Doom 64 is a game in the Doom Franchise released exclusively for the N64. However, due to the hard efforts of a team of developers, a port has been made for the PC in the form of Doom 64 EX.

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DOOM 64 Absolution TC is back and this time fully remastered !

Logo 2 KEX Size 2

this is the version DOOM 64 Absolution TC fully remastered, and compatible for the port source DOOM 64 Remastered or EX, there will be the 4 maps exclusive DOOM 64 TC, there will be certain maps that will have new rooms exclusive of TC, two new monsters will appear in the main campaign the specter nightmare and the cacodemon nightmare will be back ! there will also be TC's super secrets that will be added to honor the creators of DOOM 64 TC, it will have 3 new campaigns that will be added Outcast Level (10 new maps) Redemption Denied (8 new maps) The Reckoning (9 new maps).

for the new campaigns they will be placed in a HUB, the player will have the choice to choose which campaign he wants to play why ? as it is not possible to create new custom episodes in the menu DOOM 64 at this time.

I finally found a solution to add custom monsters in DOOM 64, by modifying the D64 source code, I was able to add custom monsters ! a big thank you to kovic 64 for explaining to me how to modify the source code without him I would never have succeeded, so that means for the EX version of TC Remastered, all new custom monsters TC will be added ! but not for the port Remastered because the source code of the Remastered is closed, so I can't add the new custom monsters TC in Remastered.

DOOM 64 Absolution TC Version Original You can download it here

DOOM 64 Absolution TC Version Remastered not yet available it is under development.

TC Remastered and also on doomworld if you want more info go here

Video Of Demonstration:

Map List For The Port Remastered:

Campaign: Absolution (version for the port Remastered)
MAP01: Staging Area
MAP02: The Terraformer
MAP03: Main Engineering
MAP04: Holding Area
MAP05: Tech Center
MAP06: Alpha Quadrant
MAP07: Nukage Facility
MAP08: Research Lab
MAP09: Outpost Omega
MAP10: Final Outpost
MAP11: Even Simpler
MAP12: The Bleeding
MAP13: Terror Core
MAP14: Dark Citadel
MAP15: Altar of Pain
MAP16: Eye of the Storm
MAP17: Dark Entires
MAP18: Blood Keep
MAP19: Watch Your Step
MAP20: Spawned Fear
MAP21: The Spiral
MAP22: Breakdown
MAP23: Pitfalls
MAP24: Burnt Offerings
MAP25: Unholy Temple
MAP26: No Escape
MAP27: Forbidden Deeper
MAP28: Shadows Watching
MAP29: The Lair
MAP30: The Absolution
MAP31: In The Void (secret level)
MAP32: Cat And Mouse (secret level)
MAP35: Playground (secret level)
MAP36: Crisis (secret level)
MAP37: Hardcore (secret level)
MAP38: Doom64 Museum
MAP39: Death Labs
MAP40: Hectic (secret level)

Campaign: The Outcast Levels
MAP01: Destroy
MAP02: Stepwalk
MAP03: Control
MAP04: Forge
MAP05: Portal
MAP06: Darkened
MAP07: Traps
MAP08: Derelict
MAP09: Nebula
MAP10: Radiant

Map List For The Port EX:

Campaign: Absolution (version for the port EX)
MAP02: Staging Area
MAP03: The Terraformer
MAP04: Main Engineering
MAP05: Holding Area
MAP06: Tech Center
MAP07: Alpha Quadrant
MAP08: Nukage Facility
MAP09: Research Lab
MAP10: Outpost Omega
MAP11: Final Outpost
MAP12: Even Simpler
MAP13: The Bleeding
MAP14: Terror Core
MAP15: Dark Citadel
MAP16: Altar of Pain
MAP17: Eye of the Storm
MAP18: Dark Entires
MAP19: Blood Keep
MAP20: Watch Your Step
MAP21: Spawned Fear
MAP22: The Spiral
MAP23: Breakdown
MAP24: Pitfalls
MAP25: Burnt Offerings
MAP26: Unholy Temple
MAP27: No Escape
MAP28: Forbidden Deeper
MAP29: Shadows Watching
MAP30: The Lair
MAP31: The Absolution
MAP32: In The Void (secret level)
MAP34: Cat And Mouse (secret level)
MAP35: Playground (secret level)
MAP36: Crisis (secret level)
MAP37: Hardcore (secret level)
MAP38: Doom64 Museum
MAP39: Death Labs
MAP40: Hectic (secret level)

///// CREDITS \\\\\

Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser) for DOOM 64 Absolution TC

Styd051 for having remastered DOOM 64 Absolution TC

Aubrey Hodges for Doom 64 Official Soundtrack

Footman for porting the exclusive maps of DOOM 64 TC for DOOM 64 EX

Nevander for completing the 3 maps unfinished the Outcast Level

xthegiddoomerx for porting Outcast Level, Redemption Denied and The Reckoning maps for DOOM 64 EX

AtomicFrog for sprite shotgun and super shotgun with doomguy's hand (DOOM 64 RELOADED)

Immorpher for doing the logo Absolution TC Remastered, and for helping me

CoTeCiO for the zombie shotgun in black color

Kovic64 for having adjusted the switches Outcast Level when texture filtering is enabled in the Steam version

Twilightsoul1 for testing TC Remastered, and for helping me find bugs to fix

GIBBON for making the port source EX plus, because the version of DOOM 64 Absolution TC Remastered EX, uses code source the port source EX plus as a base

Steppskie for testing TC Remastered

D64ifier Core updated to 1.05, Monsters updated to 1.0, and new Hi-Res Textures

D64ifier Core updated to 1.05, Monsters updated to 1.0, and new Hi-Res Textures

News 2 comments

Three updates today for The D64ifier: The Core module has been updated to 1.05 (better liquid, improved lighting, and a fixed brightmap), the Monsters...

idTech1: How to easily identify the many different WAD files

idTech1: How to easily identify the many different WAD files

Other Tutorial

Many WAD files have the same name (e.g. DOOM.WAD). The versions can only be differentiated correctly using hash values. Here is my simplified solution...

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City of Doom 2.2

City of Doom 2.2

Singleplayer Map

Travel across the hell-torn city seeking out the 6 keys. Fight mini bosses and hordes of Hell's armies as you find powerups in the local stores, bars...

The D64ifier Hi Res Textures Beta 1 (including specular and normal maps)

The D64ifier Hi Res Textures Beta 1 (including specular and normal maps)

Textures 14 comments

Check out this nonsense! I upscaled every single texture from The D64ifier by 400%, then created specular maps and normal maps for all of them, then registered...

D64ifier MUSIC v0.90

D64ifier MUSIC v0.90


This is the D64ifier Music Module! This will replace all music in the classic Doom games with Doom 64 music by Aubrey Hodges. Every time a level loads...

D64ifier MONSTERS v1.0

D64ifier MONSTERS v1.0

Skin Pack 14 comments

This is the D64ifier Monsters Module! This will give all the monsters their D64 appearance (except that the zombies now actually look different from each...

D64ifier WEAPONS v0.90

D64ifier WEAPONS v0.90

Weapons Skin 2 comments

This is the D64ifier Weapons Module! It replaces all weapons and ammo with their Doom 64 counterparts.

Hell On Earth Sound - Soundtrack

Hell On Earth Sound - Soundtrack


Hell On Earth Sound - Soundtrack (2005-2009) by Neurological (MP3)


Any mods for this re release???

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March 20th 2020 is going to be an big day for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 players.. Doom 64 hits all those systems.

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