In the near future: Led by greed and hatred mankind drove itself into another world war. The forces of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere attacked each other with everything their destructive arsenal had to offer. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons wiped out entire countries. The combined effect of the weapons resulted in an unforeseen side effect; a supervirus emerged that mutated all the men on Earth. For unknown reasons the women were unaffected. But they weren't safe either...

The mutated men, though intelligent, lost touch with reality. From their corrupted minds a new order was formed; 'the Pax Pox'. Its first priority is to rid the world of the "impure".

The women who survived the war united to form an army against the mutant aggressors and called themselves "the Amazons".

Today one of the Amazon outposts is attacked and their leader; Amira is taken captured. Her last hope is her loyal friend; Harmony.

Will Harmony be able to rescue her friend and the rest of the human race?

Harmony is a 11-level stand-alone total conversion, created by Thomas van der Velden and released after five years of development. In its updated 1.1 version, it is recognized as an IWAD by ZDoom 2.4.0 and newer.

The soundtrack consists of three songs from Kyū's album "The Edge" (2009), specifically track #6 ("Untitled", used on MAP02, MAP03, MAP10 and MAP11), #7 ("Mercury Stripes, Blue Mess", used on MAP01, MAP04, MAP05, MAP08 and MAP09) and #10 ("The Edge", used on MAP06, MAP07, and the intermission, endgame and title screens).

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Hi everyone!
After a year of intermittant developing in my spare time, the 2.4 version it's finally out!

As always I want to dedicate a few lines to thanks eviltechno, who helped me a lot, from suggesting new features (most of them comes from his ideas) to testing DML 2.X inside out.
Without his help this project would not be the same.

DML 2 4 main

Changelog 21/04/2021 - v2.4


  • Added support for loading ".iwad" and ".ipk3" file has an IWAD (Now you can launch "Castelvania: Simon's Destiny" and other unofficial games trough DML 2.X!)
  • Added file explorer shortcut to each "FILE" subfolder under the "Open" menu on the left of the software main window.
  • Added "Mod list view mode" to manage the new 3 view mode of the file list: "ONLY FILE NAME" show only the mod name, "FOLDER AND FILE NAME" show the file name and the folder where it's placed and "FULL PATH" shows the full path to the mod. Can be changed in the preferences menu, default to "ONLY FILE NAME" (Thanks to rye74 for suggesting this feature)
  • Added welcome screen with some info about the software and how you can contact me.
  • Mods in mod order window can now be directly pushed to the top or the bottom of the list by holding down "CTRL" while clicking on the "UP" or "DOWN" button.
  • Mods now can be also ordered by folder and path. (Thanks to rye74 for suggesting this feature)
  • Mods in the Mod Loading Order window can be moved UP or DOWN with the arrow keys.
  • Mods in the Mod Loading Order window can be removed with the DELETE key.
  • Updated about box with new P36 Software logo, new support email, button links to my "business" twitter (@p36software) and to Tank Rider (my new game).
  • Updated "unhandled exception" message to show the current software version.
  • Updated assembly info


  • Fixed bug where "search" and "extension" filter in mods list were resetted to default when clicking on "Reload resources".
  • Fixed bug where "USE_ADVANCED_SELECTION_MODE" flag was ignored on appllication start until the user opened and closed the preferences window.
  • Fixed bug where application would crash if in the mod load order windows, the last mod was removed and, without selecting another mod, the user tried to move up or down a mod.
  • Fixed bug where all mods name in Mod Load Order window will change to "DoomModLoader2.Entity.PathName" .
  • Fixed bug where the select preset will reset to "-" when the user clicked on "Reload resources".
  • Fixed bug where the latest added iwad file does not always get automatically selected.
  • Fixed bug whe preset name with spaces at the beginning or end of the file will make resets DML2X ini values to defaults.



(This is only the latest version changelog, you can find the full DML version history here)

DML 2 4 mod order window

Supported sourceport

As for this version, the only tested sourceport are:


  • GZdoom (v4.5.0), -height and -width do not work due to gzdoom way of handling resolution)
  • LZdoom (v3.87c)
  • Zandronum (3.0)
  • Zdoom(2.8.1)
  • QZDoom (2.1.0)
  • Skulltag(98d)

PARTIAL COMPATIBILITY (Some DML 2.X features will not work):

  • Chocholate Doom (3.0.1)
  • PrBoom+ (2.6um)

(As long as it follows the zdoom command line standard, any engine should work fine)

The .zip folder contains also a readme file which should answer most of your question on DML 2.X, if not feel free to contact me.

If you're upgrading from a previous version (v2.1 or more recent) you can just replace the old .exe with the new one. This way you'll keep all your settings and presets.

Doom Mod Loader v2.4

Doom Mod Loader

Doom Mod Loader

This is an open source project, licensed under the BSD 3 Clause License.
The sourcecode can be found on github at

As I said before, this project is no longer actively developed, so do not expect any new update in the near future, maybe this will be the last version, who knows? (I will do at least one last bugfix update, if any new bugs are found)
On github you can find the beta release, which I do update much more often then the stable releases (The first 2.4 beta was released back in June 2020!).
The beta release have the latest and greatest features and bugfixes, but they come with a catch: (potentially) new unknown bugs and generally a (potentially) less stable software.
You will find all 2.4b/2.5 beta releases (if any) here

Thanks for all your support! <3


If you're interested in my softwares, games, open source projects or just want to contact me, you can find me here:
🔗 Website:
✉ Support e-mail: (for reporting bug/give feedback/ask for help)
✉ Info e-mail: (for anything else)
🐦 Twitter: (@p36software, gets updated more often)
📄 Github:
🔧 ModDB:
🎮 IndieDB:
🎥 Youtube:

idTech1: How to easily identify the many different WAD files

idTech1: How to easily identify the many different WAD files

Other Tutorial

Many WAD files have the same name (e.g. DOOM.WAD). The versions can only be differentiated correctly using hash values. Here is my simplified solution...

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Doom Mod Loader v2.4

Doom Mod Loader v2.4

Installer Tool 12 comments

DML 2.4 it's an open source (BSD 3 License) C# launcher & organizer for Doom's (But also Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest, Strife etc...) mods! Works...



Other 12 comments

This script can recognize the most common WAD-files and their version. This makes it easier to determine the version and the game. If a WAD-file is not...

AudioPack for ZDoom v2.8.1

AudioPack for ZDoom v2.8.1

Audio Pack 4 comments

AudioPack for ZDoom v2.8.1. Now you can use a variety of software synthesizers (FluidSynth, GUS, TiMidity++, WildMIDI) for playback, which make using...

Harmony 1.1

Harmony 1.1

Full Version

In the near future: Led by greed and hatred mankind drove itself into another world war. The forces of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere attacked each...


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