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Many WAD files have the same name (e.g. DOOM.WAD). The versions can only be differentiated correctly using hash values. Here is my simplified solution. With WADidentify, you can either drag and drop the CMD file or use the file browser to find most commercial WAD files (and some PK3 files).

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  1. Please download and unzip the program first:

  2. Start the script file "WADidentify.cmd" or Drag & Drop a WAD or PK3 file onto the cmd file. This window is displayed (if Drag & Drop is used, the window is displayed as shown in 3.).


  3. Drag & Drop a WAD or PK3 file onto the cmd file, or select the WAD or PK3 file in the "Open file window". The file is identified and the information is displayed:


  4. Here you can see the information about the game and the version of the file:

    WADidentify 2 1 Result

  5. The CRC32 hash value can be seen here:

    WADidentify 2 2 Result

  6. The original file name is displayed in the marked area. Sometimes WAD files are renamed (example for the Ultimate Doom version of DOOM.WAD = doom_v19ud.wad):

    WADidentify 2 3 Result

  7. If a file cannot be identified, an error message is issued and a log file with the relevant information is created. The CRC32 hash value is also saved in the clipboard:

    WADidentify 3 Unknown

    WADidentify 4 Textfile

I am grateful for informations and suggestions for improvement. Since I am not yet able to program, batch is currently my preferred solution. Hope my script is helpful and sorry for my mistakes in the English language...

Best regards

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