, by Killbot.

Tribes: Vengeance Skinning 1 comment

This tutorial, written by Killbot, explains the usage of TVed to make custom skins for the game.

Unreal Wiki

Management Tutorial 9 comments

The Unreal Wiki is the premier source for all modding information that relates to the Unreal Series of Engines. From Unreal 1, to Unreal Tournament 2003.

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